The Buzz On Monsanto’s Monstrosities

The Buzz On Monsanto’s Monstrosities


Monsanto bought the firm Beeologics, along with the firm’s leading research on Colony Collapse Disorder (the vanishing of the bees), in September 2011 after being implicated (along with Bayer and Syngenta) in the declining bee population.

Could it be that Monsanto took control of Beeologic’s research for the purpose of genetically engineering a future bee that would be “immune” to the poisons that are now killing them off?  This might be a solution, right?  But, how?… Considering that Monsanto’s so called “sustainable agriculture” has backfired by creating super-weeds, super-bugs, super-worms, super-patents, super-illnesses, soil infertility, and a highly toxic atmosphere requiring “farmers” to wear hazmat (hazardous material) suits, all at the expense of our health and future.   If this endeavor comes to fruition, Monsanto could quite possibly kill off the remaining pollinator population by further violating nature!  We will certainly end up with a “franken-bee” that will wreak havoc in more ways than we can imagine.

Altering the DNA in honeybees will ultimately change the DNA of native bees during the natural breeding process, because cross pollination cannot be controlled in nature.  This will undoubtedly contaminate organic farms when the genetically engineered bees inevitably travel, which will then taint organic honey, crops, and every aspect of this natural process!

The truth is that when Monsanto says they want to “help” bees, what they really mean is that they want to CONTROL the bees, CONTROL the market, and STING organic farmers by suing them over patent rights when their “monstrosities” infiltrate and crossbreed with organic farmers’ bees!  Monsanto’s ultimate goal is to PROFIT without any consideration to the long term damage and future consequences.  Isn’t it beyond arrogant to believe that science can control nature?  Isn’t it time we take a step back and examine what we have allowed to be done to our food system and our world, then proceed in a truly sustainable, healthy direction by working WITH nature and not against it?

We absolutely must stand up to Monsanto and other “big biotech” companies by refusing to purchase any food products that have genetically engineered ingredients (In the U.S. and Canada look for the Non-GMO Project emblem), sign every petition that exists to ban their warfare chemical compound pesticides and herbicides from our crops, speak up against this manipulation of nature (which is NOT “anti-science” but is pro-intelligent, health-based science), and speak out against bias and pay offs in the government!  Please support labeling laws in your State for honesty and transparency, because we have the right to know what is in our food, don’t we?

Do we seriously want to allow Monsanto to take the bees that are left and genetically modify them into some kind of uncontrollable aberration that gives the term, “freak of nature” a whole new meaning?  We must do the right thing and stop “Monsanto’s Monstrosities” before it’s too late to reverse the damage that they have already caused in our food system because once these bees are released, there will be no turning back.

~Rebel Siren

Source/Photo Credit: Food Warrior Network

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Interview transcript (by Maryam Henein, Director of Vanishing of the Bees and author of the upcoming memoir “Of Bees & Men”) with representatives of  Beeologics and Monsanto’s public response to the buyout.  Sift through the polished up, well rehearsed, “positive spin” to see past their “public relations” propaganda:  Monsanto & Beeologics Answer Your Questions – Maryam Henein

Petition: – Tell Obama to Cease the strong FDA Ties to Monsanto

Ways we CAN make a difference – Support local organic bee friendly farms, shop local farmer’s markets, ask if it’s truly organically grown (regardless of “certification” because it’s how it’s grown that matters), try an urban garden any place you can, and refuse to buy mainstream produce doused with “big biotech’s” toxic chemicals, avoid any foods that may contain GMOs, (look for the Non-GMO emblem). As consumers, we have spending power!  We CAN change the “food system” by refusing to participate in it.

Take care of your health, say NO to GMO! ~Rebel Siren


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