Reevaluating Stewardship Of Planet Earth

Novim (site photo)
Novim Climate Engineering “Comtrails”

Let’s take a moment to reevaluate our stewardship of planet earth and objectively contemplate climate engineering schemes. Let’s start by asking ourselves the most basic question, is global aerosol spraying to reflect sunlight a good idea?

According to the following report  published by NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it will heat the planet more than cool it, so, unless future sustainability of the planet is not important, we may need to rethink this so called “solution”. Direct link to the report: 

If future sustainability and habitability of earth is taken into consideration, then shouldn’t all field experiments end immediately before our planet has reached the critical tipping point which we are vastly approaching?

If there is still any doubt that climate engineering field experiments have been happening covertly with awareness purposely suppressed in the mainstream, click the link below to see one of several scientific companies contracted to perform climate engineering research. Novim was contracted to perform a decade long SWCE (short wave climate engineering) research program including ongoing “field experiments” of aerial spraying. This one-of-many contracted research companies, began in 2009 with an outline that took one week in order to begin executing a decade long agenda. Compare how Novim’s site photo looks like what we often observe in our skies that “deniers” (shills/trolls) claim are “normal contrails”:   Novim Climate Engineering



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