BP – Deceiving The Public About Geo Engineering

The fact that Big Oil has been funding the climate denial machine since day one is a fact that can no longer be ignored. The “debate” itself is an intentional ploy to cloud reality, skew our perception and keep us distracted in a heated and futile argument while our health and planet is being destroyed right in front of us.

BP Oil has been performing their own geoengineering (CDR – carbon dioxide removal) for years, and that alone is a strong indicator that the disinformation we are being fed in the mainstream that anthropogenic global warming is a “hoax”, is indeed just another way for the corporate cabal that puts profit above our health and planetary sustainability, to continue polluting our atmosphere at the expense of LIFE and the future.

What if we refuse to fall for such blatant disinformation tactics, ditch the “debate” altogether, unite and stick to creating a better world by working together to end all corporate activity that’s slowly poisoning us and destroying our planet? Would that not be better than falling for Big Oil’s divisive disinformation strategy?

Consider that Big Oil’s funding of the denial think tank calling climate change a “hoax” and/or “natural phenomenon” is not only a way to confuse us and shift responsibility to keep on polluting for profit, but it’s also the equivalent of “Monsanto saves the world”, and “vaccines save lives”, don’t we know better than that by now?

The “hoax” is the divisive debate itself, with the political manipulations of exploiting the truth of the issue for bogus carbon taxes, adding insult to injury.

It is a fact that the fossil fuel industry has been funding climate skepticism and obfuscating the truth in order to continue exploiting finite resources and polluting for profit putting their bottom line above our health while jeopardizing the future sustainability of this planet, funding “denial” to distract and divide as our planet burns before our very eyes.

As we sift through the haze of disinformation, it is clear that the “hoax” is ‘the debate itself’, and the politics & carbon tax nonsense associated with it, which is just another way for disaster capitalists to profit from man made destruction of our planet while evading any and all responsibility.

If we do not accept responsibility for what we (the human species) have done to this planet, but instead, continue to ‘argue’ while it goes down in flames, who wins?

Isn’t it time we put an end to the argument, put aside our differences of “opinion” and unite for the collective good before it’s too late? ‪

Rebel Siren

BP - Deceiving The Public About Geoengineering “Gulf Oil Spill” – Ocean Portal Team, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (click photo)

We decided to change our name to “Beyond Petroleum” because it isn’t just land and sea that we destroy with our unsustainable oil drilling, exploitation, and depletion of finite natural resources, we also do our best to destroy the sky, climate, and ozone layer, damage people’s health, and wipe out wildlife. That OUGHT to be BP’s so called “green” slogan… “Green” as in ill, not earth friendly.

BP-Green-Image $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

How much disinformation are we routinely being fed in the mainstream? PR (public relations) and marketing companies downplay disinformation by referring to it as a “spin”, or an “image”, but in reality, it’s a lie. In other words, an intentional tactic of deceit designed to be a gross propagandized manipulation to influence public opinion for the sole purpose of furthering the agenda and profit margin of corporate…

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