What Does A TRUE Leader Look Like?

What Does A TRUE Leader Look Like?

“If you are utilizing your unique strengths and abilities to raise awareness in your community and are living by example the best you can, not competing with anyone except yourself to continually learn and improve, if you are unafraid to stand up for what’s right in the face of adversity, then look no further than the mirror to see what a true leader looks like

We are ALL leaders and if we can put our egos aside and stand on common ground TOGETHER we CAN change the world!” ~Rebel Siren


It was an honor and a privilege to have been included as one of the six panel speakers on the above video that originally aired Wednesday September 30, 2015 hosted by Roger Landry of The Liberty Beacon.

Each and every speaker offered amazing insight and information to help tie together all the issues adversely affecting our health and planet. Please take the time to listen, even if you have to pause it and keep coming back and research all the information that was presented to see why it is relevant today.  We are in this world TOGETHER, “united we stand, divided we fall” applies to all the world’s citizens since it’s us against the tyrannical globalists that profit at the expense of our collective health and well being.

Meet the panelists (video screenshot):

American Freedom and Unity Project Panelists Sept 30 2015

The SIX panelists of September 30, 2015 in the order of our segments –

(Click speaker’s name to be routed to their website or social media contact):     

Russ Tanner  Russ TannerGeoengineering (Sky Pollution-Climate Control, Weather Modification)

Rebel Siren  Rebel Siren GMOs – Bio/Agriculture/Warfare Environmental Toxins

Screenshot (783)  Susan PricePerpetual War

M. Steven Gronka  Steve GronkaPolitical Tyranny (Liberty, Freedom, Constitution etc…)

Randy Maugans  Randy MaugansEconomic Collapse (The Fed, Banksters, etc.)

Roger Landry  Roger LandryVaccines, Big Pharma, Fluoride

The video can also be watched here: American Freedom and Unity Project Panel VIDEO on Global Skywatch

REBEL SIREN GMO SEGMENT REFERENCES (scroll further down the page for each panelist’s references that were mentioned in 2015 as well as current information the date of this edit October 2021)



Chemical Watch Stats
CHEMICAL WATCH FACTSHEET ON 2,4 D (main ingredient in Agent Orange) STILL being used TODAY in gardens and crops all over the United States!


Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: The 12 Most TOXIC Products Made By Monsanto (click orange link above for article)

1.  Saccharin (carcinogenic artificial sweetener)

2.  PCBs  Monsanto knew about the extreme toxicity of PCBs – click HERE for shocking story of corporate deception and dangerous secrets – chemical dumping & poisoning in Anniston, Alabama)

3.  Polystyrene

4.  Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

5.  DDT (along with partner in crime, Dow)

6.  Dioxin

7.  Agent Orange

8.  Petroleum Based FERTILIZER

9.  Round Up (glyphosate) WEED KILLER

10. Aspartame (Nutri-Sweet, Equal) Click HERE for Sourcewatch information about the serious health risks of Aspartame and how its makers Searle & Monsanto finagled FDA “approval”.

11. Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) click HERE

12. GMOs! (and #13 “baker’s dozen” Terminator Seeds), High Fructose Corn Syrup, click HERE for Monsanto’s revolving door in the Government.

“For more than a century, the Food and Drug Administration has claimed to protect the public health. During that time, it has actually been placing corporate profits above consumer safety. Nowhere is this corruption more evident than in the approval of artificial sweeteners.”

KILLING US SWEETLY (how the FDA is completely corrupted by industry funding)

Pesticide Action Network North America (click photo for website)
PANNA – Pesticide Action Network North America 

I also mentioned “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson in my segment. The following video and link are about her book that changed the world in history. Carson’s book helped get DDT banned. We have equally dangerous toxins being sprayed today, including 2,4 D (Dow’s creation), glyphosate (“Round Up”), another Monsanto monstrosity in nearly every home in America and used on our crops along with 24,D (active ingredient in Agent Orange), if we do not follow Rachel Carson’s example and stand together to end these toxic practices, the suffering and ill health of our country will continue to decline. We are getting it from all angles, air, water, food, vaccines; it’s time we stand together and stop letting politics divide us.

Screenshot (742)

The 10 minute video below is a glimpse into history and the propaganda that attempted to conceal it…


Click link for original article dated January 29, 2013 -> Hawaii, Pristine Paradise or Monsanto’s Playground – Rebel Siren


Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research since 2007 – Science Insider Magazine

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Vaccine Empire On Trial In India by Health Impact News

GMO “Epicyte Gene”, is it being used for population control?

GMO Labeling Laws Ditched – The Passing Of THE DARK ACT by National Health Federation

2,4D Previously Used As A Defoliant In Vietnam Being Used On Our Corn Crops? Rebel Siren 2012

Federal Register Dow Agroscience LLC Availability of Petition Plant Pest Risk Assessment & Environmental Assessment

Voo Doo Vaccines – The LIE of “safe” Vaccines has continued for far too long by Scott Tips – National Health Federation

High Bypass Turbo Fans Do NOT Produce Contrails by Russ Tanner – Global Skywatch

Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons In The Age Of Nuclear War by Amy Worthington 2004

Aluminum and its Profound Health Effects – Global Skywatch

Alzheimer’s Association Forgets – History Doomed To Repeat Itself by Rebel Siren

Smart Grid Exposed – an interview with Take Back Your Power filmmaker Josh del Sol by Rebel Siren

In 1967 The CIA Created The Label “Conspiracy Theorist” To Attack Anyone Who Challenges The Official Narrative

Project Popeye Weather Modification In Vietnam – Denial Before Admission by Top Secret Writers

DDT dumped in Pacific Ocean harming sea life and humans

America deceived by operation and the political whitewash that followed – “High Strangeness” In Afghan Ambush by Douglas J. Hagmann (excerpt below):

“Furthermore, investigation by this author and Susan Price, mother of the fallen Aaron Kenefick, notes that intelligence reports from August paint an entirely different picture about the sentiments of villagers at Dam Dara and surrounding areas. “The intelligence reports submitted by my son, copies that I have obtained from his personal effects, are not consistent with the intelligence reports responsible for undertaking this mission.” No one has asked any questions about these discrepancies. The question again remains: why not?” (click colored/underlined links & hyperlinks for more info)

Left To Die
Susan Price’s son, Aaron Kenefick (middle red border above)

“As President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer on Thursday 15 SEP 2011 in the White House, a special ceremony was held at Acacia Park Cemetery in Pendleton, NY to remember one of the Marines whose bodies were recovered by the corporal. Meyer charged into gunfire repeatedly to try to save fellow Marines, including Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick, a onetime Williamsville resident who was killed in the September 2009 ambush in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan’s Kunar province. “Dakota Meyer doesn’t really feel he should be honored. He wants to honor the men who died because they made the sacrifice that day,” said Kathy Weppner, who is organizing the local ceremony for Kenefick’s mother, Susan Price, who lives out of town.”

Aaron Kenefick
Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick in Afghanistan
Rest in peace Aaron, this post is dedicated to you and all the fallen soldiers done wrong by self serving imperialists who lied to you then deceived the people about what really happened in their blood stained wars over resources and control. Prayers to your amazing loving mother Susan Price, and to all the grieving families of fallen soldiers. 

The Age Of Imperialist Wars by Dr. James Petras

Let’s hear exactly who our real enemies are from a veteran who was on the front lines in Iraq and has the courage to speak out against these wars of imperialism. Below is 4 minutes of Michael Prysner’s heartfelt, moving speech:

In reference to Roger Landry’s topic of fluoride, another must see informative documentary:

THE GREAT CULLING by Paul Wittenberger FULL DOCUMENTARY (below) outlining the dangers of FLUORIDE in our drinking water. “The Great Culling of the human race already has begun. It is being done through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe — chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. This message can no longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory. The facts are in plain view.”

Do we “need” a leader, or should we BE a leader?

Many people who are becoming aware about these issues that are adversely affecting our world, still look to a “leader” to make a difference, when in fact, putting our faith in one person to get something done (for example, depending on industry funded politicians or getting caught up in controlled opposition ploys), is essentially giving away our individual power that collectively is the only thing that truly can and will make a difference. We are indoctrinated by the system from birth and every aspect of this existence, and must break free from it to think for ourselves because Disinformation is strong in the mainstream to prevent public outcry, meaning that only our voices together in unison can truly effect change.

We must each accept personal responsibility, changing our lifestyles to live by example (avoiding purchasing corporate products, make conscious choices about what we eat, buy, use, choosing natural health over harmful medications, eliminate our dependency on big oil, etc.), and not continue to place our lives and the care thereof, in the hands of corporations & medical-pharmaceutical industries and its lobbyists that DO NOT have our best interest in mind, yet “lead us” by dictating our lifestyles, putting their profits at the expense of our health and environment.

The same goes for electing “leaders” (from politicians to activists) that serve themselves (or the industries that fund them) above all else, who are unwilling to put humanity first and stand together for the greater good, only perpetuating division. Think about what equality means and how nothing in this world is anything close to it with all the world’s divisions, labels, racism, sexism, patriotism (implying people in other countries are inferior), capitalism (promoting greed and wealth/resource disparity), discrimination on every level imaginable, even whether or not someone is “vaccinated”. These divisive ploys only benefit the global controlling powers, NOT HUMANITY.

We can only truly unify when people realize this and stand together, not “behind” someone else. Caring about others and focusing on common goals makes each of us leaders if we dare to stand strong on our own, and together for change, not giving ALL of our power away to “one single person”, instead, we can choose to be a leader and stand side by side in unity for the good of humanity.

Below are the documentaries Russ Tanner mentioned in his segment:

Documentary above, “All Wars Are Banker’s Wars”.

Documentary above, “The Corporation Nation”.
Documentary above – “Monopoly Who Owns The World”.

Steve Gronka’s topic was political tyranny and he mentioned the website below in his segment, it is a vital source of information and clarity as to what is happening in our world today at the date of this edit October 24, 2021.

REAL WORLD ORDER – Who Rules The World?

UPDATE October 2021

The current videos below from 2021 applies to our talk from 2015 which is absolutely relevant today. Those who have taken the time to listen to the full three hours of our video at the top, then or now, can clearly see how it all connects and what went wrong over these years as the new world order “great reset” tyranny, population control, and oppressive censorship are now unfolding in the United States and our world. What happened to the American Freedom and Unity Project? Frankly, not enough people were willing to put aside their egos and stand together. What about now? Is it too late?…

Before following any leading “activist”, it’s important to learn what a true leader is NOT as to avoid the pitfall of ego; someone that puts others down to make themselves feel superior… someone that insists others stand behind them, not beside them… someone that strategically manipulates others to go in only one direction and openly attacks (and elicits their followers to attack) everyone on social media with differing opinions… someone that doesn’t accept or appreciate others’ efforts, while publicly claiming “gratitude” with empty words for “appearance”… someone that feels entitled to claim “ownership” viewing information and others’ contributions on his/her website(s) as his/her “property”, who enforces “ownership” by aggressively going after anyone that shares something without his/her “permission”… someone that only directs traffic to one single website, dishonoring everyone else’s efforts & contributions that doesn’t fit into “their ideology”, and who only “likes” their own page(s), rather than show support to anyone else, while “claiming to appreciate others”… someone that places more value on material objects than people, giving a gift yet refusing compensation for it, solely for control… someone that is charismatic (“sincere”), calculating, plays the “martyr”, yet ends up feeling more like being used by controlled opposition than having been in league with a true ally.

If the egotistical leaders out there spent more time being supportive to others rather than constantly tearing down and disrespecting anyone the deem their “competition”, we might make progress towards standing together and co-creating a better world, can we all agree on that?…

If any “leader” is openly offended by this fundamental truth, it means they fit that description and are part of OUR problem. This is OUR world and we must put aside our differences, step away from our egos, find common ground and UNITE, in order to truly affect change.

Unity does not mean to stick with those that step on, abuse and belittle you, it means to be available and ready to put aside differences and stand together when the time comes, with only positivity, not judgement and criticism. Do not feel guilty for letting go of the disrespectful manipulative ones that disturb your peace of mind, for doing so rids negativity, frees you, and allows you to rise above it and forgive… 

Forgiveness does not mean to go back to old patterns and let history repeat itself, it means to find peace in your heart, rise above anger, let go grudges, and stay steadfast on your own path of higher consciousness towards TRUTH~

~LOVE all life, we are all in this world together.

Rebel Siren

Unity ALL Life

6 thoughts on “What Does A TRUE Leader Look Like?

  1. Social media forums were once a tool to help raise awareness until the censorship began in 2020; however, it was never an accurate gauge of real friends or what’s truly in someone’s soul. Social media forums such as industry funded sellouts and accomplices to crimes against humanity, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, have always been used for propaganda, disinformation and controlled opposition & disinformation to deceive us. To let social media dictate your friends, your worth, and dominate your life as an “activist”, is absurd, and frankly, the competitive “zealots” among us have always done more harm than good.

    In addition, AVATARS by definition are merely a representation, not suppose to be realistic, so, for all those that have never met me in person, yet repeatedly insulted my mission avatar accusing me of “misrepresenting” myself, and of “not being a real person”, my video appearance on the September 30th panel should effectively put an end to that nonsense.

    The human race would do well to remember that true beauty (or lack thereof), transcends the mortal exterior for it’s only in the heart, the soul, does true beauty reside

    We must ALL be willing to rise beyond misunderstandings, stop judging others, only then will we be one step closer to UNITY.



  2. Excellent article. I have bookmarked this page, so that I can come back and watch the videos later. Thanks for your inspiring essay. We must all learn to “be the change” to the best of our ability. Awareness is key. An understanding of what you are supporting or not supporting every time you spend even a penny of your money…is a critical part of being the change.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would have chosen the topic of vaccines for my segment; however, Roger had already chosen it, he graciously organized our talk and vaccines hit close to home for him as well. Now, it’s a few years later, vaccine mandates and the pharmaceutical industry attempting to force vaccinate the population when they have nothing to gain from a healthy public, but people still believe their LIES at the expense of their children’s lives and health. NO, this must STOP, we absolutely must stand up for our children above pharmaceutical profits because they are exempt from law for liability, do their own safety studies, and manufacture the medications that treat the diseases their vaccines cause, WHY are we allowing this to happen? SPEAK UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!



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