Love Canal Disaster Area

Ten years after the incident, New York State Health Department Commissioner David Axelrod stated that Love Canal would long be remembered as a “national symbol of a failure to exercise a sense of concern for future generations.”

Love Canal became the subject of national and international attention after it was revealed in the press that the site had formerly been used to bury 22,000 tons of toxic waste by Hooker Chemical Company (now Occidental Petroleum Corporation).

The city of Niagara Falls began using the land as a landfill for chemical waste disposal and later the U.S. Army began burying waste from chemical warfare experiments. The Hooker Chemical and Plastics Corporation acquired the use of the site for private use in 1947 and buried 21,000 tons of toxic waste there over the next five years. After the site was filled, Hooker sold the Love Canal for one dollar to the Niagara Falls School Board in 1953, and the land was approved for residential use.

“Thirty-five years after Love Canal became a symbol of the dangers of toxic waste in residential neighborhoods, the legal and medical issues there are still playing out.”

Did the EPA learn NOTHING from The Love Canal tragedy? Did they “forget”? Or, are they just sellouts of humanity that don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect their families, while being paid off to turn a blind eye? These are questions that should be PUBLICLY ASKED of the EPA regarding their complicity in allowing land developers, (consisting of attorneys who know how to skirt the law), to build a residential community on a similar toxic waste site in Riverview, Florida.

To understand the ongoing battle in Riverview, it is important to fully comprehend the tragedy at the Love Canal. This heartfelt and thorough assessment By Eckardt C. Beck, was found on the EPA’s own website:

The Love Canal Tragedy

by Eckardt C. Beck
(EPA Journal – January 1979)

If you get there before I do
Tell ‘em I’m a comin’ too
To see the things so wondrous true
At Love’s new Model City

(From a turn-of-the-century advertising jingle promoting the development of Love Canal)
Give me Liberty. I’ve Already Got Death.
(From a sign displayed by a Love Canal resident, 1978)

Quite simply, Love Canal is one of the most appalling environmental tragedies in American history.

But that’s not the most disturbing fact.

What is worse is that it cannot be regarded as an isolated event. It could happen again–anywhere in this country–unless we move expeditiously to prevent it.

It is a cruel irony that Love Canal was originally meant to be a dream community. That vision belonged to the man for whom the three-block tract of land on the eastern edge of Niagara Falls, New York, was named–William T. Love.

Love felt that by digging a short canal between the upper and lower Niagara Rivers, power could be generated cheaply to fuel the industry and homes of his would-be model city.

But despite considerable backing, Love’s project was unable to endure the one-two punch of fluctuations in the economy and Nikola Tesla’s discovery of how to economically transmit electricity over great distances by means of an alternating current.

By 1910, the dream was shattered. All that was left to commemorate Love’s hope was a partial ditch where construction of the canal had begun.

In the 1920s the seeds of a genuine nightmare were planted. The canal was turned into a municipal and industrial chemical dumpsite.

Landfills can of course be an environmentally acceptable method of hazardous waste disposal, assuming they are properly sited, managed, and regulated. Love Canal will always remain a perfect historical example of how not to run such an operation.

In 1953, the Hooker Chemical Company, then the owners and operators of the property, covered the canal with earth and sold it to the city for one dollar.

It was a bad buy.

In the late ’50s, about 100 homes and a school were built at the site. Perhaps it wasn’t William T. Love’s model city, but it was a solid, working-class community. For a while.

On the first day of August, 1978, the lead paragraph of a front-page story in the New York Times read:

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y.–Twenty five years after the Hooker Chemical Company stopped using the Love Canal here as an industrial dump, 82 different compounds, 11 of them suspected carcinogens, have been percolating upward through the soil, their drum containers rotting and leaching their contents into the backyards and basements of 100 homes and a public school built on the banks of the canal.

In an article prepared for the February, 1978 EPA Journal, I wrote, regarding chemical dumpsites in general, that “even though some of these landfills have been closed down, they may stand like ticking time bombs.” Just months later, Love Canal exploded.

The explosion was triggered by a record amount of rainfall. Shortly thereafter, the leaching began.

I visited the canal area at that time. Corroding waste-disposal drums could be seen breaking up through the grounds of backyards. Trees and gardens were turning black and dying. One entire swimming pool had been had been popped up from its foundation, afloat now on a small sea of chemicals. Puddles of noxious substances were pointed out to me by the residents. Some of these puddles were in their yards, some were in their basements, others yet were on the school grounds. Everywhere the air had a faint, choking smell. Children returned from play with burns on their hands and faces.

And then there were the birth defects. The New York State Health Department is continuing an investigation into a disturbingly high rate of miscarriages, along with five birth-defect cases detected thus far in the area.

I recall talking with the father of one the children with birth defects. “I heard someone from the press saying that there were only five cases of birth defects here,” he told me. “When you go back to your people at EPA, please don’t use the phrase ‘only five cases.’ People must realize that this is a tiny community. Five birth defect cases here is terrifying.”

A large percentage of people in Love Canal are also being closely observed because of detected high white-blood-cell counts, a possible precursor of leukemia.

When the citizens of Love Canal were finally evacuated from their homes and their neighborhood, pregnant women and infants were deliberately among the first to be taken out.

“We knew they put chemicals into the canal and filled it over,” said one woman, a long-time resident of the Canal area., “but we had no idea the chemicals would invade our homes. We’re worried sick about the grandchildren and their children.”

Two of this woman’s four grandchildren have birth defects. The children were born and raised in the Love Canal community. A granddaughter was born deaf with a cleft palate, an extra row of teeth, and slight retardation. A grandson was born with an eye defect.

Of the chemicals which comprise the brew seeping through the ground and into homes at Love Canal, one of the most prevalent is benzene — a known human carcinogen, and one detected in high concentrations. But the residents characterize things more simply.

“I’ve got this slop everywhere,” said another man who lives at Love Canal. His daughter also suffers from a congenital defect.

On August 7, New York Governor Hugh Carey announced to the residents of the Canal that the State Government wold purchase the homes affected by chemicals.

On that same day, President Carter approved emergency financial aid for the Love Canal area (the first emergency funds ever to be approved for something other than a “natural” disaster), and the U.S. Senate approved a “sense of Congress” amendment saying that Federal aid should be forthcoming to relieve the serious environmental disaster which had occurred.

By the month’s end, 98 families had already been evacuated. Another 46 had found temporary housing. Soon after, all families would be gone from the most contaminated areas — a total of 221 families have moved or agreed to be moved.

State figures show more than 200 purchase offers for homes have been made, totaling nearly $7 million.

A plan is being set in motion now to implement technical procedures designed to meet the seemingly impossible job of detoxifying the Canal area. The plan calls for a trench system to drain chemicals from the Canal. It is a difficult procedure, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will yield some degree of success.

I have been very pleased with the high degree of cooperation in this case among local, State, and Federal governments, and with the swiftness by which the Congress and the President have acted to make funds available.

But this is not really where the story ends.

Quite the contrary.

We suspect that there are hundreds of such chemical dumpsites across this Nation.

Unlike Love Canal, few are situated so close to human settlements. But without a doubt, many of these old dumpsites are time bombs with burning fuses — their contents slowly leaching out. And the next victim cold be a water supply, or a sensitive wetland.

The presence of various types of toxic substances in our environment has become increasingly widespread — a fact that President Carter has called “one of the grimmest discoveries of the modern era.”

Chemical sales in the United States now exceed a mind-boggling $112 billion per year, with as many as 70,000 chemical substances in commerce.

Love Canal can now be added to a growing list of environmental disasters involving toxics, ranging from industrial workers stricken by nervous disorders and cancers to the discovery of toxic materials in the milk of nursing mothers.

Through the national environmental program it administers, the Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to draw a chain of Congressional acts around the toxics problem.

The Clean Air and Water Acts, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Pesticide Act, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act — each is an essential link.

Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, EPA is making grants available to States to help them establish programs to assure the safe handling and disposal of hazardous wastes. As guidance for such programs, we are working to make sure that State inventories of industrial waste disposal sites include full assessments of any potential dangers created by these sites.

Also, EPA recently proposed a system to ensure that the more than 35 million tons of hazardous wastes produced in the U.S. each year, including most chemical wastes, are disposed of safely. Hazardous wastes will be controlled from point of generation to their ultimate disposal, and dangerous pratices now resulting in serious threats to health and environment will not be allowed.

Although we are taking these aggressive strides to make sure that hazardous waste is safely managed, there remains the question of liability regarding accidents occurring from wastes disposed of previously. This is a missing link. But no doubt this question will be addressed effectively in the future.

Regarding the missing link of liability, if health-related dangers are detected, what are we as people willing to spend to correct the situation? How much risk are we willing to accept? Who’s going to pick up the tab?

One of the chief problems we are up against is that ownership of these sites frequently shifts over the years, making liability difficult to determine in cases of an accident. And no secure mechanisms are in effect for determining such liability.

It is within our power to exercise intelligent and effective controls designed to significantly cut such environmental risks. A tragedy, unfortunately, has now called upon us to decide on the overall level of commitment we desire for defusing future Love Canals. And it is not forgotten that no one has paid more dearly already than the residents of Love Canal.

Beck was Administrator of EPA Region 2, 1977-1979.

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What do we really know about Smart Meters, other than the usual propaganda about how “they are good for us”“they will save us money”, “they are safe”? Let’s find out, are Smart Meters really so “smart(or safe, or cost effective)?

Apparently, not for the consumer, but they are extremely smart for the power companies that are using them to hike up people’s bills, then shut off their power until they agree to pay the increased costs. And, indirectly, for the medical profession and mortuaries that profit from the illness and death that overexposure to EMR/EMF/RF radiation causes, and for the contractors that get hired to rebuild someone’s home after the fire damage caused by so called “Smart Meters” that were improperly installed by under-trained technicians. And, maybe even for lawyers hired to represent victims of forced Smart Meter installation.  But, for us (the consumer), not so much.

I had the opportunity to speak with Josh del Sol about his new documentary, Take Back Your Power: Investigating The “Smart” Grid. Prior to watching his amazing documentary, I didn’t know anything about Smart Meters, they haven’t been installed in my region… (yet). I honestly did not have a clue about the serious risks associated with “Smart Meters” until a friend of mine sent me the link to Josh’s documentary and recommended that I contact him, and I’m so glad she did, thank you, Christine! This is a serious issue that everyone needs to get educated about and involved in.

Introducing Josh del Sol

Josh del Sol and his film Take Back Your Power were named winner of The Indie Fest's Annual Humanitarian Award in April 2014.

Josh del Sol is the director and producer of Take Back Your Power: Investigating the “Smart” Grid, his first feature-length film.  Take Back Your Power has in 2014 been named winner of the AwareGuide Transformational Film of the Year, the Indie Fest Annual Humanitarian Award, and Leo Award for Best Feature Documentary (British Columbia).

Born and raised near Vancouver BC, Josh is passionate about the growing movement of social awakening, and has a vision for a more equitable social structure with decentralized energy production and technology which harmonizes with biological life and rights.  Josh finds inspiration in those of courage who speak truth to power, from a place of non-violence and vision, laying the foundation for necessary solutions.  His hobbies include hiking, research, travel and meditation.  He lives in Washington State with his wife and daughter.  Josh can be reached through his contact us page.

Q & A with Josh del Sol

Rebel Siren: How do you feel about other issues affecting our global civilization such as GMOs, vaccines, weather/climate modification, fracking, etc.?

Josh del Sol: It’s obvious that there are many examples of the corporate-government establishment negatively affecting humanity.  It’s time that these programs need to be reined in, so that our species can continue.  This is becoming blatant even to many within this establishment.  Most who are serving the various negative agendas are not bad people; they’ve just been roped in, indoctrinated and are getting a paycheck.  But people are waking up.

Rebel Siren: What is the next step in the “Take Back Your Power” movement?

Josh del Sol: The next phase of our movement is to help people easily remove their consent to “smart” meters, and enforce accountability for those that are causing harm by deployment of “smart” meter programs.  To participate, subscribe for free at and you’ll receive updates and a notification of solutions when available.  This will be for everyone, whether or not there is a so-named ‘smart’ meter on their home or not.

Rebel Siren: What initially inspired your documentary “Take Back Your Power”?

Josh del Sol: In the summer of 2011, I started hearing reports about all the problems associated with the Californian “smart” meter installation program. I thought,  ‘Why isn´t this issue being talked about?’  As I dug into the facts and begun to interview experts, it became evident that this is an example of greenwashing to the max.  Utilities and governments are using people’s good intentions to save energy and to be ecologically responsible, and creating a twisted agenda that does not save energy but causes the people harm.  So, I called a cameraman friend and we just started interviewing people who are affected by the radiation, which is actually 1,000x to 10,000 times stronger maximum levels than an active cell phone.  We then got into interviewing experts on hacking, and gathering footage from experts on constitutional and privacy issues.

Rebel Siren: Have you had a problem with disinformation attacks by social media shills that are hired to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry about hazardous profit-over-people programs harming humanity such as the Smart Grid?

Josh del Sol: This doesn’t concern me so much.  When you’re bringing truth forward, there will always be those who don’t like it, because they’ve been making (or will make) incredible profits from people not knowing the facts about what they are doing.  It’s normal that in an information battle, propagandists will be hired.  The important thing is that true facts are provided — even if they are inconvenient.  Truth has a quality that over time, people can feel.  We may get sucked in for a while, but as long as there are those who are willing to speak the truth, there is a way back for us all.  Even for the propagandists, who are at a place where they haven’t yet understood that their lies are also harming themselves.

Rebel Siren: What steps should people take to find out about, prevent and/or get rid of Smart Meters in their area?

Josh del Sol: 1) Watch Take Back Your Power and get informed (stream it or buy the DVD at  2) Remove your consent and enforce liability — in writing.  (Subscribe at and you’ll receive updates and a notification of solutions when available.)  3) Email, facebook, tweet, embed the film and/or blog about it online.  4) As you get the word out, create an action group, where you live:  5) Host a screening:   6) Request a broadcast on your local TV station:

Thank you, Josh! 

More information about Josh del sol and his amazing mission to help rid our world of dangerous Smart Meters can be found here:

Take Back Your Power: Investigating The “Smart” Grid

Take Back Your Power – YouTube

Take Back Your Power – Facebook

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I encourage everyone to watch Josh’s documentary, Take Back Your Power, click the links, do the research, and say NO to Smart Meters.

For Rebel Siren’s one and only REAL facebook page, follow the facebook widget at the end of this article or click here: Rebel Siren – Exposing Corruption and Crimes Against Humanity – Facebook ~love humanity

Alzheimer’s Disease Now Fastest-Growing Threat To U.S. Health, Report Finds


Can Aluminum Cause Alzheimer’s Disease? by Melvyn R. Werbach, M.D.

“Studies have discovered a direct association between the level of aluminum in municipal drinking water and the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia.” Source:

Scientific Studies Concluding The Connection Of Aluminum To Alzheimer’s

Functional and morphological changes in cultured neurons of rat cerebral cortex induced by long-term application of aluminum –

“Aluminum is an environmental neurotoxin and a suspected risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. The neurotoxicity of aluminum on cultured neurons of rat cerebral cortex was investigated using an assay system for synapse formation and immunohistochemistry. The frequency of spontaneous oscillations of intracellular Ca2+, which is correlated to the number of synapses, was decreased after exposure to 100 μM of aluminum chloride for 22 days. Long-term application of aluminum (48 days) caused aggregation of cell bodies and fasciculation of processes. Processes and cell bodies were strongly stained by antibody to tau protein, which is one of the main components of Alzheimer’s neurofibrillary tangles. It is suggested that the characteristics of the degeneration of cultured neurons induced by aluminum show some similarities to the pathology observed in brains with Alzheimer’s disease.” Source:

Elevated brain aluminium and early onset Alzheimer’s disease in an individual occupationally exposed to aluminium: a case report:

By Chris Exley, Biologist (University of Stirling) with a PhD in the ecotoxicology of aluminium

Chris Exley Professor

Click Photo for Dr. Exley’s Biography at Keele University, School of Life Sciences, Staffordshire, UK

Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry
Honorary Professor, UHI Millennium Institute

“Introduction: Aluminium is a known neurotoxin and occupational exposure to aluminium has been implicated in neurological disease including Alzheimer’s disease. Here we present the first comprehensive and unequivocal data demonstrating significantly elevated brain aluminium content in an individual occupationally exposed to aluminium.” Source:

Connecting The Dots

Below is a detailed and referenced article, Making Sense of Science – Aluminum, originally published July 2, 2014 by The Liberty Beacon, helping connect the dots, exposing corporate media lies (disinformation / propaganda) and its resulting status quo “denial” (via the bidding of corporate profiteers), that has gone on throughout history to this day, at the expense of our collective health and global environment.


liberty beacon logo

Making Sense of Science – Aluminum

 Published July 2, 2014, filed under HEALTH

Whats your Poison

By TLB Contributor: Anna Rodgers

On 10 May, a full page article was featured in the Sun Newspaper, on page 6 about my forthcoming book, Toxic World Toxic People – The Essential Guide To Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living. Journalist Helen Gilbert pulled facts from it to write her article.

Helen had written about 4 dangerous common toxins in her article titled ‘Whats Your Poision’. – She focused on lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminium (known as aluminum in the USA) that are all around us – not only in the environment but which are now found in some of the foods we eat, the medicines we take, the products we put on our skin and what we build our homes and other structures with. Even many infant formulas contain concerning levels of multiple toxic chemicals, including aluminum. I have written about these 4, fairly extensively in one of the chapters in my book. Helen pulled some facts from that chapter.

By Tuesday afternoon, I had discovered that one of the UK’s largest Science websites “Sense About Science” had completely discredited the article. They wrote a counter article called ‘Tackling Misconceptions About Toxins’

Judging by some pretty major events throughout history, mainstream Science doesn’t always seem to want the public knowing about certain dangerous chemicals because usually they were the organisations that said they were safe from the start, only to be proven otherwise years later.

Does anyone remember the huge lies we were told about smoking, DDT, Lead, Thalidomide, Vioxx to name just a small few? All of these were promoted as safe, healthy, and good for us by these sorts of ‘science’ organisations.

Now we all know the real truth.


These were not just a little lie but were in fact big big lies, with billions upon billions of pounds being made by many corporations. But more important than that, think about all the people that were harmed because of these lies, the lack of proper testing, and how they were marketed to the public. Deaths, disease and cancers were caused directly because of these lies. And it could actually be in the millions. In all of these cases, studies were falsified, people were paid off to keep quiet or paid to tell lies so that they could continue to sell their product. It wasn’t an easy task to get them to take responsibility for the harm they caused. And in each of these instances, Doctors and Scientists were speaking on behalf of these companies for their medicines, pesticides and cigarettes saying to the public ‘you can trust us we are experts’

Yet look at what we now know. They lied.


Most of you reading this will know that we are now living in a world where our authorities are being bought more than ever before, to do what powerful companies want them to do. Congressmen are being bought to vote on things that interest companies, our Governments tell lies constantly and don’t ever seem to do what they promise and pharmaceutical companies are being sued for fraud and misconduct left right and center. This is pretty much a fact. And its not on a small scale – its rampant abuse.


To those who are aware of this, nowadays when mainstream science ridicule something, it usually is because they are trying to squash the truth from being brought to light to the majority of the public. They try desperately to pull the wool over the eyes of the people by using the same old routine ‘trust me, I’m a expert’


In these situations, I often remind myself of this very famous quote:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

Yep. Damn straight. The concerns about DDT, Lead, Smoking, Vioxx and Thalidomide were all at first ridiculed, violently opposed, but now, are self evident.


Sence About Science pulled apart Helen’s article saying that every statement I had made, was not true and that I was alarming the public.

But little do they realise that how they wrote their article (see the very badly written PDF, see here) was an absolute joke and I can show you why. There are so many holes in what they have written that its almost laughable.

Its immediate to see, that they basically want the public to believe that natural chemicals are far more dangerous than manmade ones, and that no disease or cancer is ever caused to anyone by being exposed to chemicals! Whilst it’s true, some natural chemicals can harm in certain amounts or in those that are sensitive to them, but most of them do not as they don’t have the chemical compositions that synthetic chemicals do. And a good point to make about chemicals in general is, how do we know that some individuals won’t be sensitive to them or worse, seriously harmed by them? Something that is not harmful to one person may in fact be very harmful to someone else! If you have a system in your body that is already suffering from something else, for instance your endocrine system (hormones) aren’t perhaps working efficiently, then a chemical that is proven to harm the endocrine system may very likely make you worse!

It is therefore highly likely that synthetic chemicals are causing cancers (and in this case, causing Alzheimer’s) because we know in the studies that have been done on some of the concerning chemicals that this is where the evidence is pointing! Many man made chemicals are known carcinogens! That is a fact. Yet what is more worrying is that some of the chemicals these organisations support, and say are safe, have been put onto the market before being effectively tested for safety over the long term, or if they are safe when mixed with other chemicals!

So these science bodies are making statements that have not been proven at all to be true in the first place!

They do not know that their chemicals DO NOT CAUSE harm. The statements they make to the public are not based on real facts. They twist words around very cleverly and are relying on gullible people coming to their site who think that what they say is always 100% scientifically and ethically correct. Often these sorts of science websites mix truth in amongst their lies, so that the average person won’t be able to read into the real lies!

They said I am alarming the public with my information but that is GOOD, I want people to be alarmed, we are facing an epidemic with toxicity, like never before seen in the world.

Now, onto the topic of this blog post.

Does Aluminum exposure cause Alzheimer’s?

Well, what is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a natural metal that is found in the earth’s crust. Its now around us in ways we can’t quite even comprehend. Its basically everywhere. Now the science community like to say this that it is indeed everywhere too, but they forget that it wasn’t as prevalent as this 100 years ago! It was always in the soil and some was found in the air, but now its also found in our foods, cosmetics, medicines, and homes.

Many power plants and other industries put loads of aluminium particles into the air. And whilst we do ingest a lot of it through what we eat, we now are also having aluminum added to many everyday items! This is where the problem lies, that its not just found naturally its being added on purpose to cosmetics, food and medicines. Some are saying there’s now also huge levels of extra aluminum in the air, due to ‘GEO-ENGINEERING’.

Most of the public simply do not know this stuff!

When something is found around us so much, its only natural our bodies will also then contain these metals and chemicals. Whilst some levels of course is normal, increased levels is not always safe for an individual, and many studies are showing this to be very true. As you will soon discover, studies have been done on deceased Alzheimer brains and high levels of aluminum have been found in their tissues.

When you understand that aluminum is a proven neurotoxin (which even the scientists don’t deny) and that its found in so many aspects of our lives, then you can perhaps understand that there comes a point when a high level of aluminum becomes a problem (for some people) because the brain just can’t handle anymore of it. Its like slowly drinking alcohol, you might not feel the effects at first, but the more you have, the more likely you are going to behave strangely and eventually feel unwell.

Whilst our body can naturally detox things to a degree, we are not like bottomless garbage bins that can handle having chemicals piled into us. There comes a time when its too much. And many people now have bodies that are already struggling to cope with the amount of chemicals in their bodies.

Lets look at what Sense about Science said in relation to aluminium contributing to causing Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Society says:

“There is no evidence that aluminium causes Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminium is found in protein build-ups associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but that doesn’t mean that this is due to too much aluminium being present in the body – the same is true of other metals.”

I love how they made such a sweeping and ‘final’ statement to really throw people off the scent. ‘The same is true of other metals’. Oh really. Have you studied all the other metals in relation to Alzheimer’s then and have you studied the effects other chemicals have with several other ones, or what about the thousands of others we have in our environment and therefore in our bodies?

Lets now exam what the ‘other side of science’ is saying about whether or not Alzheimer’s is being contributed to by Aluminum.

A study published on the highly esteemed peer reviewed medical journal site, pub med stated in the abstract of a study by Professor Chris Exley (who by the way seems to be doing a lot of research into the effects aluminum and other metals are having in regards to causing Alzheimer’s and other health problems – so he’s one to pay attention to i’d say – click on his name to read his further studies!):

Aluminium is neurotoxic. Its free ion, Al3+ (aq), is highly biologically reactive and uniquely equipped to do damage to essential cellular (neuronal) biochemistry. This unequivocal fact must be the starting point in examining the risk posed by aluminium as a neurotoxin in humans. Aluminium is present in the human brain and it accumulates with age. The most recent research demonstrates that a significant proportion of individuals older than 70 years of age have a potentially pathological accumulation of aluminium somewhere in their brain. What are the symptoms of chronic aluminiumintoxication in humans? What if neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease are the manifestation of the risk of aluminium as a neurotoxin? How might such an (outrageous) hypothesis be tested? You can see the link for this study here:

And its also very interesting to note that when you type the following keywords Aluminum Alzheimer’s into pub med, 988 studies come up! Of course not all are going to support the hypothesis that Aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s but if you have the time, check out how many actually do! Looks like there’s a lot of concerned people (Scientists!) with some compelling proof, right? And, from what I have been reading their have been scientists that have been very concerned about Aluminium for the last 100 years!

Now it’s also worth saying, am I the only person in the world saying that aluminium could be causing alzheimer’s? No, of course not! Could it be that I have read books, and studies on the same subject matter, and that I also listened to Doctors and Scientists speak out about this very valid health concern in the world today? Yes! Am I lone horse, saying something that no one else knows? Of course not. The numbers on ‘this side’ are increasing every day. And its purely because of Science! The medical studies that have proven certain things in relation to chemicals to be true!

In an article appearing in the Townsend Letter for Doctors (November 1993), Dr. Michael A. Weiner, executive director of the Alzheimer’s Research Institute summarized our present understanding of the dangers of aluminum exposure when he stated:

“aluminum has been known as a neurotoxic substance for nearly a century.The scientific literature on its toxic effects has now grown to a critical mass. It is not necessary to conclude that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease to recommend that it be reduced or eliminated as a potential risk. It is the only element noted to accumulate in the tangle-bearing neurons characteristic of the disease and is also found in elevated amounts in four regions of the brain of Alzheimer’s patients.”

In the past, there hasn’t been many definitive studies that proved this link but last month, a study came out that was undertaken by Professor Exley from Keele University in the UK which showed that they had found ‘unequivocally’, high levels of aluminum in the brain of a deceased Alzheimer’s sufferer. The deceased had been exposed to aluminum at work. (1)

Another subject in the study, also a British woman, who had died of Alzheimer’s was also found to have high levels of aluminum in her tissues. Approximately 16 years before her death, there had been an industrial accident near where she lived where 20 metric tons of aluminum sulphate had gone into the local water supply. So its highly likely the lady literally drank herself to developing Alzheimer’s.


Interesting to note in this image that the ‘alzheimer’ brain reduces greatly in size and looks like its been eaten by something. What could do this? Hmmm perhaps something that eats away at nerves and tissues? What has been shown to do this? Aluminium! It is a selective neurotoxin that attacks the nerves.

And in a story seen in the Daily Mail article titled Top Scientist Links Disabilities with mother’s exposure to mass poisoning in 1988 Professor Exley, (mentioned previously in this article) has been investigating other concerns associated to this massive spill of aluminum sulphate (in case you are wondering why its added to our water supplies it’s to make it appear clear) which happened in Camelford North Cornwall back in 1988. Instead of this chemical going into a storage tank, it was added directly into the water supply without the publics knowledge.

Many locals then went on to drinking this highly toxic water. One of them was Sarah Matta, now a mother to 7 children. After being unsure as to why so many of her children were seriously unwell, Sarah got in contact with Professor Exley (who is one of the UK’s top Scientists in relation to bioinorganic chemistry) to tell him what had happened to her and her family.

6 of her 7 children have disabilities which sound suspiciously to me, like problems that can occur from toxicity. Between them they have: possible autism, developmental problems, speech problems, and anxiety. Sarah herself had blood tests taken and was found to have aluminium levels 20 times higher than is normal.

Professor Exley is extremely concerned that others who were also in contact with the poisoned water supply may have harmed themselves, including their children through their exposure. He told the Daily Mail:

”Aluminium is toxic. Studies in animals show that if you feed mothers aluminium in the water supply, the offspring will exhibit developmental problems.”

I find it interesting we have Science bodies (with very dubious funding connections) talking about Aluminium as being ‘nothing to worry about’ yet a highly esteemed scientist who is an expert in his field has been studying this chemical for many years and is discovering many alarming connections. And it’s interesting to note that he is not gaining anything out of saying Aluminium is dangerous! Yet as you will read below, could it be that Pharmaceutical companies and chemical companies have a lot more to lose?

A Film maker also became so concerned about Aluminum and how it has invaded our lives, that he made the film The Age Of Aluminum – you can see the full movie below this post, I highly recommend you take a look. The film exposes environmental disasters that have happened in the UK, South Africa and Hungary due to the Aluminum Industry. The film features an interview with Christopher Shaw who is a well known neuroscientist. He shares his concerns about the effects Aluminum is having on human health:

“Many researchers are beginning to accept that aluminum has some sort of role to play in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Whether it does in others is still an open question, but Alzheimer’s is really coming into focus and it’s fairly clear that the body burden of aluminum from all the sources to which humans are exposed may be contributing to Alzheimer’s disease.”

And Dr Joseph Mercola stated in his article First Case Study To Show Direct Link Between Alzheimer’s and Aluminum Toxicity that Aluminum heads straight to your brain:

Aluminum is to your central nervous system as cigarette smoke is to your lungs. Scientists are clear that toxic metals damage brain tissue and lead to degenerative disease by producing oxidative stress—and aluminum is one of the worst offenders. With Alzheimer’s rates skyrocketing, today’s multiple avenues of aluminum exposure are of great concern. Just as with particles in the environment, once aluminum is in your tissues, your body has a difficult time releasing it. This toxic metal serves absolutely no biological purpose, so the less of it you ingest, the better.

Once in your body, it travels around easily, unimpeded, piggybacking on your iron transport system. It crosses biological barriers that normally keep other types of toxins out, such as your blood-brain barrier. Over time, aluminum can accumulate in your brain and do serious damage your neurological health—regardless of your age. Aluminum toxicity may be doing as much damage to our children as to our seniors.

I could continue on and on about this subject. I could link to the studies proving the concerns. I spent about an hour writing this, I don’t have time to go into it more, but oh boy, I easily could. All that I would urge you to do is, do your own research, look for non government, non pharmaceutical, non chemical company funded studies. That’s where the truth lies. I’ve written a fair bit more about this subject in my book.

Many Alzheimer’s organisations are often funded by the drug companies who make the medications for the treatment of this awful disease. And many of these drug companies also add aluminum to their medicines.

People like myself are simply trying to educate people about decreasing their exposure to Aluminum, and to encourage them to detox their body with proven metal chelators. If the public started doing this on a huge scale, then perhaps its worth considering, would the Alzheimer’s drug industry fall apart? Is this why there is such a huge denial amongst the mainstream Science industry? Whilst some say Aluminium accumulation is not the only cause of this brain disease, it is quite possibly a huge factor.

Another area where a lot of aluminium is also found, is in the vaccine industry as its used as an adjuvant. When you take a look at the chart below, and see how much money is tied up with vaccinations, you can quickly understand that the purchase of Aluminium for just these medicines alone, is actually quite hard to fathom, and therefore, if someone is threatening that industry for fears around its safety, there’s going to be people fighting very hard to keep it all quiet.


Chart 2

And, Alzheimer’s is not the only neurological problem Aluminium can cause. It is now also being linked to causing Autism and other neurological problems. Christina England, investigative journalist for Vactruth writes:

A recent study conducted by Canadian scientists Professor Christopher Shaw and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic revealed that the more vaccines that children receive containing the adjuvant aluminum, the greater their chance is of developing autism, autoimmune diseases and neurological problems in the future.

In 2013, in their paper, published by Springer Science+Business Media, titled Aluminum in the Central Nervous System: Toxicity in Humans and Animals, Vaccine Adjuvants, and Autoimmunity, they revealed that during a 17-year period, the rates of autism had increased significantly in countries that had the most vaccinations containing the adjuvant aluminum. [2]

And in another study titled Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants: Are They Safe? also by Canadian scientists Professor Christopher Shaw and Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic their abstract states:

Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjuvants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences.

So it seems that Aluminum exposure and harm, can come from many different ways, and is very much something to seriously have concerns about. And its alarming if you look a bit deeper at other medicines such as common antacids, taken by millions of people around the world for indigestion, calls for even more concern. Talcid, which is made by Bayer which contains an aluminum derivative clearly states on the insert that:

‘long-term use of high dosage may lead to aluminum deposits in bone and nerve tissue. This may lead to brain damage (dementia) and anaemia. In the case of renal insufficiency and long term use of Talcid necessitates regular check of patient’s aluminum levels’

WOW, right from the horses mouth. The drug company is clearly stating that aluminum can cause dementia! Yep, now you know that they know.

It’s a little bit sinister isn’t it, that these ‘Science’ websites are trying to discredit little old me - who receives no funding from anyone I want to ad, yet they don’t even know what they are talking about. Have they read the package insert of antacids and other medications containing Aluminium derivatives I wonder?

And if anyone wants to dispute that Vaccines aren’t proven to cause autism and mentions Dr Wakefield being a fraud, then why are these 28 studies published in highly esteemed medical journals showing the same findings as his? Sense About Science are the type of organisation that say there’s no link, yet LOOK right here, there’s proof that it is true.

Here is a list of 28 studies from around the world that support Dr. Wakefield’s research:

  1. The Journal of Pediatrics November 1999; 135(5):559-63
  2. The Journal of Pediatrics 2000; 138(3): 366-372
  3. Journal of Clinical Immunology November 2003; 23(6): 504-517
  4. Journal of Neuroimmunology 2005
  5. Brain, Behavior and Immunity 1993; 7: 97-103
  6. Pediatric Neurology 2003; 28(4): 1-3
  7. Neuropsychobiology 2005; 51:77-85
  8. The Journal of Pediatrics May 2005;146(5):605-10
  9. Autism Insights 2009; 1: 1-11
  10. Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology February 2009; 23(2): 95-98
  11. Annals of Clinical Psychiatry 2009:21(3): 148-161
  12. Journal of Child Neurology June 29, 2009; 000:1-6
  13. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders March 2009;39(3):405-13
  14. Medical Hypotheses August 1998;51:133-144.
  15. Journal of Child Neurology July 2000; ;15(7):429-35
  16. Lancet. 1972;2:883–884.
  17. Journal of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia January-March 1971;1:48-62
  18. Journal of Pediatrics March 2001;138:366-372.
  19. Molecular Psychiatry 2002;7:375-382.
  20. American Journal of Gastroenterolgy April 2004;598-605
  21. Journal of Clinical Immunology November 2003;23:504-517.
  22. Neuroimmunology April 2006;173(1-2):126-34.
  23. Prog. Neuropsychopharmacol Biol. Psychiatry December 30 2006;30:1472-1477
  24. Clinical Infectious Diseases September 1 2002;35(Suppl 1):S6-S16
  25. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2004;70(11):6459-6465
  26. Journal of Medical Microbiology October 2005;54:987-991
  27. Archivos venezolanos de puericultura y pediatría 2006; Vol 69 (1): 19-25.
  28. Gastroenterology. 2005:128 (Suppl 2);Abstract-303

This where I found writing this article so much fun! For those that are interested in Sense About Science; they say they are a charity and pretty much rely on outside funding and guess where most of it looks like it comes from? Pharmaceutical and chemical companies. And, yes, I’m being a bit lazy here, as I’m just cutting and pasting this next section from wikipedia and it is a bit out of date, but I think you will see what I found is enough to prove my point!

Funding for the trust has been increasing. Some is derived from industrial organizations engaged in scientific dispute, clinical trials and research for which SAS is supportive (e.g. genetically modified crops) as well as major publishing houses. For example for the fiscal year ending 5 April 2008, the trust received £145,902 in donations. Disclosed corporate donations comprised £88,000 with pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca donating £35,000. Previous donations included other pharmaceutical industries such as Pfizer. This dependency has now been diminished since for the fiscal year ending April 2010, the trust received £183,971 in donations of which only £17,500 was derived from the pharmaceutical industry (Unilever and G E Healthcare), in 2011 the amount diminished further to less than 6% funding derived from industry sources (the trust received £268,184 in donations with £15,000 from industry) with the rest derived from Science Bodies and individuals.

And, I’ve also now found the direct link to Sense about Science’s funding, please check out their huge list…” — (END QUOTE) Source:

Who Can We Trust?

The corporations and irresponsible scientists that profit at the expense of our health and environment? Who can forget hearing about the historical ad, “DDT Is Good For Me-e-e!”? <–If you click the link, article by Lisa Wade PhD, notice the disinformation shills (a.k.a. trolls) that attacked it in defense of DDT. Look at their outrageous comments, and the fact that the video in the article was “removed” on youtube. Those are classic , obvious once you learn their strategy and recognize their “cookie cutter” format. “Forum Posters” are hired by PR Companies contracted by corporate profiteers, to infiltrate social media, gang-stalk/remove or discredit information in an attempt to sway public opinion.  The truth about DDT, its marketing spin/public acceptance, mass spraying from planes, then subsequent BAN, are outlined in the video below.


Despite what corporate profiteers would like us to believe, why would we trust them after their continual duplicitous marketing “spins”? Why would we think that present day aluminum being put into vaccines and our global atmosphere via geoengineering research projects (mass aerial spraying of aluminum, barium, strontium & sulphuric acid nanoparticles), is any different? Let’s keep connecting the dots until the pattern is clear for all to see, trust your own eyes.

Link between Aluminum and the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease: The Integration of the Aluminum and Amyloid Cascade Hypotheses:

Alzheimer’s Association is associated with biotech/vaccines/Gates/Monsanto etc., and as we know, Gates is simultaneously funding GEOENGINEERING RESEARCH. If we look closely, the conflict of interest is glaring –

Following the money always leads to where the truth lies. Gates plays Bridge for Alzheimer’s Research 6/2014, and has a vested interest in Geoengineering Research, a.k.a. ALUMINUM (with sulfate, barium, strontium) NANOPARTICLES AERIALLY SPRAYED INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. Given the scientific research concluding aluminum and Alzheimer’s, isn’t that a conflict of interest” AND perhaps the reason Alzheimer’s Association suddenly denies an aluminum connection?


Establishing the connection of BIOTECH to Alzheimer’s research:

International Science Leaders

National Science Foundation

National Institutes of Health

American Cancer Society


United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Alzheimer’s Association; advance Alzheimer’s research

 Full list:

Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice. Institutional Conflicts of Interest an ongoing problem.

Intentional obfuscation in the mainstream at will of its funders, furthering the agenda of the controlling powers, and conflict of interest in medical research, and all facets of our world, is evident if we simply dare to pay attention and think outside the box. ~Rebel Siren – Exposing Corruption and Crimes Against Humanity

Additional References

For more information on aluminum hydroxide in vaccines: 

Aluminum Hydroxide Adjuvants In Vaccines – Is It Safe?

Dr. Shaw holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a Master of Science degree in Medical Physiology, and a PhD in Neurobiology - click photo to go to his biography.

Dr. Shaw holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a Master of Science degree in Medical Physiology, and a PhD in Neurobiology – click photo to go to his biography.

In the video below, Dr. Christopher Shaw discusses the toxic effects of aluminum in vaccines and the severe rise in neurological disorders among the population such as Autism, Alzheimer’s, ALS & more. His extensive research concludes that Aluminum, which is present in most of our vaccines, (as well as our global atmosphere via geoengineering), is the main culprit causing ALS and Alzheimer’s symptoms in laboratory mice. Dr. Shaw’s professional profile; education, experience, qualifications:


More Information On Aluminum Toxicity

Krisha McCoy MSc

Krisha McCoy, MSc

Krisha McCoy holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Communication from Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She completed her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

Krisha has worked as a nutrition researcher, and is an accomplished health and medical writer, with her work appearing in a variety of print and online publicaitons, including the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, HealthDay News, and, and is a member of the American Medical Writer’s Association.

Aluminum Toxicity (Aluminum Poisoning)
by Krisha McCoy, MSc

Aluminum toxicity occurs when a person breathes in high levels of aluminum from the air, or stores high levels of aluminum in the body.

Eat foods containing high levels of aluminum
Live in dusty environments
Live where aluminum is mined or processed
Live near certain hazardous waste sites
Live where aluminum is naturally high
Receive vaccinations containing aluminum.”

Aluminum Nanoparticle Toxicity In Our Global Atmosphere May Also Cause Heart Attacks?

Alumina nanoparticles may cause coronary disease as well as being a contributing factor of dementia/Alzheimer’s

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing industry that has elicited much concern because of the lack of available toxicity data. Exposure to ultrafine particles may be a risk for the development of vascular diseases due to dysfunction of the vascular endothelium.” Source:

Geoengineering Is Big Business

NOVIM – Climate Engineering (decade long SWCE short wave climate engineering research including field experiments beginning in 2009), pay special attention to their site photo entitled, “comtrails” (with an “m”) and notice how the streaks match what we often see in our global skies:

CLICK HERE to go to Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals UK, associated with UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) Nanotech Department, and Novim.

NOAA – A Bibliometric Analysis of Climate Engineering Research:

Council On Foreign Relations – Workshop On Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering 2008 Briefing Notes -

NASA – Von Karman Lecture with Riley Duren, Principal Engineer and Chief Systems Engineer for the Earth Science Directorate at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory discusses at length, the hazards of GEOENGINEERING:

For More Information On The Dangers Of Geoengineering And To Get Involved

Geoengineering Watch

Global Skywatch

Agriculture Defense Coalition

Geo-Engineering | Thrive

Aluminum Oxide Particles – Chemtrails Spraying in California


Chemtrails Project UK – Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering



Friend or faux?

Despite facebook’s rigidly enforced real name policy, there are literally hundreds of fake profiles & pages by sock puppets, shills, paid infiltrators, (a.k.a. TROLLS), that are allowed to remain on facebook to harass people, create fake pages to impersonate activists, gang-stalk report, and even after multiple reports by many people, they are allowed to remain; while activists using legitimate pen names, such as Rebel Siren, as well as other people using alternate names for various reasons such as personal safety or a nickname they’ve gone by their entire lives, immediately get suspended regardless of the fact that facebook’s “real name” policy is supposedly designed to prevent “bad behavior“, which is not an issue with good people no matter what their name, including well meaning activists seeking to raise awareness and share information for a safer, healthier world. Disinformation shills a.k.a. trolls social media infiltrators are exploiting facebook’s real name policy and getting away with it.

Oh, the irony!

Instead of agreeing to conduct a proper investigation, facebook merely suspends/removes activists’ profiles while allowing the disinformation shills whose mission it is to target and harass activists, a.k.a. cyberstalking, to run rampant attacking good people. “Bad behavior” as defined by using “fake names” according to facebook policy, is most definitely an issue with the disinformation shills a.k.a. trolls who routinely exhibit the worst of it on social media, yet are allowed to remain and run rampant with whatever names they use, whether fake or real.

The trolls are allowed to continue with relentless cyberbullying and harassment, despite multiple reports made on them. How difficult is it to get a profile suspended by reporting it? For activists, it’s near impossible. We report those that target and harass us repeatedly, without success, always with the same message, it “does not violate facebook’s community standards”. For the trolls, it seems easy, they make one report and it’s down that day, but why is that? What do the trolls have that honest people don’t? Corporate backing? Unlimited funding? An insider-facebook aide abusing their job to assist them? We can only speculate.

The disinformation shills a.k.a. TROLLS chose to sell out humanity in favor of dirty energy, Monsanto/GMOs, geoengineering, fracking, vaccines, false flag deceit, and the list goes on, hired as “forum posters” by corporate contracted public relations companies, creating profiles for the sole purpose of perpetuating corporate deceit by targeting and harassing outspoken activists, yet these trolls are allowed to remain unchecked on facebook (and youtube), while decent people trying to make a difference get raked over the coals. As outlined in Dispelling Internet Disinformation Tactics Debunking The Debunkers the tactics used by these fake profiles & pages are indeed relentless forms of cyberstalking & harassment that clearly falls into the category of “bad behavior”. So then, why would facebook enforce its “real name” policy, yet allow truly fake profiles/pages to continue harassing people? Hence, the nickname, “fakebook“.

For example, there are FAKE “Rebel Siren” pages that have been reported SEVERAL times by the real Rebel Siren and others, as well as having been banned from the real Rebel Siren page. The FAKE “Rebel Siren” pages were created by disinformation shills a.k.a. TROLLS, for the purpose of harassing and impersonating the real Rebel Siren, in an attempt to discredit & destroy the reputation of, also known as the tactic of “character assassination“.

The trolls continually create FAKE “Rebel Siren” pages using unauthorized copies of Rebel Siren’s real profile picture and cover photo, sometimes mirroring posts to confuse & trick people. The fake pages have only known trolls with fake profiles themselves “liking” it, except for some people that are duped by the fakes. Trolls with fake names such as “Randall Flagga Stephen King character (see end). Not only is it FAKE, it’s a copyright violation, yet “Randall Flagg” has been allowed to run free on facebook harassing activists, despite being reported multiple times: The CULT – Jim Jones’ disciples had nothing on these facebook trolls. Even more frustrating, the FAKE “Rebel Sirens” remains on facebook, while legitimate Rebel Siren profile was indefinitely suspended, further meaning that the new REAL page, Rebel Siren, was left vulnerable to troll attacks, such as by a TROLL illegally using the copyrighted Muppet characterBeaker (a “page” with 2 likes, not the official Muppet page), an OBVIOUS fake (since deleted).

ALL troll attacks on the real Rebel Siren page including disparaging memes, insults, name calling, ridicule, and general harassment during the time of profile suspension, are cataloged to be used as further EVIDENCE against “fakebook” for allowing such shillidiocy, cyberstalking, and harassment to run unchecked.

Facebook seems to readily allow FAKE troll profiles/pages to run amok, yet immediately suspends real profiles based solely on “name” regardless of the truth, and failing to take into account post & comment history. It is highly irresponsible of facebook to enforce its “real name” policy, and suspend profiles with no investigation into the facts, as well as blatantly disregarding potential consequences of forcing people to use legal names, opening them up to identity theft, in-person harassment, and possibly bodily harm from unbalanced obsessive stalkers, and in some cases where domestic violence was a factor, stalking and abuse from ex husbands or boyfriends. It also makes facebook liable.

Troll attacks happened on Rebel Siren’s page during this time of suspension such as a troll using a fake name, “Beaker”. It was reported via screenshot and email to facebook in detail, yet they refused to acknowledge it, while Rebel Siren continued to remain suspended, and every new profile created got suspended too. What gives? Clearly, facebook violates its own “community standard” by allowing such things as a heartbreakingsnuff video” of kitten torture (highly disturbing video of two psychopathic deviates torturing an innocent kitten, dousing it with lighter fluid,  setting it on fire, then murdering it, too heinous to include in this article), various other shameful animal abuse and inappropriate sociopathic content.

Facebook routinely allows FAKES (such as known disinformation shills) to run rampant, while suspending real people using other names. For instance, the LGBT community recently received an apology by facebook recently for attempting to force them to use their “real names” after some homophobic hater, (probably using a fake name himself), reported them. The LGBT community didn’t just bend over and take it, they spoke up and started a petition at collecting 35,000 signatures, giving rise to the apology from facebook’s Cox:

Facebook apologizes to LGBT community over ‘real’ name policy Source: Facebook has long required its users to go by their “real names” on the site for security purposes, to stand out from other social networks and so it can better target advertising to people. Now, the company says the spirit of its policy doesn’t mean a person’s legal name but “the authentic name they use in real life.

This begs the question, isn’t it blatant discrimination to allow some users to go ahead and use “other” names, while forcing the rest of us to submit legal identification and use “real names” despite the fact that we are known for our pen names, nicknames, maiden names, stage names, and business names? Even with all the recent controversy, discrimination, and overall unfairness of facebook’s so called “real name” policy and the apologies to the LGBT community; Rebel Siren, author and advocate for humanity, remained disallowed to use a legitimate, proven PEN NAME on the profile, despite the previous apologies when this same thing happened.

Instead of further pursuing the matter with low level employees named, “Arnold” and “Barry” that are virtually unresponsive; only capable of generic responses, refusing to investigate and failing to honor several written requests to be routed to facebook’s legal department, “fakebook’s” duplicitous actions are being exposed in this article with hopes it will raise awareness about the ongoing dissonance with facebook’s ever-changing user-unfriendly “policies” and generate a more positive outcome for everyone that’s forced to deal with this absurdity. Since the initial date of this article, facebook’s legal department has been contacted and apprised of the situation, including being cc’d on all future correspondence regarding this serious issue of rampant cyberbulling of activists.

What motivates facebook to allow rampant harassment by obvious fake profiles/pages (whether it looks like a “real name” or not), yet take readily “suspend” those of us that actually care about life and the world we live in and speak up in hopes of making a difference? And, why would facebook admit to such blatant discrimination by apologizing to the LGBT community, agreeing to allow them to use their “stage names”, yet IGNORE everyone else, including those of us seeking to raise awareness about global issues that affects all life on this planet?

If facebook allows one group of people to use other names, such as the LGBT community, then they must allow everyone to do so, otherwise it’s pure discrimination, unfair to all users, not to mention that their “real name” policy is proving to be an epic fail, and that is only ONE element to this complex issue, there is also an issue of SAFETY. Facebook is jeopardizing activist’s safety, as well as other people whose safety may be at risk if they use their “real names”. Is facebook “bought” by corporate interests, or just holding to an inept policy? Again, we can only speculate.

Obviously, “names”, whether fake or real, do not keep cyberbullying off of facebook. Why does facebook choose to perpetuate cyberbullying by honoring the reports of known trolls that target and relentlessly harass activists, yet ignore the reports and pleas of real people that are trying to make a difference? Is there justice in allowing cyberbullies with fake profiles & pages to run rampant, but caring people to get the boot simply based on the fact that they had been targeted & reported by cyberbullies? What is facebook’s policy about disclosing the reports and investigating those that do the reporting to see if they are hiding anything or on a revenge mission? Will it take legal action to get this out into the open?

Meanwhile, perhaps facebook should reevaluate its inefficient, generic “policies” and come up with a better way of identifying truly fake profiles that are actual cyberbullies, such as an investigatory overview of comment and posting history (which was requested in writing several times), rather than focusing solely on “names”. It is evident that examining someone’s ACTUAL behavior on facebook would be a much better gauge of WHO they are than simply what their “name” happens to be. Honestly, and quite ironically, using the pen name Rebel Siren, allows this author to be more professional and objective in posts & comments on facebook. If forced to use a given name, posts would be much more emotional and unrestrained, just as they were prior to using pen name only. Certainly seems like a backfire waiting to happen, eh facebook? For those of us with common sense and the ability for critical thinking, let’s examine the growing problem of rampant, widespread cyberbullies in more detail:

Technology’s progression is often equated with the advancement of human societies. Pivotal innovations, such as the Internet, have forever changed how people interact. Though these developments have allowed the human race to make great strides in many fields, they have also allowed forms of transgression to become more rampant and widespread. This is evident when considering how traditional bullying has evolved into an issue today known as cyberbullying. While bullying and cyberbullying are often similar in terms of form and technique they also have many differences. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying allows the offender to mask his or her identity behind a computer. This anonymity makes it easier for the offender to strike blows against a victim without having to see the victim’s physical response. The distancing effect that technological devices have on today’s youth often leads them to say and do crueler things compared to what is typical in a traditional face-to-face bullying situation. Source:

Let’s take a look at another negative situation facebook has brought upon itself due to its irresponsible, revolving door policies and ongoing privacy infringement.

An Austrian law student says more than 17,000 people have signed up to join his class action lawsuit against Facebook over the social media group’s alleged violations of its users’ privacy. Twenty-six year-old Max Schrems appealed last week to a billion Facebook users to join a claim he filed in Vienna. – Source:

Upon further investigation into facebook faux pas, we discover that “real names” can cause even bigger problems on “fakebook”. Facebook further contradicted its  “real name” policy, violating its own “community standards”,  by allowing the DEA to create a fake profile of a woman they busted to try to bait and lure her friends and family, without their knowledge. Hm, isn’t that “entrapment”? Isn’t entrapment illegal? Facebook, a lot of good your so called “real name” policy did in that circumstance. That was a real name alright, but still a FAKE, despite “proper id” which law enforcement officers, government officials, and even common crooks, can easily gain access to. Can you say, “backfire“?

DEA Impersonated Woman, Set Up Fake Facebook Page, Posted Photos From Her Seized Phone To Make It Look Real Chris Hamby, over at Buzzfeed, has an incredible and crazy story about the DEA impersonating a woman, creating a fake facebook profile without her knowledge or permission, and posting photos from her seized cell phone, all in order to try to get information from others. The specifics involve a woman, Sondra “Sosa” Arquiett, who was apparently the girlfriend of Jermaine Branford, a guy who was accused of (and eventually pleaded guilty to) drug trafficking. Arquiett was a minor player, charged with basically allowing Branford to use her apartment for storing and processing the cocaine he was trafficking. Arquiett was eventually sentenced to probation. Where this gets interesting, however, is that Arquiett has now filed a civil suit against the US and DEA agent Timothy Sinnigen, who allegedly set up the fake facebook account. Source:

As if those situations aren’t revealing enough, facebook recently disclosed its purchase of an Aerospace company, U.K.-based Ascenta for its globe-spanning Internet plans and use of solar powered DRONES. Drones? For the purpose of providing internet to remote parts of the globe at “low cost”? What if natives in remote regions have no way to prove their “real name”, facebook? Clearly, “fakebook” has its priorities straight. Why not just put that effort into something people in remote regions can really use, such as FOOD, SHELTER, and CLEAN WATER. Or, advocate for sustainable agriculture and clean skies? Or anything that benefits humanity? The future sustainability of the planet? Nourish underprivileged children? Technology to create a cleaner environment? ANYTHING other than another way to make more useless dollars, contributing to the demise of global society.

A Socially Irresponsible Social Network | Business Line

Take a look around at what our world is becoming and the rise in conditions such as autism, alzheimers, cancers, autoimmune disorders and various other ailments that can be directly attributed to the toxicity in our food system, water, medicine, vaccines, and AIR and for what? Corporate profit? It’s sad to see such destruction being perpetuated by those that have no idea what they’re really doing due to the fact that they themselves are adversely affected by vaccines, GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, and other toxins abundant in our atmosphere by corporations that put profit above our health and sustainability of the planet. We are conditioned from birth to accept the system. It makes me wonder if humanity is a thing of the past or a never-was? Our “technology” has far surpassed our wisdom and will surely be the demise of our species. Facebook thumbs DOWN

The following are only a few “fakebook” users on the growing list of known TROLL profiles/pages that facebook allows to run free, cyberstalk and harass activists, violating its own community standards and highly irresponsible “real name” policy, many of whom are still there despite multiple reports:

Rusty Tanner (to harass activist Russ Tanner), facebook id#  1529571003924184

Fuck Alex Jones, facebook id# 522936674406041

Khan Trayles, (pronounced “contrails”) facebook id# 100008370794331

We Love GMOS and Vaccines, facebook id#1380693538867364

Captain Carl the Chemtrail Pilot, facebook id# 244247085785036

Jay Uzinato, facebook id# 1662205672

Reschekle Berglesteinowitz, facebook id# 100008246919631

Yuri Zephyros, facebook id# 100004839065506

Portia Plantago-Lanceolata, facebook id# 100006534365399

Randall Flagg (copyright violating troll), facebook id# 100008244554284

Danni Bannanni, facebook id# 1449245650

Eman Sugob, (bogus name backwards) facebook id# 100007374608251

Bob Solo, facebook id#100003622144034

FAKE “Rebel Siren – Public Figure” (to harass author/activist Rebel Siren), facebook id#1530415123861880

FAKE “Rebel Siren - Exposing Corruption and Crimes Against Humanity (to harass author/activist Rebel Siren by “mirroring” the page), facebook id#559789960831840 (update, finally got removed after many months of emailing fb legal)

Peter WiganPete Greenall, facebook id# 100008201523866

Madisondrugs Loon, (to harass activist Madisonstar Moon) facebook id# 256567904530799

Trolls on Russ Tanner page


Madisonstar Moon’s profile & page routinely gets attacked and banned, as well as specific content often gets removed for “violating facebook’s community standards” for no valid reason. It’s completely senseless to allow the cyberstalking disinformation trolls to run rampant and allow their hateful, antagonistic pages, posts, and comments, while removing activist’s profiles, pages that are clearly not “violations”. See video below for yet another example of “fakebook’s” blatant discrimination siding with cyberstalkers.

This is the kind of thing we’re up against as activists every day that we dare to speak up and share information, to be victimized by rampant shill-idiocy plaguing our social media forums, running wild on “fakebook“, with facebook’s consent. We are being targeted, attacked, harassed, and bullied by trolls with obvious fake pages such as, “Madisondrugs Loon” (for example, above it is accusing well known activist, Russ Tanner of being what it is, a criminal against humanity).

Madisondrugs Loon” has been reported over and over, yet still runs freely harassing activists & cyberstalking the real Madisonstar Moon; and, below, “Paid Shill“, that one speaks for itself and was on facebook forever, while activist’s profiles & pages continue to be violated and placed on suspension for a variety of bogus reasons. “Paid Shill Troll” below remained up until recently. If you come up against troll profiles using fake names such as this, report them for using fake names. Use facecrook’s rigidly enforced real name policy to get a small bit of justice in such a robotic, marketing minded social media venue.

This is the kind of thing we're up against as activists, rampant shill-idiocy and no help from "fakebook".

Click photo for Huffpost Tech article by Sam Fiorella, “Exposing Cyber Shills and Social Media’s Underworld“.

Disconnecting people from family, friends, and fellow activists, deleting all of the work we’ve done to raise awareness & share information on your forum, leaving our pages unattended without a profile to admin it, vulnerable to more troll attacks, only proves the point and makes activists stronger. But, you know what it makes you, facebook? Part of the problem.

Facebook faces criticism over its privacy policy – CNET

Facebook faces criticism amid claims it breached ethical guidelines

Facebook responds to criticism of its experiment on users

Criticism of Facebook – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BBC News – Facebook emotion experiment sparks criticism

Facebook facing suit over private messages – Jan. 3, 2014

Facebook Lawsuit – Huffington Post

17,000 join Facebook class action lawsuit – Orlando

Student launches Facebook lawsuit over privacy concerns

Facebook Obtained Nearly $2 Billion From Legal Judgments Against Spammers


Wizard of Odds – Controlled Opposition

Who is behind the curtain of Weatherwar 101? As we examined in our previous article, Pulling Back The Curtain On The WW101 Wizard of Odds, no one knows for sure, he is hiding his identity and attacking others from the shadows, accusing anyone and everyone that dare disagree with him of being “psyops” and threatening them.

The purpose of this post is merely to address the “claims” he dared to post on his public facebook page by pointing out the glaring contradictions. See screenshots, (click to view).

WW101 pg 1


Page 2 (cont’d)

WW101 pg 2

CLICK TO VIEW (cont’d from previous)

Hm, if WW101 has “no idea as to the existence of Davoud Tohidy”, then how does he know that Tohidy happens to be Iranian-Canadian? And, why does he say it as though it’s a bad thing? It’s a blatant contradiction and a ploy to shift focus, as only a psyop would do. The connection between WW101 and Tohidy is well established in this post, screenshots do not lie.

Rebel Siren comment to the above Facebook post:

WW101 Page 3

CLICK TO VIEW (Rebel Siren’s questioning of WW101’s “claims” – Continued in the next screenshot)

Rebel Siren comment, (cont’d)

WW101 pg 4

CLICK TO VIEW (cont’d from previous)

According to WW101, he has no idea who Davoud Tohidy is, has never heard of him, and “doubted his existence”.  We find it odd that WW101 “liked” Tohidy’s page and the fact that they’ve interacted many times, as screenshots in Pulling Back The Curtain On The WW101 Wizard of Odds and additional screenshots below, clearly proves. Why would Weatherwar 101 lie? Why would Tohidy lie? Why are their posts not only similar but virtually interchangeable? What are “they” hiding? Why have neither of them commented on the article above to dispute or “correct” it, yet deny their connection and post about it elsewhere? Probably because they know their location will be traced and Weatherwar 101’s identity, that he has worked so hard to hide, will be confirmed and made public, as it SHOULD BE to stop him from hiding in the shadows blindsiding others with his vicious and distracting attacks. No one can move forward to find solutions to the aerial assault in our skies with such vindictive attacks happening on activists. It smells like a psyop ploy, false accusation, reverse accusing others of what “THEY” are.


CLICK TO VIEW – This is a screenshot of WW101’s Facebook “likes”, notice “Canadian Geoengineering and Chemtrails Criminal Lawsuit Campaign“, Davoud Tohidy’s page, yet Ww101 claimed in the post (1st screenshot) that he has no idea who Tohidy is OR if Tohidy even “exists”. See next screenshot.

Tohidy and WW101 LIES

CLICK TO VIEW – Clearly Davoud Tohidy is “Canadian Geoengineering and Chemtrails Lawsuit Campaign“; as screenshots in this blog PROVE, WW101 LIKED Tohidy’s page, evident in the previous screenshot, yet continues to “claim” he has no idea if Tohidy exists, etc. Pathological liars never stop, even after they’re CAUGHT RED HANDED.


Like by Weatherwar 101

CLICK TO VIEW – This clearly shows Weatherwar 101 liked a comment by Davoud Tohidy on his lawsuit page he has made under a post unrelated to WW101, a comment containing the “psyop” attack video on Dane Wigington on the same date it was published on youtube, despite that WW101 had no connection to or interaction with the post prior, NOR was “he” tagged in it to have been “alerted” about the comment, yet he magically knew to “like” it, and continues to claim he has no idea who Tohidy is or “if” he even exists. Hm???


simpsons1966 IS Davoud Tohidy

CLICK TO VIEW – This one relates to WW101’s claim (first screenshot) that Tohidy never contacted him, since it shows Davoud Tohidy (a.k.a. simpsons1966) writing a comment on WW101’s google+ page, but, apparently WW101 and Tohidy are “strangers that have never had any interaction on any level”… how odd?

Geoengineeringlawsuit PUBLIC screenshot

CLICK TO VIEW – Strangely, Davoud Tohidy posted an accusation against Dane Wigington on August 29th, the same accusation AND THEME OF THE WW101 “psyop” video posted TWO DAYS LATER on YouTube by Ww101 and in a comment on Tohidy’s page, as per screenshots above. Ironic that WW101 and Tohidy have so much in common and clear connections, yet “have no idea who each other are”, even though screenshots prove otherwise. But, hey, E for effort, or in their case, it’s more like E for “Evil”.

The goal of this blog is to expose corruption & disinformation, unveil lies, and share the truth, as best we can in this haze of deceit clouding it in the world we live in. We do not “accuse” or “make threats”, we merely SHARE information. It is up to YOU to do your research and help us figure out what is really going on behind the curtain.

Pseudo-intellectual global problem profiteers contribute to the destruction of the planet while masquerading as “socially conscious allies”…

Bjorn Lomborg DUPLICITOUS Climate Skeptic and Geoengineering Supporter

“Global problem profiteer”, Bjørn Lomborg, joins The Heartland Institute of Chicago exposed in Yale article, “Strange Bedfellows”, for simultaneously denying and supporting climate science, and advocating geoengineering as a solution to a problem, (anthropogenic climate change), that they deny is happening in the first place.

Regardless of the “stance” you may have taken on the so called “debate”, you’ve got to wonder, what gives? First and foremost, see it for the giant waving red flag that it is and realize the entire “debate” is a carefully concocted spin to suppress awareness in the mainstream in order for global problem profiteers to continue peddling dirty energy while pretending to “care”. A Skeptic Finds Faith in Geoengineering –

The perpetual spin of the revolving door is dizzying. It’s as though we are living in a giant masquerade ball where changing of masks is as frequent an occurrence as going to the bathroom, and smells exactly the same.

Excerpt from Yale’s Strange Bedfellows? Climate Change Denial and Support:

‘The Lomborg Maneuver’

The Heartland Institute is hardly alone in considering geoengineering as a solution to a problem it basically doesn’t see as a problem in the first place. Bjørn Lomborg and ‘Lomborg Maneuver’ – opposition to ‘real-world’ actions, but support for more radical approaches?

In recent years, Bjørn Lomborg has often downplayed the threats from climate change while pushing geoengineering as a short-term solution. So too have Newt Gingrich, the former EPA staff economist Alan Carlin, and the American Enterprise Institute, which earlier this year posted a seminar calling solar radiation management “an evolving climate policy option” on its website, a site chock-full of climate contrarianism.”

One environmental group has taken to calling this straddle the “Lomborg maneuver” – “switching from opposing real-world action on climate change to supporting the most extreme possible action on climate change.” –

“While Bjorn Lomborg has never literally denied that the climate is changing, his economic theories have always served those who do. A Danish economist, Lomborg has won international notoriety. The Wall Street Journal loves his editorials” – Bjorn Lomborg: The Sustainability Critic: Greentech Media

DESMOGBLOG.COM meticulously highlights Lomborg’s contradictions:

Bjorn Lomborg global problems are BIG BUSINESS

Lomborg’s spin: “Bjørn Lomborg, an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School, founded and directs the Copenhagen Consensus Center, which seeks to study environmental problems and solutions using the best available analytical methods. He is the author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It, and is the editor of How Much have Global Problems Cost the World?”

Bjørn, why don’t you tell us how much global problem profiteers get PAID these days and we’ll tell you how much that “COSTS us”.

Contact | Bjorn Lomborg

Personal assistant Ms Zsuzsa Horvath

Beware the rampant, insidious propaganda (disinformation) infiltrating every aspect of our existence. Think critically, do your research, trust your instincts, refuse to participate in the web of deceit. ~Rebel Siren

PROPAGANDA formal definition:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda“. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, spin, publicity; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

For additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

The key to unlocking awareness is to lift the lid on your mainstream “box” and expand your consciousness. The powers that be use awareness suppression as a tool of oppression, to strip us of our freedom, liberty, and dignity; to monetize us, to control us and manipulate us and our planet at the expense of our health and future sustainability. What can we do? We CAN free our minds, gain clarity, strength of mind, and take responsibility.



Pulling back the curtain to reveal the “wizard” behind WW101 and his “Straw Man” attacks on well known geoengineering activists, it would be no surprise to find a frail, vindictive little man, doing his best to conceal his true identity while attacking and harassing others from the shadows, using a small army of angry accomplices, most of whom feel ignored or slighted by those they target and attack, clearly motivated by inflated egos and rage, rather than willingness to put aside differences for the greater good. The dots blur and the secrecy continues, but one connection we have found so far, leads to a man named Davoud Tohidy of Ottawa, Canada.

Could Davoud Tohidy be “Weatherwar 101”? Could Weatherwar 101 and his army of angry accomplices be a more vicious version of Mick West’s denier cult masquerading as “allies”? And, if so, WHO is the real mastermind behind Weatherwar 101 and WHY such anonymity if he is so “proud” of his “work”? What exactly is “he” hiding? Help us examine all the PUBLIC information presented that is available to anyone with the internet, and let’s connect the dots. Let’s investigate Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, and the reason “they”, along with other so called “allies“, are out to get activists leading the awareness movement by lumping them in the category of disinformation shills; what could their motivation be, and who exactly are “they” supporting?

Connecting The Dots

According to what we’ve dug up in PUBLIC searches that anyone can do, we have found that Davoud Tohidy, with Weatherwar 101 and his accomplices, fit the profile of classic climate science denier/harasser/cyber-stalkers. Coincidentally, dirty energy (big oil, coal, etc.) has an interest in denial too; they have been simultaneously denying while supporting, climate science, and have a few climate engineering projects of their own. BP is first on the list on ETC Group GeoMap performing CDR (carbon dioxide removal). Ironic that BP is a climate denier, yet performs their own “carbon dioxide removal”, hm? Duplicity in the crude world is a huge problem, see: BP – Deceiving The Public About Geo Engineering | Rebel Siren.

First, let’s take a look at the climate denial harassment and cyberstalking occurring in recent years as scientific findings surface that counteract the “denial”, and, ask ourselves, isn’t it possible that the entire “debate” is just a smokescreen to veil the truth, pitting us against one another to distract us and keep us from joining forces to protect humanity and our planet? If we are wasting time defending ourselves from harassment and character attacks, we cannot very well focus on the issue, can we?

CLIMATE SCIENTISTS FACE HARASSMENT IN THE US — The harassment faced by U.S.-based climate scientists has been well documented in the media—but not the harassment of scientists in Europe, Canada or the rest of the world.

That’s because there hasn’t been much to report.

While outspoken scientists of human-caused climate change in the United States endure torrents of freedom of information requests, hate mail and even death threats from skeptics, their counterparts abroad have been free to do their work without fear.

One fact that caught our attention is that Davoud Tohidy has been circulating a petition supposedly signed by thousands of scientists against climate science calling it aHOAX”. What’s up with that? This smells fishy, reminiscent of Disinformation Bait, in fact, the entire “climate war” smells fishy, as intentional political obfuscation often does.

This blatantly falls into the category of "climate denial", harassment and cyber-stalking of climate scientists.

CLICK TO VIEW – Peddling the petition against climate science blatantly falls into the category of  harassment and cyber-stalking of climate scientists. How can we be sure that those thousands of signatures are even real? Tohidy has got the lawsuit petition and the climate denier petition, plus “open letters” to people he disagrees with, publicly visible on his pages.

CLimate DENIAL Harassment

CLICK TO VIEW – Davoud Tohidy’s perpetuation of climate science denial referring to rising sea levels as a “hoax” despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says sea level is rising at an increasing rate:

There is strong evidence that global sea level is now rising at an increased rate and will continue to rise during this century.

While studies show that sea levels changed little from AD 0 until 1900, sea levels began to climb in the 20th century.

The two major causes of global sea-level rise are thermal expansion caused by the warming of the oceans (since water expands as it warms) and the loss of land-based ice (such as glaciers and polar ice caps) due to increased melting.

Records and research show that sea level has been steadily rising at a rate of 0.04 to 0.1 inches per year since 1900.

This rate may be increasing. Since 1992, new methods of satellite altimetry (the measurement of elevation or altitude) indicate a rate of rise of 0.12 inches per year.

This is a significantly larger rate than the sea-level rise averaged over the last several thousand years.”


In addition to climate science denial, Davoud Tohidy continues to solicit money from well meaning activists globally for a supposed lawsuit he is doing in Canada. At first glance, a lawsuit to expose and stop “chemtrails” seems like a great idea, a giant leap forward, however, when you stop and connect the dots to what is really going on, it becomes clear that all he’s really doing is confirming the “conspiracy theory” angle, detrimental to the cause by making activists look like a bunch of “tin-foil hat wearing, paranoid, conspiracy theorists“, a disinformation tactic used in the mainstream to discredit people and minimize efforts to raise awareness.

Climate Science DENIAL and Fundraising, hm?

Climate Science DENIAL and Fundraising for a “chemtrail” lawsuit. Ironic.

Solication for dollars by Tohidy

CLICK TO VIEW – Donation solicitation

Notice how Davoud Tohidy exploits the “conspiracy” angle on his affidavit in the screenshot below, that is of public record and available to anyone. Why would an aware activist word a legal document in such a manner as to validate the “conspiracy” angle, a disinformation tactic and obstacle that has been an ongoing source of attacks ever since people started waking up to the aerial assault in our skies?

Tohidy is certainly solidifying the "conspiracy theory" spin. What court of law will take THIS seriously? Perhaps that's his intention.

CLICK TO VIEW – Tohidy is certainly solidifying the “conspiracy theory” spin on his affidavit. What court of law will take THIS seriously? Perhaps that’s his intention.

Let’s take a look at some other notorious “climate deniers” double dipping and exploiting the situation for their own gain, and examine the similarities:

THE HEARTLAND INSTITUTE EXPOSED BY YALE CLIMATE CONNECTIONS AS DIRTY ENERGY SHILLS AND PROMOTING GEOENGINEERING AS SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM THAT THEY DENY IS EVEN HAPPENING The following link is THE HEARTLAND’S propagandized spin an intentional blow in the war on awareness, that they are perpetuating, ironically calling it a “war on science”:

Scientist Michael Mann attacked for his post doctoral research findings in proving anthropogenic causes of climate heating: According to our research, Michael Mann’s findings indicating anthropogenic climate change has made him a target in the “Climate War”. We would like to formally state that as an unbiased observer and sharer of truth, we are not taking sides in the “climate war“, only helping connect the dots by pointing out the rampant cyber-stalking, corporate corruption, disinformation, and rampant agitation-propagandist attacks, the dissemination, obscurity, and intentional obfuscation in the mainstream. We are merely sharing information to establish connections and help others unveil the truth. Disinformation is a balanced mixture of truth & lies, otherwise, it wouldn’t be such an effective tool of awareness suppression.

More about the attacks on Michael Mann to show the “climate war” in full throttle: And:

There is even a Climate Science Legal Defense Fund:

Establishing the connection between Davoud Tohidy to Climate Science DENIAL & CYBER-STALKING:

In doing a perfunctory LEGAL and PUBLIC online search as in the previous screenshots, it turns out that Davoud Tohidy is indeed a vehement climate science denier, harasser of climate scientists, harasser of geoengineering awareness activists performing climate engineering research/sharing their findings, and basically everyone that dare “disagree” with him, and coincidentally, so is WW101. Tohidy has been revealed promoting the “petition” by so called scientists against climate science, calling global warming a “hoax”, whose signatures are yet to be verified as being “legitimate”. He and the WW101 curtain are pushing “weather modification”, and “chemtrails” as a “conspiracy theory”, dismissing climate science and climate engineering. Why? What’s the motive? After connecting more dots, we have to wonder if they are disinformation “psyops” that they routinely accuse other activists of being? According to Tohidy’s PUBLIC LinkedIn page, he and Mick West have a lot in common: This is not an “accusation”, it is an objective examination, a questioning, which would NOT be necessary, if WW101 weren’t concealing his identity and attacking people from the shadows as only an enemy would do.

Interesting how WW101 accuses others of being “psyops”, yet he clearly uses psyop tactics of an agitation-propaganda nature; reverse accusation, character assassination, straw man, playing on people’s emotion and insecurity, etc., doing all of this while hiding behind his anonymous identity Weatherwar 101, simultaneously accusing others of using anonymous accounts on social media for sinister purposes, the very thing we have found that he, Davoud Tohidy, and “their” accomplices are guilty of.

Further, we find that Davoud Tohidy is promoting a petition that clearly falls into the category of cyber-stalking with the intent to HARASS climate scientists and discredit their work. Below is the “petition” he continually promotes all over social media, a cut and dry case of CLIMATE DENIAL / CYBER-STALKING. We wonder if these signatures are even legitimate and verifiable? Even if they are, it’s just more status quo denial perpetrated to suppress awareness in order for industrial polluters to keep on polluting at the expense of our health and atmosphere to shift responsibility and further cloud information in the mainstream, confuse the public, and dupe well meaning activists.

CLICK TO VIEW - Tohidy is a busy man, collecting thousands of petitions against climate science and filing a "conspiracy" lawsuit. Where does he find the time?

CLICK TO VIEW – Notice the absurd wording. Tohidy sure is a busy man, actively sharing this petition against climate science in the US (clearly harassing climate scientists), AND filing a “conspiracy” lawsuit in Canada pro se yet collecting donations for “legal fees”.

Ironic that Mr. Wigington has been further attacked and accused of “character assassination” merely for defending himself against WW101’s character assassination attack, isn’t it?

Ww101 Post 2

CLICK TO VIEW – Notice the “false association” tactic of reverse accusation,  WW101 is using calling others “psyops” in an effort to redistribute focus, he and Tohidy coincidentally have that in common, with similar writing styles as well. If you read WW101’s posts and Tohidy’s posts, without looking at the name, they are virtually interchangeable.

Apparently, Davoud Tohidy and WW101 are aware that cyber-stalking is a prosecutable offense and in some cases, a felony, and that’s why “they” use the “straw man” reverse accusation tactic against others in an attempt to deflect focus from his rampant criminal activity on social media:

Following the video is a screenshot of the comment Weatherwar 101, which is blatant harassment and cyber-stalking of founder, Dane Wigington, using Kim Moore a.k.a. Guerrera Zorra (youtube), @TerminatorBarbi (Twitter), “truth slayer” (she “slays” the truth?), to extend the attacks. Kim Moore is the woman that could not control her outbursts to the Board of Supervisors Hearing in Shasta County on July 15th, discrediting the movement with her inappropriate behavior, our sources report. Was her behavior an intentional act to discredit the movement or was she simply overcome with emotion? At this point, either scenario is possible as she has since jumped on WW101’s bandwagon to target and attack the founder of

Sources reveal that at the hearing after Kim Moore’s outbursts frustrated the board into a 20 minute recess, Mr. Wigington suggested to her that she wasn’t helping the cause and that she should shut up. Now, Kim Moore seems to be hell bent on revenge, rather than admit she should have exercised restraint at the hearing. Apparently, she is the only one allowed to be emotional and reactionary. This is a woman clearly driven by narcissism (ego) and negativity (anger, revenge), rather than a sense of humanity and acting for the greater good. We were curious what really happened at the Shasta County Hearing, so we found out. If you pay attention to this video at the 11:08, 11:33, 15:33, 16:02 marks, you will hear Kim Moore’s outbursts for yourself:

The screenshot below is also a PUBLIC “commendation” by Weatherwar 101 and accomplices, to praise Kim Moore for her assistance in underhandedly tricking filmmaker Michael Murphy by recording a conversation with him, without his knowledge, then posting it on youtube accusing the founder of being a “psyop”,and angrily accusing activists of using “anonymous accounts” to “harass” him, some nerve he’s got considering his identity is concealed, the irony. Coincidentally, Davoud Tohidy posted the WW101 psyop video, the day it came out, on his lawsuit facebook page in a “comment”, did not “tag” WW101, yet WW101 “liked” the comment. How did WW101 know Tohidy posted it in a comment without being tagged? (See subsequent screenshots).

Hatemonging Antagonism at is WORST


The only thing truthful in the above statement by WW101, is that he knows a lot about terrorism considering that he routinely employs cyber-stalking / disinformation tactics against geoengineering activists that he is unable to recruit. This article is not an “accusation” against Davoud Tohidy, we are merely pointing out the suspicious connection between Tohidy and WW101 that we have found through basic PUBLIC searches and that various sources have confirmed.

For instance, let’s examine in closer detail, the allegations made by Tohidy in reference to the video presentation, “Is Climate Engineering Decimating Our Weather?”, on his lawsuit facebook page, as per the screenshot below:

Tohidys post that contains a subsequent comment with psyop vid and a disclaimer shifting responsibility

CLICK TO VIEW – This disparaging post by Tohidy is also the one where he made a subsequent comment posting the psyop video the very date the WW101 psyop video was posted on youtube Aug 31. That comment was “liked” by Weatherwar 101 despite a lack of tag (how would WW101 know the commented existed?) Suspicious coincidence or strategic attack?

Edited comments the day WW101 psyop video came out

CLICK TO VIEW – Edit history of the comment Tohidy made as his lawsuit page on the previous screenshot post, of the WW101 psyop video, Aug 31. Observe, no tag. How did WW101 know to “like” the comment? This arises suspicions that Tohidy is hiding direct association with WW101.

Like by Weatherwar 101

CLICK TO VIEW – Confirmation it was indeed “liked” by Weatherwar 101, despite having not been “tagged” or mentioned in the post the comment was made on, and the nature of the post and video. If we put on our thinking caps and do a cursory investigation, we find there is indeed a connection between Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, despite Tohidy’s denial (see additional screenshots towards the end of this article).

If we take the time to pay attention to detail, we find that in his accusations, Davoud Tohidy fails to present the video he references in his attack on the Geoengineering Watch founder, yet sought out and highlights a miniscule comment at the very end of the video presentation completely irrelevant to the information being presented. That is a version of the classic “Straw Man” tactic. A Straw Man is an informal fallacy based on the misrepresentation of an opponent’s statement or stance. A “Straw Man” attack, to be successful, requires that the audience be ignorant or uninformed about the actual facts. The goal of the “Straw Man” attack in this case, is clearly to damage the reputation of the founder of discrediting him, (“character assassination”), as well as gain Michael Murphy publicity for marketing purposes, (we’ve heard through the grapevine that WW101 plans to make a “film”), albeit negative; but, according to Hollywood, “there’s no such thing as bad press”, right? If Tohidy and WW101 are connected, or even the same person, that could be considered “motive”, couldn’t it?

PUBLIC screenshot

Out of the entire video presentation of information and research material presented in “Is Climate Engineering Decimating Our Weather”, Tohidy meticulously picks out one irrelevant, honest remark at the very end of it in the Q&A portion, to detract from the information presented, (coincidentally, so did WW101 in his vicious attack). It was a remark that no one else noticed, much less focused on, or judged, previous to the attacks of Tohidy AND WW101. The removal of context and using that type of “Straw Man” tactic to slander others to discredit them is the strategy of a disinformation agent, a traitor to humanity. No accusation is being made against Davoud Tohidy in this post, we are merely pointing out the discrepancies of his accusations, the tactics he is using, his connection to WW101, and questioning their motives, as the public should do in an effort to sift through the continuing haze of mainstream disinformation clouding the truth. We encourage you to research for yourself and draw your own conclusions, but we do advise against jumping on the Weatherwar 101 bandwagon that is proving itself to be nothing but a mixture of truth & lies to dupe honest activists.

The tactics used by Tohidy AND WW101 also works to “incite violence”, by antagonizing and inflaming others’ sense of outrage, at the expense of Michael Murphy’s reputation, which DAVOUD TOHIDY AND WW101 have damaged in “their” mission to discredit others, as becomes very clear when we explore the presentation “they’ve” attacked, and research the history of “their” climate science denial/cyber-stalking.

Anyone that takes the time to watch the video presentation start to finish and pays attention, will notice that the remark was at the end of it and obviously wasn’t a judgment, “insult”, nor meant to be “slanderous”; it was an honest response to a question raised by an inquiring audience member. Perhaps the presenter could have come up with some bogus response that could be deemed somehow “more appropriate”, however, if you take the time to watch the video, it is clear that he was merely honestly answering a question about whether, “Who In The World Is Spraying” is in production and if he’s part of it.

The one who has worked to damage Michael Murphy’s reputation is Davoud Tohidy AND WW101 by highlighting Murphy’s substance abuse problem for the purpose of discrediting another activist, and gaining publicity all at the same time. Wow, evil genius. Impressive. With allies like that, who needs trolls?

We live in a chaotic world, people sometimes use different means of escape, no one should judge Michael Murphy, but have compassionate hearts, not USE HIM like Davoud Tohidy AND WW101 have done, along with “their” angry accomplices, to suit their own agenda.

WW101 PsychoSpeak

click to view

Davoud Tohidy AND WW101’s accusations are entirely baseless and meant to be purely inflammatory for the purpose of “character assassination” once we take the time to examine the video presentation, “Is Climate Engineering Decimating Our Weather”, for ourselves, and the CONTEXT in which the remark he is attacking, was made.

WW101 Solicits Money Notice PayPal

CLICK TO VIEW, and notice the plea for money and the PayPal link, also the public comment by one of his followers that seems to think if someone is too busy to respond to them, it indicates they are a “psyop”. Tohidy AND WW101 continually plea for PayPal donations.

According to the comment below by one of Weatherwar 101’s followers, apparently, not buying into the whole “orgonite defeats chemtrails” thing, is a sign of a “psyop”. The purpose of this screenshot is to show the absurd mentality common among Tohidy AND WW101’s followers. Sources further revealed that Tohidy had approached both Global Skywatch and Geoengineering Watch about orgonite and became infuriated when they did not show the interest level he “expected” them to. Another example of rage that others did not respond as he wanted, and a possible motive for the subsequent attacks.

ignoring orgonite equates being a psyop

CLICK TO VIEW (unsurprisingly, the 1 “like” is Weatherwar 101)

Further, Davoud Tohidy AND WW101 are trying to shift blame and shun responsibility by attacking anyone and everyone that has tried to point out the truth, according to “their” continuing hostile comments on social media. It becomes very clear if you take the time to watch the presentation from the beginning and pay attention to the information being presented, then at the end during the Q&A portion at approximately the one hour mark, note the context of what was said as an explanation as to the reason the new WITWIS film production has been delayed. It’s obvious that it was not some “rehearsed” speech, nor was it an intentional “slandering” of Mr. Murphy, like what Davoud Tohidy AND WW101 are doing. Are we the only ones that noticed? Watch the entire presentation below and comment what your take on it is.

We encourage everyone to take the time and do a cursory public search for yourselves. The Rebel Siren Blog always encourages doing your own research and drawing your own conclusions. Do not rely solely on any media source. If you have facebook, check Davoud Tohidy’s activity on social media, “Weatherwar101″, “Canadian Geoengineering and Chemtrails Lawsuit” facebook page, etc. and you will see for yourself how the attacks and climate denial all tie in, and the hostility emanating from “their” followers in their often hostile comments defending “their” attacks.

Judging by Tohidy’s extensive computer programming qualifications, and WW101’s “vast research”, where would “they” find the time to go around attacking people on social media? We wonder if “they” are paid to, as well as recruiting an army of angry accomplices to unwittingly do WW101’s bidding, much like the debunking denier CULT, as we mentioned earlier.

Is it possible that Davoud Tohidy AND WW101 have targeted Michael Murphy to not only be the “hapless victim”, but later the “triumphant filmmaker”, since WW101 plans to make a film? Perhaps Tohidy AND WW101 are after publicity, along with discrediting leaders in the awareness movement as a disinformation ploy to divide the movement, and detract focus from the cause? As we are learning in this deceitful world, anything is possible.

Everything we have posted in this article, ALL images, screenshots, and information, is PUBLIC, therefore, LEGAL to share. Everything on the Rebel Siren Blog is FREE, 100% sharable, nothing is copyrighted, and everything is accessible to everyone around the globe. WW101 charges $4.99 for an “e-book”, and Tohidy constantly solicits funds for his “conspiracy theory” lawsuit that will surely DAMAGE THE REAL MOVEMENT, with continual use of “disclaimers” and “copyright” notices, threatening everyone that may want to share information or that dare disagree with him. See for yourself that everything on “their” websites/pages is antagonistic, subversive, fund-soliciting, and rooted in rage, rather than that of collective unity for the greater good and finding common ground to unite and stop the aerial assault in our skies.

Beware the innocuous appearance of Davoud Tohidy’s PUBLIC facebook “friend” profile, he most certainly has been hiding a lot from the public eye. Isn’t it bad enough that sincere activists must battle obvious troll/shills? Add to that, getting attacked by those masquerading as allies, makes it that much more difficult to sift through the haze of obscurity and uncover the truth. Often, the attacks are an intentional disinformation ploy to keep people busy defending themselves to detract focus, as well as turn the public against them (“character assassination”), judging by all the public information and connecting the dots, that certainly is plausible in the case of Davoud Tohidy AND Weatherwar 101.

Davoud Tohidy PUBLIC Facebook Profile

PUBLIC Facebook Profile Screenshot that anyone can access.

Again, the screenshot above of Tohidy’s PUBLIC (at the date of this article) facebook friend profile is legal as it is accessible to anyone. We are not “using it as our own”, therefore, it is NOT a “copyright” or “privacy” violation.

Below is an “open letter” to Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, a collective, global effort to appeal to “their” sense of humanity (if they indeed have the capacity).


Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, this is an open formal request that you, and your accomplices, immediately cease and desist your character assassination attempts and revenge mission against every person you’ve “both” attacked, either as Davoud Tohidy, or anonymously as WW101, with the intention to “discredit” those that are trying raise awareness about harmful aerial activities. Your attempt at using context removal and a mixture of truth & lies to slander others and skew facts is the strategy of a disinformation agent, a traitor of humanity. In addition, your attention seeking behavior is inappropriate, destructive, and counterproductive to our collective cause.

This isn’t your planet, it’s OUR planet, and you do NOT have the right to speak for the people or threaten to sue anyone and everyone that dares to question or disagree with you, accusing others of being “psyops” by using the disinformation tactics of a psyop. Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, you are part of the PROBLEM, not the solution.

In your attempt to discredit others to make yourselves seem “superior”, you reveal yourselves to be untrustworthy, underhanded, duplicitous, and dangerously manipulative. You and your army of angry accomplices focus your energy negatively, attempting to damage the reputation of others rather than HELPING the cause. According to your own posts on social media, your primary focus, other than character assassination of others, is to “fundraise”, solicit money for your Canadian “chemtrails” lawsuit, that will surely never come to fruition, as well as WW101 “film”, that will not be based on the reality of climate engineering, but on your personal viewpoints that you are both intent on “selling” to we, the public, and we can only guess as to what else you use the funding for.

You, Davoud Tohidy, are a member of dozens of “We Are The Change” global groups, yet you primarily post fundraising solicitations, as simple google searches that anyone can do, reveals. You’re a member of few “chemtrail” groups, but you primarily post derogatory accusations against others whose groups you’ve gotten yourself banned from and hold a personal grudge against. Did you honestly believe people wouldn’t eventually put the pieces together and see your connection to WW101? You “both” accuse others of having “anonymous” accounts to use on social media, but that is exactly what YOU DO, as searches of your public activities reveal.

Weatherwar 101 has gone to great lengths to cover up “his” identity as an obvious attempt to shift responsibility hoping no one figures out “who” is the one behind the attacks, to hold “himself” free from accountability and liability for “his” devious and ill-intended actions. The “disclaimers” you both employ are nothing but a bogus attempt at shifting responsibility for unlawful actions and will not hold up in a court of law, if those that have been attacked decide to bring charges of cyber-stalking and harassment against “both of you”, as well they should.

Regardless of what your  true motives are, whether you’re the psyop, or just angry, narcissistic, vengeful, and insecure, “we the people” insist that you “both” take the time to contemplate your actions and consider how your begging for money, spreading of negativity, hate-monging, and antagonism on social media are adversely affecting humanity by shifting focus from the cause, to a place of rage, obscurity, and doubt.

Your insistence that geoengineering groups primarily use the word “chemtrails” is a glaring red flag as to your true intentions considering it’s a shill trigger word, as well as rigged to come up as a “conspiracy theory” in online searches, additionally, you contradict your own demands by using the word “geoengineering” whenever it suits your agenda.

You frequently display “disclaimers” and “copyright” notifications throughout your pages, while blatantly attacking other, in addition to neglecting to acknowledge that one of the biggest problems our world faces is the suppression, hoarding, dissemination, and selling of information, rather that freely sharing with anyone and everyone interested in learning the truth, reveals your true character. Those that have been attacked at your hands are honest about their identity, while “Weatherwar 101″ hides behind anonymity.

Everyone with clarity that’s not clouded by rage or a personal vendetta against those you attack, can clearly see that all you’re doing is perpetrating blatant disinformation tactics such as antagonism, semantics & character assassination to further your own agenda, whether it’s because you’re the paid “psyop”, agitation-propagandist, sock puppet, or insecure attention seeker ran by your ego instead of any sense of true humanity and in it for the donations you solicit (seeing others as your “competition”), or are on some corporate payroll, your tactics are transparent and your behavior on social media is UNACCEPTABLE and will NOT BE TOLERATED BY THE PEOPLE ANY LONGER.

Despite extensive efforts to conceal your identity, WW101, and Tohidy your “connection” is no longer deniable. WW101 is behind the anonymous attack videos that Tohidy circulates to try to discredit leaders in the awareness movement. You, Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, are guilty of being duplicitous deceivers with glaring traits of disinformation agents spewing a mixture of truth & lies, just enough truth to convince the gullible, just enough lies to derail awareness and damage the movement! You “both” masquerade as an ally, but hide in the shadows, viciously attacking from behind like only an enemy would do.

YOUR inflammatory perpetuation of the “debate” as to whether the aerial assault in our skies is solely weather modification, bio-weaponry, climate control, or whether global warming is a “hoax”, naturally occurring, or anthropogenic, is only adding to the intentional obfuscation in the mainstream; distracting from the fact that the atmosphere, (weather and climate), is being manipulated with toxic substances at the expense of OUR health and future sustainability of this planet and THAT should be OUR collective focus, not “who’s the smartest” or the “best researcher”, “or the most evil”.

Do we not all agree that aerial spraying is occurring? If so, the only focus we should have is taking appropriate channels to stop it, but that can only happen if we all stand together. Awareness is being suppressed to prevent public outcry, and you, Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, are only making things WORSE by further dividing our cause! If we cannot unite to protect life and this planet against the perpetual destruction, WE, as a species, DO NOT stand a chance.

Is it your arrogance and massive ego that’s impeding your ability to cohesively participate to stop the crimes against humanity? We wonder if you are willing accomplices to crimes against humanity,  “psyops” as you continually accuse others of being? Or, are you acting out of anger and desperation for attention? Are you “both” unaware of the duplicity in dirty energy simultaneously supporting and denying climate change, intentionally clouding the issue to detract focus from reality? Are you taking the side of those whose bottom line is to profit at the expense of our health and future sustainability of this planet? What is YOUR motive? Ego? Money? Anger? Fame? Fortune? Or are aggressive and unreasonable due to mental instability? Regardless, we DEMAND that you STOP the character assassination tactics right NOW and issue a public apology to those you’ve targeted and abused. We are all on this planet together and must find common ground to help save it, or we simply don’t stand a chance, or is that what you’re truly after, causing upheaval and chaos?

Dismissing the efforts of others, overlooking their intentions, and sneakily working to discredit other people and their work, while accusing them of doing the very thing YOU ARE doing, ultimately discredits you. If it’s attention you seek, that’s the one thing you have “both” succeeded in accomplishing. Congratulations, you’ve exposed your own agenda, and none of your inapplicable “disclaimers” will protect you in a court of law when you are indicted as an accomplice to crimes against humanity, slander, defamation of character, harassment, cyber-stalking, falsifying information, intentional obfuscation of data to conceal detrimental aerial activity, unlawful solicitation of funds, fraud, and anything else the prosecutors can add to the laundry list of infractions you are continuing to perpetrate, in the class action suit against you AND your willing accomplices.



Thank you, “everybody”. The Rebel Siren Blog seeks to expose corruption in our society and let the truth have a chance in this deceit dominated world we live in.

Taking the time to examine the facts, understand disinformation tactics, (character assassination, agitation-propaganda, straw man, etc.), and question motives, we find that Davoud Tohidy AND WW101’s rampant attacks on social media may indeed fall into the category of intentional disinformation. But, whether it is or isn’t is of no real consequence as long as people of the world become aware of the underhanded tactics by “whoever” is masquerading as WW101. Awareness is the key to uncovering the truth, that’s why the propaganda machine works so hard to keep awareness suppressed.

Davoud Tohidy AND WW101’s motive becomes clearer when we begin to connect the dots. By reverse accusing, and using blatant character assassination tactics to discredit others while dismissing the time and effort being put into raising awareness of climate engineering, calling others “psyop gatekeepers”, WW101 is basically exposing himself as the psyop gatekeeper, is he not? Tohidy AND WW101 continue to solicit money and perpetuate climate denial while actively harassing and cyber-stalking others with “open letters” and videos intended to damage reputations.

Note: Since this article was originally published and mirrored to Geoengineering Watch, Tohidy has denied affiliation with WW101 “laughing it off” (see screenshot) while simultaneously, angrily accusing Dane Wigington of being the psyop and a criminal, reverse accusation tactics, solidifying Tohidy’s involvement with WW101 and his guilt of perpetuating discord among activists, causing division and distracting focus from the cause.

simpsons1966 IS Davoud Tohidy

CLICK TO VIEW – This admission confirms suspicion that one of Tohidy’s aliases is simpsons1966. He apparently finds it funny that we are connecting the dots between he and WW101, while “denying” any affiliation, yet having posted this very comment on WW101’s Google+ page. Interesting.

Tohidy accusing Dane of being an oppositonal operative

CLICK TO VIEW – Tohidy states, “I and Weatherwar 101″, as if “they” are some kind of “target” despite the overwhelming evidence that “they” are the attackers! He further outwardly accuses Mr. Wigington of being an “operative” and a “criminal”, just as the WW101 “psyop” video attempted to do. This is the known disinformation tactic of false association, reverse accusing their victim of what they actually are.

The purpose of the Rebel Siren Blog is to share information and stimulate questions beyond the mainstream hype, to expose corruption in our world that is hindering our ability to protect the sustainability of our planet and thrive, rather than turn our planet into an uninhabitable wasteland and extinct ourselves.

ATTENTION: Everything in this blog post is of PUBLIC record, and can be found by anyone with basic access to internet search engines and a facebook page. ALL photos, images, screenshots, and information is AVAILABLE PUBLICLY, therefore, NO copyright or privacy violations have occurred; furthermore, any claim that states otherwise will be recognized as a ploy to suppress awareness and will NOT be tolerated. If anyone mentioned in this blog claims “their privacy has been violated” and attempts legal recourse due to the fact that they are overly litigious hostile little whiners, they will be counter-sued for harassment, fraud, and “cyberstalking” charges will be promptly brought up against THEM for the rampant attacks they have perpetrated on social media forums”.

PROPAGANDA formal definition:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda“. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, spin, publicity; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

For additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory: 


Yale Climate Connections

The Heartland Institute of Chicago EXPOSED (along with others).
(previously published by Rebel Siren on Disinformation Directory 7/14).

“Strange Bedfellows? Climate Change Denial and Support for Geoengineering”

By David Appell

Original Article Published October 30, 2013

Yale Climate Science

click here for original article

Potential benefits of geoengineering, despite attendant risks, appeal to some interests showing little concern for the seriousness of the climate change issue generally. What goes here?

These days, an article headlined “Geo-Engineering Seen as a Practical, Cost-Effective Global Warming Strategy” would hardly be surprising.

But what is surprising is that the headline came from a group denying global warming exists: The Heartland Institute in Chicago.

Well-known for its aggressive contrarian position on manmade global warming, and widely lambasted for its “I still believe in Global Warming. Do you?” billboard featuring a picture of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, the Heartland Institute might seem unlikely to propose a solution to a problem it doubts exists. So why did the group run an article on geoengineering in the December 2007 issue of its newsletter Environment & Climate News?

Written by David Schnare, at the time an EPA staff scientist and now a director at the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., the article is based on testimony Schnare gave to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works earlier that same year. Schnare mentions the ease, speed, and relative low cost of geoengineering schemes like injecting sunlight-reflecting aerosols into the stratosphere, called solar radiation management (SRM). In particular, Schnare in that article cited research by scientist Ken Caldeira* of Stanford University (and now also the Carnegie Institute) and concludes “reducing greenhouse gases will cost around 2 percent of the gross domestic product, while geo-engineering (by putting reflective aerosols into the upper atmosphere) will cost about one-thousandth of that.” Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen’s 2006 article helped pave way for more serious consideration of geoengineering options.

But Schnare’s article, written just a year after Nobel Laureate Paul Crutzen’s seminal and controversial 2006 article calling for serious active research into solar radiation management, ignores the many complications, side effects, and unintended consequences of SRM that worry many. Crutzen had specifically mentioned undesirable destruction of protective stratospheric ozone. And SRM does nothing to stop ocean acidification, instead creating a world never before seen, high in carbon dioxide while relatively low in temperature.

Only in the last sentence of his article did Schnare casually advocate a vigorous development away from carbon-based energy sources, writing “the most sensible approach would be a mixed strategy of geo-engineering…and vigorously developing a transition from carbon-based energy, to include research on scrubbing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.”

Despite this article and others, and at least one presentation at its annual conferences, “Heartland doesn’t have a position on geoengineering,” according to Joseph Bast, the Institute’s president and CEO.

‘The Lomborg Maneuver’

The Heartland Institute is hardly alone in considering geoengineering as a solution to a problem it basically doesn’t see as a problem in the first place. Bjorn Lomborg and ‘Lomborg Maneuver’ — opposition to ‘real-world’ actions, but support for more radical approaches?

In recent years, Bjorn Lomborg has often downplayed the threats from climate change while pushing geoengineering as a short-term solution. So too have Newt Gingrich, the former EPA staff economist Alan Carlin, and the American Enterprise Institute, which earlier this year posted a seminar calling solar radiation management “an evolving climate policy option” on its website…a site chock-full of climate contrarianism.

One environmental group has taken to calling this straddle the “Lomborg maneuver” — “switching from opposing real-world action on climate change to supporting the most extreme possible action on climate change.”

How might one reconcile such seemingly contradictory positions? and why do they often come from politically conservative individuals and organizations? In his recent book, Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering, Clive Hamilton argues that this pair of positions maintains the dominant power structures of society, especially the roles of the energy mega-corporations that have a great deal to lose from any shift away from fossil fuels.

Hamilton, a professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, Australia, writes “…these results are consistent with the more general argument that conservatives tend to take a more hierarchical view of society, as a natural order in which some groups are dominant and some subservient. Like a patient who will accept the doctor’s diagnosis only if the illness is treatable, a solution to global warming that does not destabilize a person’s worldview — but in fact validates it — makes recognizing the problem palatable. As the identity of conservative white males tends to be more strongly bound to the prevailing social structure, geoengineering is the kind of solution to climate change that is less threatening to their values and sense of self they are consistent with the ideas of control over the environment and the personal liberties associated with free market capitalism. Just as the need to defend a cultural worldview makes conservative white males prone to repudiate climate science, so that worldview will make them prone to support geoengineering solutions”.–

Hamilton cites research by Dan Kahan of the Yale Law School and others showing that facts must accommodate one’s cultural values if they are to be accepted. Kahan calls this the cultural cognition thesis — that cognitively, cultural values come before facts in assessing many public risk conflicts, and to be accepted, facts must accommodate those values. Kahan concludes “as a result of a complex of interrelated psychological mechanisms, groups of individuals will credit and dismiss evidence of risk in patterns that reflect and reinforce their distinctive understandings of how society should be organized.” Australian professor Clive Hamilton sees geoengineering as less threatening to conservatives’ ‘values and sense of self.’

This thesis helps explain many of the current sharp divisions over public policies, especially those with scientific origins such as climate change, vaccinations, and genetically modified foods. Those with values that place more emphasis on the individual would be expected to dismiss environmental and technological risks if solving them requires restricting industry and commerce. Those who more highly value egalitarianism and community are generally suspicious of capitalism’s disparities and its emphasis on individual initiative, and they therefore are more likely to advocate top-down regulation of commercial activity.

In the context of climate change and geoengineering, Kahan and his colleagues found that making their study participants aware of geoengineering’s potential to address climate change, while making them aware also of restrictions of carbon dioxide emissions, helped to overcome the cultural polarizations that dog the climate change issue. The researchers found too that their study subjects exposed to geoengineering ideas — in particular those who more highly value individualism were slightly more concerned about the risks of climate change than those who were not exposed.

All people are prone to the cultural cognition thesis, especially those at the more extreme ends of the spectrum. But not all realize that the thesis goes both ways. For instance, the conservative writer Jonah Goldberg — who often downplays the risks from climate change (he recently wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “OK, things have gotten a wee bit warmer outside”) while advocating a geoengineering approach — accused “global warming alarmists” of advancing solutions that appeal to their core cultural values. In an interview last year with RightWing, Goldberg said, “One of the reasons why conservatives are right to be suspicious of global warming is that it confirms the exact same suite of policy approaches that these people were arguing for when they were worried about a population bomb. You know, managed scarcity, throw a wet blanket on capitalism, manage the economy.” But Goldberg did not acknowledge that his own beliefs and ideology might influence his attitude and approach to the climate problem no less than those he was criticizing.

Not Without Risks

The reality is that geoengineering itself carries risks, raises difficult ethical considerations, and poses the possibility of unintended consequences, so it is not the slam-dunk first choice solution to problems posed by a warming planet.

Ironically, some of those who say climate is too complex to be forecast, or who criticize models used in climate science as being incomplete or inaccurate, seem to have no trouble advocating geoengineering quick fixes which themselves carry climate and environmental complexities, or which would require extensive modeling to understand implementation and implications.

All geoengineering schemes have unwanted side effects, and some can be significant. Solar radiation management by aerosol injection into the upper atmosphere, for instance, mimics large volcanic explosions, like the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption that caused about one degree Celsius of global surface cooling for a year or two (returning to normal over the succeeding three years).

But that eruption also caused a 10 percent drop in worldwide precipitation, because it reduced evapotranspiration rates over land, and that situation didn’t return to normal for about three years.

There are concerns too that solar radiation management would reduce the essential Asian monsoon or cause drought in Africa. A recent modeling experiment by Simone Tilmes, of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and colleagues found regional rainfall reductions of up to 7 percent when geoengineering reduced incoming solar energy so that climate forcings were at a pre-industrial level even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels quadrupled.

There is another large cost to geoengineering by solar radiation management: once undertaken to reduce temperatures, it must be kept up essentially forever or warming will resume in a very rapid and dangerous fashion (see figure on original post). Andrew Ross and H. Damon Matthews, in a study published in Environmental Research Letters, found that temperature would rise by up to 0.76°C in the first year after termination of a 40-year (2020 to 2059) SRM project, with up to another degree in the next two decades.

Climate engineering and the risk of rapid climate change. Andrew Ross and H Damon Matthews. 2009 Environ. Res. Lett. 4 045103. Permission: IOP Publishing Ltd, under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA license.

Such abrupt climate change can shock ecosystems, especially affecting marine biodiversity by giving advantage to mobile or opportunistic species. It would be even more abrupt and dangerous if atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were to rise ever higher. Such threats would hang heavy over future generations, obligated to pay billions of dollars every year to continue to manage solar radiation for an increasingly out-of-kilter planet they did not create, having to carry the burdens of rapid and abrupt climate change were war, revolution, or economic distress to force a halt to the risk management effort.

And these are hardly the only reasons that geoengineering, though tempting, may not be the best solution to climate change, as scientist Alan Robock of Rutgers University wrote in his “20 reasons why geoengineering may be a bad idea.”

‘Laudably Honest’

Of course, not everyone sees a problem with favoring a certain solution because it aligns with their cultural values. “I think it’s laudably honest,” says Eli Lehrer, president and co-founder of the R Street Institute, a Washington-based thinktank that, in its words, “supports free markets; limited, effective government; and responsible environmental stewardship.”

“Many want to use climate change to talk about a pre-existing agenda,” says Lehrer, who accepts the scientific evidence of manmade climate change and favors a carbon tax. “They may well be right. I’d like to do it too.”

Lehrer sees geoengineering as a common sense approach deserving of research, but to be undertaken only if the problem proves severe enough. “It’s probably the best solution to an extreme situation,” he says, adding that a goal of zero carbon emissions is not achievable or “worthwhile.” He disagrees with actually doing geoengineering any time soon, calling the potential adverse impacts “extreme and potentially dangerous.”

Humans vs. Nature

Since Crutzen’s 2006 paper, geoengineering is no longer a taboo subject, feared even for polite discussion, because it can offer an alternative way out of a nagging carbon problem — bariatric surgery instead of strict dieting.

Many scientists now are seriously exploring solar radiation management and ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, philosophers are weighing the moral and ethical dimensions of geoengineering, and even a few environmental groups have opened their minds to concepts once considered anathema. The newly released IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment Report mentioned geoengineering for the first time ever.

Geoengineering solutions retain the idea of human’s technical mastery over nature. Instead of human societies changing to accommodate the natural world they rely on, climate engineering — consciously or not — is the view that nature can be fundamentally bent and manipulated to accommodate humanity. Wresting with nature is, in a very real way, the story of human development, and taming the wild world has brought some (but by no means all) wealth, relative comfort and ease, and freedom from basic wants. At the same time, that insistence on control now poses risks to the planet as the most fundamental stage on which that existence plays out.

“There is something increasingly desperate about placing more faith in technological cleverness when it is the unrelenting desire to command the natural world that has brought us to their point,” Hamilton writes in the last chapter of his book. “Unless we understand why a certain kind of rationality seems to have failed, appeals to more reason are quixotic. After all, the separation of natural and human history and the dominance of a certain form of calculative rationality were each products of the same Enlightenment process.” — end

We can only speculate that The Heartland Institute of Chicago’s duplicitous actions are the direct result of funding by the fossil fuel industry, (big oil, coal, et al). They no longer disclose their funders to the public: “Regrettably, listing our donors in this way allowed people who disagree with our views to accuse us of being “paid” by specific donors to take positions in public policy debates, something we never do. After much deliberation and with some regret, we now keep confidential the identities of all our donors. This is standard practice by nonprofit advocacy organizations regardless of their philosophies.”

However, according to other sources, there is a definite monetary connection to big oil, coal, tobacco, and the pharmaceutical industry, (among others):

“The Heartland Institute does not disclose its funding sources. According to its brochures, Heartland receives money from approximately 1,600 individuals and organizations, and no single corporate entity donates more than 5% of the operating budget, although the figure for individual donors can be much higher, with a single anonymous donor providing $4.6 million in 2008, and $979,000 in 2011, accounting for 20% of Heartland’s overall budget, according to reports of a leaked fundraising plan. Heartland states that it does not accept government funds and does not conduct contract research for special-interest groups.

MediaTransparency reported that Heartland received funding from politically conservative foundations such as the Castle Rock Foundation, the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation, and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.] In 2011, the Institute received $25,000 from the Charles G. Koch Foundation. The Charles Koch Foundation states that the contribution was “$25,000 to the Heartland Institute in 2011 for research in healthcare, not climate change, and this was the first and only donation the Foundation made to the institute in more than a decade”.

Oil and gas companies have contributed to the Heartland Institute, including over $600,000 from ExxonMobil between 1998 and 2005. Greenpeace reported that Heartland received almost $800,000 from ExxonMobil. In 2008, ExxonMobil said that they would stop funding to groups skeptical of climate warming, including Heartland. Joseph Bast, president of the Heartland Institute, argued that ExxonMobil was simply distancing itself from Heartland out of concern for its public image.

The Heartland Institute has also received funding and support from tobacco companies Philip Morris, Altria and Reynolds American, and pharmaceutical industry firms GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Eli Lilly. State Farm Insurance, USAA and Diageo are former supporters. The Independent reported that Heartland’s receipt of donations from Exxon and Philip Morris indicates a “direct link between anti-global warming skeptics funded by the oil industry and the opponents of the scientific evidence showing that passive smoking can damage people’s health”.

As of 2006, the Walton Family Foundation (run by the family of the founder of Wal-Mart) had contributed approximately $300,000 to Heartland. The Heartland Institute published an op-ed in the Louisville Courier-Journal defending Wal-Mart against criticism over its treatment of workers. The Walton Family Foundation donations were not disclosed in the op-ed, and the editor of the Courier-Journal stated that he was unaware of the connection and would probably not have published the op-ed had he known of it. The St. Petersburg Times described the Heartland Institute as “particularly energetic defending Wal-Mart.” Heartland has stated that its authors were not “paid to defend Wal-Mart” and did not receive funding from the corporation; it did not disclose the $300,000+ received from the Walton Family Foundation.

In 2012, following the February 2012 document leak and a controversial advertising campaign, the institute lost substantial funding as corporate donors sought to dissociate themselves from the institute. According to the advocacy group Forecast the Facts, Heartland lost more than $825,000, or one third of planned corporate fundraising for the year. The shortfall led to the Illinois COAL lobby sponsoring the institute’s May 2012 climate conference – the “first publicly acknowledged donations from the coal industry.” —

There is prevalent double-dipping in the crude world. For example: “BP – Deceiving The Public About Geoengineering”:

ICCC3 June 2009 VIDEO: “The conference’s key message, global warming is not a crisis was delivered directly to the nation’s capitol and elected officials”.

ICCC4 July 2013 VIDEO: “Reconsidering the science and economics”.

If The Heartland Institute and BIG OIL have their way, the planet will be rendered an uninhabitable wasteland, and all life, including the human species, will be EXTINCT. Shouldn’t we take better care of our home? HOME, the documentary:

More about The Heartland Institute:

One South Wacker Drive #2740, Chicago, IL 60606

PHONE (312) 377-4000, EMAIL

PROPAGANDA formal definition:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, spin, publicity; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

Rebel Siren’s articles previously published on DD (Disinformation Directory) are being transferred to its own blog in an effort to keep information sources diverse and accessible to the public; however, for additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

This video offers extensive information to research and connections that mainstream media neglected to tell us about.

The video below is Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Question everything, always do your own research, never believe the mainstream “spin”, they say what they are told to say by their corporate owners. Keep looking outside the mainstream, such as these two informative videos, to find real perspectives, questions, and answers, you will not find on Fox “News” or other status quo mainstream media outlets.


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