NASA Von Karman Lecture “Geo Engineering and Climate Intervention – What We Need To Know”

This is the NASA Von Karman Lecture with Riley Duren, Principal Engineer and Chief Systems Engineer for the Earth Science Directorate at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, entitled, “Geoengineering and Climate Intervention – What We Need To Know”. This is an irrefutable source of credible scientific information related to geoengineering and climate change. Why waste time on those “debunking” pseudo-science sites prevalent in our mainstream, when we can bypass all of that and get real information?

Duren states within the video that anyone, (any entity), can perform field experiments if they have the motivation and the resources. Doesn’t that spark curiosity about the possibility that global aerial spraying could already be occurring, either as field experimentation or outright underground programs funded by dirty energy to get the climate under control in order to thwart clean energy and keep on polluting? Well, if we take the time to watch, listen, and research this information presented by NASA, the “possibility” becomes crystal clear and suddenly the “denial” is exposed as either pure ignorance or a ploy to deter public outcry, or BOTH. We are smarter than than, aren’t we?


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