The key to awareness is to lift the lid on the mainstream “box” and expand consciousness rising above the many petty distractions that inundate our lives.

The powers-that-be suppress awareness as a tool of oppression, to strip us of our freedom, liberty, dignity; to monetize, control, and manipulate us; keeping us disconnected from nature, each other, and ourselves, all the while exploiting us and our planet at the expense of our collective health and future sustainability.

What can we do? We CAN free our minds, find clarity and take responsibility for ourselves and our planet, and stand strong to defend & protect humanity and nature that sustains us.

If people dare to look beyond mortal exteriors of messengers to hear what they’re saying, rather than judging others according to “society’s standards”, truth can be heard.

Self, separatism, fear, are components of ego… We must all seek to rise above the limitations and suppression of this mortal realm, rising beyond ego and the fear “ego” begets, and instead, move towards truth, light, love; HUMANITY… where we are one.


3 thoughts on “Kymatica

  1. Love, unity, togetherness”… We ALL have the ability to rise to our true souls and we CAN if we let go the old ideas and indoctrination inundating us since birth, if we stop allowing language to impede communication, if we let go the duality that shrouds us and the binds of our ego to accept this life is temporary and dare to realize it’s not what we owned or “accomplished” in this short life that matters… but who we are, the love in our hearts…


  2. This Kymatica video has been recently replaced here due to the other youtube version being skewed from its original format to sound distorted and creepy (that was WEIRD)!

    Kymatica is a thought provoking documentary by Ben Stewart regarding humanity and higher consciousness, worth watching for anyone that instinctively knows there’s more to life than what meets the eye.


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