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What Does A TRUE Leader Look Like?

What Does A TRUE Leader Look Like?

“The answer is, if you are utilizing your unique strengths and abilities to raise awareness in your community, family, whether by social media connections or in person, and if you are living by example the best you can within your means, not competing with anyone except yourself to continually learn and improve, if you are unafraid to speak out and take action for a better world and do what’s right, even in the face of adversity, then look no further than the mirror to see what a true leader looks like. We are ALL leaders and if we can put our differences and egos aside to unite, then standing side by side TOGETHER we CAN change the world!” ~Rebel Siren

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True Leader
Being TRUE to humanity is to be TRUE to oneself…

Do we “need” a leader, or should we BE a leader?

Many of those aware about issues that are adversely affecting our world, still think they need some “leader” to make a difference, when in fact, putting our faith in one person to get something done (for example, depending on the president for “hope and change”), is essentially giving away our individual power that collectively is the only thing that truly can and will make a difference. We are indoctrinated by the system from birth and every aspect of this existence, and must break free from it to think for ourselves. Disinformation is strong in the mainstream to prevent public outcry, meaning that only our voices together in unison can truly effect change.

We must each accept personal responsibility, changing our lifestyles to live by example (avoiding purchasing corporate products, make conscious choices about what we eat, buy, use, choosing natural health over harmful medications, eliminate our dependency on big oil, etc.), and not continue to place our lives and the care thereof, in the hands of corporations & medical-pharmaceutical industries and its lobbyists that DO NOT have our best interest in mind, yet “lead us” by dictating our lifestyles, putting their profits at the expense of our health and environment, to our peril.

The same goes for electing “leaders” (from politicians to activists) that serve themselves above all else, discounting other people’s feelings and input, who are unwilling to put aside differences and stand together for the greater good, only perpetuating division. Think about what equality means and how nothing in this world is anything close to it with all the world’s divisions, labels, racism, sexism, patriotism (implying people in other countries are inferior), capitalism (promoting greed, stinginess, wealth/resource disparity), discrimination on every level imaginable, “you can’t play in my sandbox, you’re the wrong (fill in the blank)”, etc., ALL that the global controlling powers benefit from, NOT HUMANITY.

We can only truly unify when people realize this and stand together, not “behind” someone else. THAT makes each of us leaders if we dare to stand strong on our own, and together for change, not giving ALL of your power away to “one single person”, instead, being a leader and standing side by side unified on common ground as the strongest team imaginable! United we stand…


It was an honor and a privilege to have been included as one of the six panel speakers on TLB-TV and Conscious Consumer Network, Wednesday September 30, 2015 hosted by Roger Landry of the American Freedom & Unity Project (and The Liberty Beacon), as well as being the first person appointed to the board of directors at its inception, (heartfelt gratitude to Roger for that and for ALL he does)


“The second biggest factor in our failure to unify our voices is our leadership, or those who head or lead the hundreds of thousands of groups, pages, websites or organizations. This the Alpha Dog Syndrome, or those who resist unity because it will dilute their power or influence. This is not a guess, it is a FACT! “You cant play in my sandbox, go play in your own”. Look to see how many of the like minded forums or organization that exist today are locked arm in arm in coalitions meant to facilitate strength, the answer VERY FEW… WHY?” – Roger Landry

Our goal is to share, educate, inform, UNIFY – Meet the panelists:

American Freedom and Unity Project Panelists Sept 30 2015

The SIX panelists of September 30, 2015 in the order of our segments –

(hover & click name for the speaker’s website):


Russ Tanner  Russ TannerGeoengineering (Sky Pollution-Climate Control, Weather Mod)

Rebel Siren  Rebel Siren GMOs – Bio/Agriculture/Warfare Environmental Toxins

Screenshot (783)  Susan PricePerpetual War

M. Steven Gronka  Steve GronkaPolitical Tyranny (Liberty, Freedom, Constitution etc…)

Randy Maugans  Randy MaugansEconomic Collapse (The Fed, Banksters, etc.)

Roger Landry  Roger LandryVaccines, Big Pharma, Fluoride

VIDEO (below):

Each and every speaker offered something amazing and helped tie together all the issues adversely affecting our health and planet. Please take the time to listen, even if you have to pause it and keep coming back. Research all the information given and visit all the speakers’ websites and show support for one and all, we are in this world TOGETHER, and remember, “united we stand, divided we fall”… this applies to ALL the world’s people, not just one country. One planet, one people, one biosphere, what affects one region, affect us ALL.




Chemical Watch Stats
CLICK PHOTO FOR CHEMICAL WATCH FACTSHEET ON 2,4 D (main ingredient in Agent Orange) STILL being used TODAY in gardens and crops all over the United States!


Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most Awful Products Made By Monsanto (click orange link above for article)

1.  Saccharin (carcinogenic artificial sweetener)

2.  PCBs

3.  Polystyrene

4.  Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

5.  DDT (along with partner in crime Dow Chemical)

6.  Dioxin

7.  Agent Orange

8.  Petroleum Based FERTILIZER

9.  Round Up (glyphosate)

10. Aspartame (Nutri-Sweet, Equal) Click HERE for the story of how Aspartame became legal after being disapproved by the FDA TWICE.

11. Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) click HERE

12. GMOs! (and #13 “baker’s dozen” Terminator Seeds), High Fructose Corn Syrup, click HERE for Monsanto’s revolving door in the Government.

Pesticide Action Network North America (click photo for website)
PANNA – Pesticide Action Network North America (click photo for website)

I also mentioned “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson in my segment. The following video and link are about her book that changed the world, before our time. Carson’s book helped get DDT banned. We have equally dangerous toxins being sprayed today, including 2,4 D (Dow’s creation), glyphosate (“Round Up”), another Monsanto monstrosity in nearly every home in America and used on our crops along with 24,D (active ingredient in Agent Orange), that if we do not follow Rachel Carson’s example and stand together to end this madness, the suffering and ill health of our country will continue to escalate unabated! We are getting it from all angles, air, water, food, come on, let’s learn from history and SPEAK UP.

Screenshot (742)

Watch the 10 minute video below for a glimpse into history, the truth and the propaganda that attempted to conceal it…


Click link for original article dated January 29, 2013 -> Hawaii, Pristine Paradise or Monsanto’s Playground – Rebel SIren


Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research since 2007 – Science Insider Magazine

Edmond de Rothschild – Life Sciences Venture Capital

Bill Gates – Monsanto, Vaccines, Geoengineering Critical Tie Points by The Liberty Beacon

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire On Trial In India by Health Impact News

GMO Labeling Laws Ditched – The Passing Of THE DARK ACT by National Health Federation

2,4D Previously Used As A Defoliant In Vietnam Being Used On Our Corn Crops? Rebel Siren 2012

Federal Register Dow Agroscience LLC Availability of Petition Plant Pest Risk Assessment & Environmental Assessment

Voo Doo Vaccines – The LIE of “safe” Vaccines has continued for far too long by Scott Tips – National Health Federation

High Bypass Turbo Fans Do NOT Produce Contrails by Russ Tanner – Global Skywatch

Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War by Amy Worthington 2004

Aluminum and its Profound Health Effects – Global Skywatch

Alzheimer’s Association Forgets – History Doomed To Repeat Itself by Rebel Siren

Smart Grid Exposed – an interview with Take Back Your Power filmmaker Josh del Sol by Rebel Siren

In 1967 The CIA Created The Label “Conspiracy Theorist” To Attack Anyone Who Challenges The Official Narrative – Zero Hedge

Project Popeye Weather Modification In Vietnam – Denial Before Admission by Top Secret Writers

Monsanto, GMOs, Big Pharma and The Government – They’re Killing Us by The Liberty Beacon

America deceived by operation and the political whitewash that followed – “High Strangeness” In Afghan Ambush by Douglas J. Hagmann (excerpt below):

“Furthermore, investigation by this author and Susan Price, mother of the fallen Aaron Kenefick, notes that intelligence reports from August paint an entirely different picture about the sentiments of villagers at Dam Dara and surrounding areas. “The intelligence reports submitted by my son, copies that I have obtained from his personal effects, are not consistent with the intelligence reports responsible for undertaking this mission.” No one has asked any questions about these discrepancies. The question again remains: why not?” (click colored/underlined links & hyperlinks for more info)

Left To Die
Susan Price’s son, Aaron Kenefick (middle – red border)

“As President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer on Thursday 15 SEP 2011 in the White House, a special ceremony was held at Acacia Park Cemetery in Pendleton, NY to remember one of the Marines whose bodies were recovered by the corporal. Meyer charged into gunfire repeatedly to try to save fellow Marines, including Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick, a onetime Williamsville resident who was killed in the September 2009 ambush in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan’s Kunar province. “Dakota Meyer doesn’t really feel he should be honored. He wants to honor the men who died because they made the sacrifice that day,” said Kathy Weppner, who is organizing the local ceremony for Kenefick’s mother, Susan Price, who lives out of town.”

Aaron Kenefick
Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick in Afghanistan

THE GREAT CULLING by Paul Wittenberger FULL DOCUMENTARY (below) outlining the dangers of FLUORIDE in our drinking water. “The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe — chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. This message can no longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory. The facts are in plain view.”

The Age Of Imperialist Wars by Dr. James Petras

Let’s hear exactly who our real enemies are from a veteran who was on the front lines in Iraq and has the courage to speak out against these wars of imperialism. Below is 4 minutes of Michael Prysner’s heartfelt, moving speech:

This amazing speech (below) from the vintage movie The Great Dictator made by Charlie Chaplin, far ahead of its time and in only 3 minutes, encompasses what a TRUE leader is:

FINAL WORDS – to the divisive ones out there, whether conscious of your actions or unwittingly going in the wrong direction…

What a true leader is NOT… someone that puts others down to make themselves feel superior… someone that insists others stand behind them, not beside them… someone that strategically manipulates others to go in only one direction and openly attacks (and elicits their followers to attack) everyone on social media with differing opinions… someone that doesn’t accept or appreciate others’ efforts, while publicly claiming “gratitude” with empty words for “appearance”… someone that feels entitled to claim “ownership” viewing information and others’ contributions on his/her website(s) as his/her “property”, who enforces “ownership” by aggressively going after anyone that shares something without his/her “permission”… someone that only directs traffic to one single website, dishonoring everyone else’s efforts & contributions that doesn’t fit into “their ideology”, and who only facebook “likes” their own page(s), rather than show support to anyone else, while “claiming to appreciate others”… someone that places more value on material objects than people, giving a gift yet refusing compensation for it, solely for control… someone that is charismatic (“sincere”), calculating, plays the “martyr”, yet ends up feeling more like being used by controlled opposition than having been in league with a true ally.

If people spent more time being supportive to others rather than constantly tearing down and disrespecting others, we might make progress towards standing together and co-creating a better world, can we all agree on that?…

If anyone is offended by this, it only means they fit that description and are part of OUR problem. This is OUR world and we must put aside our differences, step away from our egos, find common ground and UNITE, in order to truly affect change.

Unity does not mean to stick with those that step on, abuse and belittle you, it means to be available and ready to put aside differences and stand together when the time comes, with only positiveness, not judgement and criticism. Do not feel guilt for letting go of the disrespectful manipulative ones that disturb your peace of mind, for doing so rids negativity, frees you, and allows you to rise beyond and forgive… 

Forgiveness does not mean to go back to old patterns and let history repeat itself, it means to find peace in your heart, rise above anger, let go grudges, and stay steadfast on your own path of higher consciousness towards towards TRUTH~

~LOVE all life

Rebel Siren

Unity ALL Life

The Buzz On Monsanto’s Monstrosities

The Buzz On Monsanto’s Monstrosities


Monsanto bought the firm Beeologics, along with the firm’s leading research on Colony Collapse Disorder (the vanishing of the bees), in September 2011 after being implicated (along with Bayer and Syngenta) in the declining bee population.

Could it be that Monsanto took control of Beeologic’s research for the purpose of genetically engineering a future bee that would be “immune” to the poisons that are now killing them off?  This might be a solution, right?  But, how?… Considering that Monsanto’s so called “sustainable agriculture” has backfired by creating super-weeds, super-bugs, super-worms, super-patents, super-illnesses, soil infertility, and a highly toxic atmosphere requiring “farmers” to wear hazmat (hazardous material) suits, all at the expense of our health and future.   If this endeavor comes to fruition, Monsanto could quite possibly kill off the remaining pollinator population by further violating nature!  We will certainly end up with a “franken-bee” that will wreak havoc in more ways than we can imagine.

Altering the DNA in honeybees will ultimately change the DNA of native bees during the natural breeding process, because cross pollination cannot be controlled in nature.  This will undoubtedly contaminate organic farms when the genetically engineered bees inevitably travel, which will then taint organic honey, crops, and every aspect of this natural process!

The truth is that when Monsanto says they want to “help” bees, what they really mean is that they want to CONTROL the bees, CONTROL the market, and STING organic farmers by suing them over patent rights when their “monstrosities” infiltrate and crossbreed with organic farmers’ bees!  Monsanto’s ultimate goal is to PROFIT without any consideration to the long term damage and future consequences.  Isn’t it beyond arrogant to believe that science can control nature?  Isn’t it time we take a step back and examine what we have allowed to be done to our food system and our world, then proceed in a truly sustainable, healthy direction by working WITH nature and not against it?

We absolutely must stand up to Monsanto and other “big biotech” companies by refusing to purchase any food products that have genetically engineered ingredients (In the U.S. and Canada look for the Non-GMO Project emblem), sign every petition that exists to ban their warfare chemical compound pesticides and herbicides from our crops, speak up against this manipulation of nature (which is NOT “anti-science” but is pro-intelligent, health-based science), and speak out against bias and pay offs in the government!  Please support labeling laws in your State for honesty and transparency, because we have the right to know what is in our food, don’t we?

Do we seriously want to allow Monsanto to take the bees that are left and genetically modify them into some kind of uncontrollable aberration that gives the term, “freak of nature” a whole new meaning?  We must do the right thing and stop “Monsanto’s Monstrosities” before it’s too late to reverse the damage that they have already caused in our food system because once these bees are released, there will be no turning back.

~Rebel Siren

Source/Photo Credit: Food Warrior Network

Links for more information:

Is Monsanto Genetically Altering Bees?! | Explorature

Monsanto, Bayer team up on herbicide tolerance

GE corn & sick honey bees – what’s the link? | Pesticide Action Network

Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder

Richard Schiffman: The Fox (Monsanto) Buys the Chicken Coop

Daily Kos: Monsanto Buys Out Leading Bee Research Firm POLL

Dangerous Toxins From GMO Corn Found In Blood Of Pregnant Women and Fetuses – Dr. Mercola

How Genetically Modified Corn Is Creating Super Worms – Think Progress

PANNA Report On Pesticides and Honey Bees

Interview transcript (by Maryam Henein, Director of Vanishing of the Bees and author of the upcoming memoir “Of Bees & Men”) with representatives of  Beeologics and Monsanto’s public response to the buyout.  Sift through the polished up, well rehearsed, “positive spin” to see past their “public relations” propaganda:  Monsanto & Beeologics Answer Your Questions – Maryam Henein

Petition: SignOn.org – Tell Obama to Cease the strong FDA Ties to Monsanto

Ways we CAN make a difference – Support local organic bee friendly farms, shop local farmer’s markets, ask if it’s truly organically grown (regardless of “certification” because it’s how it’s grown that matters), try an urban garden any place you can, and refuse to buy mainstream produce doused with “big biotech’s” toxic chemicals, avoid any foods that may contain GMOs, (look for the Non-GMO emblem). As consumers, we have spending power!  We CAN change the “food system” by refusing to participate in it.

Take care of your health, say NO to GMO! ~Rebel Siren

Vietnam War Weapon To Be Sprayed On US Corn Crops

Vietnam War Weapon To Be Sprayed On US Corn Crops


Collectively speaking, we must be insane to let toxic chemical companies, and greedy corporate food manufacturers, dominate and control our food supply!  There are still some people out there that deny there is a problem and not only accept, but advocate for, “conventional” farming with crops that are doused with poison!  These deniers might as well say that moths don’t eat sweaters since they don’t have teeth.

Buy a wool sweater and hang it in the closet with a moth then see what happens.  While it may not be the adult moths that eat sweaters, their larvae do a fine job of turning your cashmere and wool into Swiss cheese; by the same token, Big Ag is poisoning us with their toxic genetically modified organisms (GMOs) designed to withstand enormous amounts of toxic herbicides and pesticides, contributing to Colony Collapse Disorder (bee decline),  jeopardizing the future.


Denying anything is wrong with the food system because Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Bayer, BASF, and DuPont, whose only interest is to PROFIT, (not “feed the world” as they claim), have the big dollars it takes to protect “big ag”, might as well go ahead and deny that moths eat sweaters, that grass is green and that the earth revolves around the sun, while our collective health deteriorates and our pollinators continue to die off in large numbers.

Maybe when these deniers (most of which are paid corporate trolls), learn that they are suffering from diabetes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and a host of other illnesses, and they’re knocking on death’s door, they’ll finally realize something is amiss with the foods they’ve been consuming all these years and will regret not doing something about it sooner.  Who decided to let toxic chemical companies control our food anyway?!  Did someone answer yes to, “would you like a side of Agent Orange with that”?…

2,4D is a 50% composite of the neurotoxin, Agent Orange.  Oh, but wait, didn’t “they” say that the poisons sprayed by men in hazmat suits on crops are perfectly “safe”?  Yes, they sure did!  Just like they said that DDT was safe.  It’s not like they’d lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, to make money, right?…  For more information:


“We are advising the public that the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has received a petition from Dow AgroScience LLC seeking a determination of nonregulated status of corn designated as DAS-40278-9, which has been genetically engineered for increased resistance to broadleaf herbicides in the phenoxy auxin group (such as the herbicide 2,4-D) and resistance to grass herbicides in the aryloxyphenoxypropionate acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase inhibitor group (such as quizalofop herbicides).”

The chemical pesticide group 2,4-D can cause acute toxicity and was a major component (roughly 50%) of Agent Orange, says Cornell University:

Rats fed 2,4-D produced “fetuses with abdominal cavity bleeding and increased mortality,” says the Cornell link above, which also states that 2,4-D may cause infertility, birth defects, organ toxicity and neurological effects. —

Previously used as a weapon in the Vietnam War, 2,4-D may now be dropped en masse on U.S. crop fields

“What’s most astonishing about this petition request is that if it is approved, the U.S. would then become an “agricultural war zone” where genetically engineered corn is “carpet bombed” with 2,4-D chemicals. Being resistant to such chemicals, the GE corn may then uptake those chemicals into its own structures and grain kernels, thereby creating corn laced with 2,4-D that would be unleashed when you eat your corn-based breakfast cereals or corn tortillas.

Corn is in practically everything you buy at the grocery store, one way or another.  Watch the documentary King Corn to learn more”. —

REFERENCE: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2011/12/27/2011-33009/dow-agroscience-llc-availability-of-petition-plant-pest-risk-assessment-and-environmental-assessment

Source:  http://www.naturalnews.com/034492_Dow_AgroScience_deregulation_2-4-D.html#ixzz24DfNuSre

To the deniers of the world, WAKE UP!!!  Meanwhile, the rest of us will be busy exposing corruption in the food system and taking action to rid our foods of unwanted, unhealthy substances!

For instance, global processed food giant and backer against Prop 37 (CA proposed bill to label genetically modified foods – update did NOT pass due to heavy corporate influence opposing it spending in excess of 45 MILLION dollars to oppose the bill all the while claiming “labeling would cost too much”, despite labels being changed ALL THE TIME for various reasons), Rich’s Foods Corporation, is one of the largest dragons to slay.

Rich’s puts HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and GMOs in all of their foods, including breads and deli dishes, that they market WORLDWIDE!  If you don’t recognize the name, “Rich’s”, it could be because the store/bakery/deli/restaurants that sell their products, do so under their own name (talk about sneaky)… This giant global corporation serves the world unhealthy ingredients in their “tasty” dishes that are sold to busy, unsuspecting families.

Rich Products Corporation is getting “rich” $$$$$$$$$ at the expense of people’s health. Profit over people is the name of their game, evident in this interview with owner, Bob Rich, Jr…. 

(When will people’s health become more important than profit?… when the earth has become an unsustainable toxic wasteland and all life on it is dead)?…

Know what is in your food, stay informed, and speak up to let “BIG AG” (toxic warfare chemical corporations like the “BIG SIX“, Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF, and DuPont, know that “we the people” refuse to accept their “poison for profit”!

Thanks for your support because the person that you are actually supporting is YOU!

Cheers to good health and vitality!



“Big 6” Pesticide Corporations Top the List of Food Labeling Opponents – PANNA

Prop 37: food companies spend $45m to defeat California GM label bill – The Guardian

Prop 37 Fails After Big Money Is Spent By GMO Profiteers To Defeat It – The Guardian