Hawaii – Pristine Paradise or Monsanto’s Playground?

Everyone in the world needs to know what is happening in Hawaii because “big biotech” has been covertly polluting and destroying this pristine paradise and poisoning its people for decades.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions because it not only adversely affects Hawaii, but affects our entire world; devastates our global ecosystem, taints our food chain, and sickens people worldwide. Many foods are exported from Hawaii to every corner of the globe.

Hawaii is being systematically exploited and polluted for corporate profit with no regard to health, future sustainability, or the negative impact it’s having on our planet as a whole.

Please watch and share this information widely to increase awareness of this serious issue and help end the desecration of Hawaii. Thank you!

Links to nonprofit organizations dedicated to GMO awareness and human rights in Hawaii: Babes Against Biotech | Facebook  or their website Babes Against Biotech and GMO-Free Kaua’i | Hawai‘i SEED

News updates:

March 14, 2014: Trouble in Paradise: Hawaiians Push Back Against Big Ag

January 28, 2014: Hawaii’s GMO War Headed to Honolulu and Federal Court


PANNA – Pesticide Action Network North America


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