Disinformation Strategies Exposed – Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

Disinformation Strategies Exposed – Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

Troll Photo

The hired tactical attack team of “disinformation bloggers”, employed by the corporate public relations spin machine, are up to no good, as usual. They stop at nothing, using age old political strategies such as mudslinging, Straw Man techniques, character assassination, semantics, etc., in an effort to discredit the truth and make advocates of a better world appear weak and baseless.  These shills (aka “trolls”) dominate video threads and articles with their antagonistic comments designed to create doubt and hostility, perpetuating corporate deceit to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry.

I wasn’t aware of how rampant “disinformation bloggers” were until recently, after battling some very vile “trolls” on YouTube awareness videos.  I started noticing that they were all using the SAME comments, same tactics over and over, and I dug around and found the same usernames on similar awareness videos about GMOs, Weather Modification, vaccine risks, Geoengineering, etc.; each regurgitating exactly the same prefabricated “cut ‘n paste” comments, tailored to the issue they’re attacking, but utilizing the same strategy nonetheless.

Some have been at it longer and perfected ad-libs making it a little more difficult to recognize them, and some claim to be “highly educated” with extensive knowledge in “science”, (if you look carefully, you’ll notice they employ the SAME tactics), while the newbies are much more obvious. I have seen these same tactical attacks not only on YouTube, but on facebook pages, blogs, and every other website or news source that uncovers the truth about GMOs, Geoengineering, vaccine risks, etc.  If you pay close attention, you’ll become all too familiar with their repetitive tactics and be able to instantly recognize these hired corporate shills that work so hard to detract from the truth, push their corporate employer’s agenda, and stymie any and all constructive comments that are geared towards raising awareness and finding solutions to create a healthier world.

Something that I learned the hard way is that in order to effectively suppress their negative comments, and hopefully get them off the thread altogether, is to never, under any circumstances, reply to them directly, especially on YouTube.  Always use the main comment box, not “reply to”.  It is also important to ignore their name calling and insults, (even though it’s tough), because no matter how great your comeback is, how truthful, insightful, and based on indisputable, verifiable fact, they will twist it around to use against you and keep on spewing their antagonistic negativity, calling you names like “moron” and “idiot”.  It will become a never ending battle because they are PAID to be relentless!  It’s their “job” to deflect focus from the real issue, which is the corporately controlled, profit driven, toxic, genetically engineered system for which they are hired shills.  Deleting their posts and/or blocking them is the best option, because they are not real folks engaging in healthy discourse, they are an organized corporate tactical attack team. Once you learn their tactics, you’ll easily recognize the difference.

Another topic that the GMO shills have begun to bring up is “climate change and climate science“. At first I thought it was a strategy to change the topic from the dangers of GMOs, (since changing topics is one of their many tactics), then I realized, it’s because of Monsanto’s role in Geoengineering.  If we take a retrospective, and do some research, History.com (agent orange and the Vietnam war), we will find that chemical giants, Monsanto & Dow created Agent Orange the infamous neurotoxic defoliant that was sprayed “chemtrail” style in the Vietnam war, the devastating effects of which continues to poison Vietnam, and plague veterans to this day.  Isn’t it highly suspicious that Bill Gates and Monsanto are openly involved in climate science under the guise of “protecting” the earth? For instance, check out this Science Magazine article from January 26, 2010; of course, there is no admission of funding climate engineering field experiments, but since when does mainstream media report anything other than what they are PAID to say?  http://news.sciencemag.org/2010/01/bill-gates-funding-geoengineering-research

It is undeniable that Monsanto’s unsustainable, biohazardous agricultural practices have contributed largely to polluting the atmosphere of this once pristine planet, manipulating and destroying nature, despite what their public relations spin doctors claim.  Yet now, under the guise of “helping” the climate, (which was purposely constructed to be a controversial and volatile political debate designed to be advantageous to these profiteers of Geoengineering and genetic engineering), they will be able to make, sell, and dump more chemicals into our atmosphere, and increase their “bottom line” while jeopardizing our health and environment.

Not to mention the underground seed vault.  This article is from 2007, but was not reported in mainstream news, and I only recently discovered this:  “Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic.  Click this link for Photos.  Haven’t the profiteers of resource exploitation done enough to poison us and our planet?  We must ask ourselves, if “chemtrails” aren’t real, then why is there an underground vault, and why has the biotech industry spent the past few years developing this?… US Patent # 7,582,809. Sorghum Aluminum Tolerance Gene

Have you noticed that “chemtrails” has become a trigger word to conjure up images of “crazy conspiracy theories”?  If anyone does a search online for more information about chemtrails, everything that comes up at first is about “debunking chemtrails” or “conspiracy theories”, and is NOT even remotely valid research data! These so called “debunkers”  have no merit whatsoever, which becomes obvious when you take a close look and do further research.  Both of the debunked “debunking” sites that the  shills attempt to direct people to, “contrailsxience” and “metabuxk”, are disinformation sites both ran by the same guy, a gaming programmer with no expertise or education in science, meteorology, or anything else relevant to Geoengineering.  That’s why verifiable information is critical. Hardcore deniers that demand “scientific evidence” as to the validity of large scale Geoengineering, need only watch this Discovery Channel Documentary:

Additionally, there is a comprehensive presentation by doctoral researcher in the UK, David Lim, that uncovers the truth behind those disinformation tactics by providing irrefutable facts and scientific data about the reality of Geoengineering, (the intense spraying of heavy metals into our skies for the purpose of weather & climate control):

Never stop questioning everything you hear or read!  Always do YOUR OWN research and look beyond the surface to see through the “spin”, just like how GMOs fail to yield more or contribute to humanity, because they’re designed for profit, not “feed the world”.  Reality directly conflicts with Monsanto’s egregious public relations claims, therefore, it is important to not listen to their PR nonsense, but instead, pay attention to their actions, and trust your instincts.  Listen to your heart and be aware of their Public Relations Spin such as what they used when Monsanto bought Beeologics in September 2011, under the guise of “helping save the pollinators”.  Hm? Would these be the same pollinators that they are destroying with their toxic farming methods?

We have a duty to protect our health and our planet from corporate “biotech”, geoengineers, and the destructive bullies they have recruited to do their internet “dirty work”, otherwise, by the time they’re done, the planet will be nothing more than an uninhabitable toxic wasteland.

Please help spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and everyone you meet, to enlighten people to the corporate disinformation tactics running rampant in our mainstream media & internet. Counter the disinformation by increasing awareness about GMOs, Geoengineering, and all issues that are adversely affecting our health and planet.  We must not let ourselves get caught up in the political hype that is intentionally constructed to keep us separated and distracted.  Isn’t it time we work together to put a stop to the “profit over people” mentality that is destroying our world?

The only thing that can stop the profiteers of poison is PUBLIC OUTCRY and that is exactly why disinformation is so rampant in the mainstream!  Please click the links below for more information, and share widely because we are all on this planet together…

~Rebel Siren

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Outline of the most used troll strategies, become familiar with these methods in order to effectively expose them on public threads:

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Photo Credit (top of page):  Internet Trolls, Cyberbullies, and Provocateurs – ipredator.com

“Why In The World Are They Spraying”:


16 thoughts on “Disinformation Strategies Exposed – Please Don’t Feed The Trolls

  1. These trolls belong to organized groups that call themselves “skeptics” (with a “k” not a “c”). They are in fact pseudoskeptics because a real sceptic is someone who makes no judgments until they feel they’ve accumulated enough information on a subject. A real sceptic would not indulge in social media bullying, name-calling, and harassment of those s/he disagrees with. The reason their propaganda shows up on the first page of a Google search is because many of their members are unemployed computer geeks who have managed to link their blogs (if you click on one, it automatically registers a “hit” for all the others). These skeptics have also created an organized group that calls itself “Guerrilla Skepticism” whose mission is to infiltrate Wikipedia with their propagandized views of the subjects you have mentioned but also alternative medicine disciplines.
    These people are highly narcissistic (they can dish it out but cry foul when the tables are turned on them) and sociopathic (their words are intended to be hurtful and they have no conscience).

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  2. Below are links to other Rebel Siren – Exposing Corruption and Crimes Against Humanity articles about disinformation rampant in our social media and mainstream media. Please note, for the REAL one and only facebook page, scroll down to the facebook widget. Any other page is an imposter, Rebel Siren only has ONE facebook page. Thank you.




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  3. Pro-GMO cyberstalking troll, Michael J. LaMastra, made antagonistic, combative comments (which I disallowed), and threatened to make a FALSE report to the FBI and lie about “hacking”. There is NOhacking” involved whatsoever, his IP and information is sent in an email the minute a comment is made, as per the screenshot, which my disclaimer plainly states may be made public in the event of harassment. If a false FBI report is made, a remote scan by the FBI all computers involved will reveal that NO HACKING has taken place, and the troll making the false report will be brought up on additional charges, in addition to cyberstalking.

    I am within my legal right to take the extra step to pinpoint his identity so that I can report him to the FBI for cyberstalking and harassment. This troll has no grounds for litigation whatsoever, and if he tried, he’d get counter-sued for harassment & cyberstalking, if so, I’ll make sure the troll is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Cyberstalking laws are getting stronger all the time because of trolls like this. My disclaimer is also my legal right to dissuade the rampant harassment that people who care about the world, often experience, which he is a prime example of.

    Idolbin and facebook are PUBLIC, therefore, LEGAL to post. If he didn’t want his information posted, that’s a matter of public record to anyone with internet access, then he should have stayed off my blog and stop targeting, harassing, BULLYING, those that speak to issues that are beyond his limited “opinion”.

    I contacted the FBI and his ISP and reported his harassment, so if he tries to take this further, he should be warned, this will backfire on him something fierce.



  4. I called the FBI and made a report about this harassment by Michael J. LaMastra. The FBI agent I spoke with, going only by “ID# 9105”, read and assessed the comments and agreed that I am the one being harassed, saying that the cyberstalking troll has too much time on his hands and seeks out those with whom he disagrees with to bait them into a confrontation to “get a rise out of them”.

    He advised me NOT to delete any of the comments, but also helped me to clearly see that the cyberstalking troll should not be given any further attention, and although legally I do not have to delete the comments and was advised not to, I may delete them as though they never existed, and instead, save them in a folder for the FBI, in order to avoid giving the threatening, cyberstalking troll any further attention, that he so desperately craves.

    However, the comments did serve as the perfect example of the cyberstalking, harassing trolls that due to their cognitive dissonance, apathy to humanity, and/or paid to scour social media to shill for profit over people corporations that put their bottom line above our health and sustainability of our planet, target those of us brave enough to speak out to try to raise awareness and create a better world for everyone.

    Thank you for taking my report, FBI ID# 9105. I appreciate your time and advice. The troll simply isn’t worth any further time and energy. If the troll does attempt to carry out his threats, I am prepared to take this to the fullest extent of the law and the media, to show what those of us that dare to speak the truth, go through.


Warning: Trolls, Shills, and Cyberbullies' comments will be disallowed and may be exploited for educational purposes, including publishing your IP location. By proceeding with troll comments, you have given your full consent to your information being published and used as an example to alert the honest public about your rampant deceitful disinformation tactics, targeting and attacking awareness posts on social media forums.

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