Scientists Under Attack – Unbiased Scientific Reports Squashed By Monsanto

This is a trailer for the must see documentary that details the the courtroom bullying tactics used by Monsanto, and the truth about big biotech’s “conventionally grown” crops, and the health hazards of their genetically modified organisms created in a lab to withstand enormous amounts of their toxic RoundUp, a warfare chemical spin off.

Beware, the shills routinely attack GMO awareness videos, who get paid to scour and dominate video threads with disinformation. It’s best to ignore them, or counteract their nonsense by posting truthful information in the main comment box and not “reply to”, otherwise, they’ll be alerted to come back to the thread.  This is an example of how these giant biotech bullies resort to hiring “public relations” companies that employ low level disinformation shills (aka trolls) to scour the internet and spread lies for them. For more information exposing this deceitful ploy: Disinformation Strategies Exposed – Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

Common sense tells us that poison is harmful. Guess what, chemical companies that manufacture poison and warfare toxins are in control of our food supply! They have bought Congress and the FDA, and have tainted our food supply with their genetically modified crops saturated with toxins, and fight honesty in labeling with millions of dollars, yet they expect us to believe that GRAS (generally recognized as safe) means that it’s harmless? Come on, we know better, don’t we?

Please support labeling laws in your State!  The U.S. is one of the last countries to mandate basic labeling laws because of their heavy corporate influence in Congress and the FDA!  It’s time that “we the people” do something about it!  Meanwhile, exercise your spending power as a consumer and refuse to buy processed foods or produce that might be GMO or have GMO ingredients. Choose organically grown produce free from harmful chemicals or genetic manipulation, and look for the Non-GMO emblem in the meantime.


2 thoughts on “Scientists Under Attack – Unbiased Scientific Reports Squashed By Monsanto

  1. Excerpt: “Pigs fed a GMO diet exhibited heavier uteri and a higher rate of severe stomach inflammation than pigs fed a comparable non-GMO diet. Given the widespread use of GMO feed for livestock as well as humans this is a cause for concern. The results indicate that it would be prudent for GM crops that are destined for human food and animal feed, including stacked GM crops, to undergo long-term animal feeding studies preferably before commercial planting, particularly for toxicological and reproductive effects. Humans have a similar gastrointestinal tract to pigs, and these GM crops are widely consumed by people, particularly in the USA, so it would be prudent to determine if the findings of this study are applicable to humans”


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