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Mr. Francis Mangels’, retired USDA Biologist with the US Forest Service (35 years), scientific findings:

GEOENGINEERING  — What We Know as of 7/7/14, +70 lab reports, photo/objective evidence, logic, facts, research, and scientist observations:

LAB/FIELD REPORTS — Normal rain is zero ug/l metallic elements, pH about 5.6.

o A lined pond (guzzler) near Redding has about 375,000 ug/l of aluminum. We are concerned that deer and wildlife drink this water. USFS ignored letters.

o Sugar Pine Canyon Creek, Redding, CA has 4,600,000 ppb of aluminum (normal soil 15,000 ppb) in upper and lower stream. Fish losing scales, ulcerous, sick.

o Sisson meadow pond sludge water in Mt Shasta has 12,000 mg/kg of aluminum, and pond is fed by city spring water, but exposed to sky (sample taken at outlet).

o Mt. Shasta City Park spring water had 1540 ug/l of aluminum in 2009. Other streams have more. Aquatic and terra insects about 20% of numbers since 2007.

o Since terrestrial insects are now very low, song bird populations are also very low. Road and window kill birds or wildlife are very lean, diseased, or cancerous.

o Fish and insects died in Cold Creek, Mt Shasta. Aluminum, lead, arsenic. Of 200 trout stomachs examined in 2014, none had an aquatic insect, 95% had nothing.

o Strontium, barium, and aluminum are often found in soil. “Dust” does not explain high amounts in the rain or snow, nor zero, nor concentration above soil numbers.

o Outside soils in Mt. Shasta area in 2007 have over 1.6 % or 16,000 mg/kg of aluminum. Soil is 13000 mg/kg (1.3%) aluminum under my house, likely natural.

o Snowdrift near McCloud on Mt Shasta at 8000’ has 61,100 ug/l aluminum, 83 of barium, and 383 of strontium, over 4 times that of protected soil.

o 2013 rain report in Mt. Shasta gauge is 13,100 ug/l aluminum, 130 barium, 138 strontium. Undrinkable by state standards, 13 times the allowable limit.

o Lab reports of storms range from 0 to 30 ug/l in rain with no spraying to 13,100 ug/l of aluminum; always positively correlated to jet spraying (national info).

o Mt. Shasta samples were taken by a USDA scientist with legal water sampling experience and MS degree; he uses a plastic USNWS rain gauge on a 7’ pole.

o Samples show a direct relationship to contrail density: More contrails, higher Aluminum, Barium, and/or Strontium in water; also boron, titanate, and arsenic.

o Zero readings of any elements prove our samples are not self-contaminated.

o The Mt. Shasta city water report indicates that aluminum, barium, strontium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, boron, and chromium are not found in city water yet.

o Other states show high Al, Ba, Sr, As, B, Pb, Fe, and Mn, but any may be zero.

o Iron/manganese may be meteor dust. Lead is from planes or old leaded gasoline.

o Some have higher Al, Sr, or Ba, or zero on any, so formulas may change.

o Radioactivity in rain was tested with a Geiger counter, no abnormal indications.

o Some readings may be the result of local polluting industries. However, results are nationally correlated to jet spraying, over 90% with no local factory source.

o Fibers that appear instead of dust have Welsbach elements; they are a spray error.

o posting scientists’ data after the UV report was then crashed 8 times by hackers (military?). Over 12 million hits. Debunkers only 175.

o Ultraviolet B is up 1200% of normal. UVA also up. UVB causes skin cancer and sunburn, and cell death on plants. Nanoparticles destroy ozone.

o Mutagenic effects on corn, ovaried tassels, tomatoes. Tree top and bark damage evident, notably betulaceae, tulipifera, deodars, maples. Grapes, legumes immune.

SAMPLING PH – From USDA 1983 Soil Survey Siskiyou Co. and rain reports.

 When contrails are inactive, rain is under 6 pH. With activity, pH is 6.5 to 7.5.

 The pH of rain is directly and nationally related to contrail pre-storm weather front spraying. Over 600 tests have been made, and this pattern continues.

 Coniferous Douglas fir forest north of Redding, CA was tested by USDA Soils specialists Komar and Jim Collins at 7.4 pH. He said it should be 5.5 for the soil.

 Normal acidity for Mt. Shasta area Deetz 125, 126 soils, a habitat of acidic black oak and mixed conifer forest, is 4.5-6.0. Now it is 6.5-7.5 pH in over 400 samples.

 About ten samples were taken by meter in McCloud, CA of yards, oak forest, and gardens. They ranged from 7.0 to 8.5, or un-naturally alkaline. pH papers agreed.

 The St. Francis organic garden and lawn in Mt. Shasta was 5.5 pH in 2003, now 6.5 to 7.0. Soil is 10-20xs more alkaline. The pH papers, meters, kits all agreed.

 Garden compost is black oak leaves, acorns, and ponderosa pine needles (acid), maybe mixed in grass. Sulfur slightly lowered pH.

 A pH increase is likely oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates of Welsbach elements.

 Contrails boomed during George Bush years 2000-2008, especially after 2006 and pH increased remarkably in soil and rain in those anti-environment years.

 Garden production declined for acid-soil-loving vegetables; potatoes, tomatoes. Most root crops declined in Deetz soils, but unpredictable in neutral Diyou soils.

 Some metallic cations are toxic to biological systems, and could explain 90% loss of aquatic insect populations in 4 headwater streams. Less change below springs.

 Natural insect variations occur, but not an 80% loss, particularly of diptera that live in sediment deposits in streams, where toxic metals accumulate.

 The metals, etc. are not from China, and scientists on Mt. Rainier verified it.

 The three main cations (as nanoparticles?) cause endocrine/enzyme malfunction. They are the basis for, or act similar to, prion diseases such as “mad cow.”

Sufficient evidence indicates correlation with neurological, lung, and bone diseases, particularly in children as autism, asthma, and in adults as Alzheimer’s.

Breathing and neural problems increased after spraying, esp. elderly and children. Autism 1/15,000 to 1/50, Alzheimer’s is now 1 of 3 a plague in 2013 says CDC.

 Five pet dogs refuse to drink rain/snow water, but insist on tap water. Witness!

 Similarly, neural, skin, lung, cancer, or endocrine problems are now frequently reported in cats (meticulous groomers), dogs, and horses (drink pond water).

MILITARY CONTRAIL OBSERVATIONS – Observations, telescopes, retired military.

 In telescopes, contrail jets have few side windows, and usually military kc135 or kc434s. Some contract Boeing 737s have belly/wingtip nozzles. Video/pics available.

 Some contrails are multi-colored; often the middle streak shiny blue, brown, dark gray, but outside two are white. 2 or 4 engine jets, often with 3-6 trails, some offset.

 San Francisco Flight Aware says over 30 jets per day over Mt. Shasta are normal, about 100 West Coast. Odd patterns happen, at any altitude, but should be unusual.

 Heavy spraying days are often just before weather fronts, and mostly military jets. A weather lady on TV-12 remarked on this 11/24/10 and was fired.

 Contrail jets are most active dawn to dusk. Commercial jets do not usually leave persistent contrails, but military jets almost always do. Some jets contrail at night.

 Cloud formations and combinations are changed, new, and unusual since 2003.

 Before 2000, skies were typically a deep blue. Now skies are typically whitish haze or gray-brown blue, and true blue is unusual due to high elevation jet pollutants.

 In the 1950s to 1980s, a normal contrail was maybe 30 jets long and disappeared. Now they last several hours to all day, especially since 2003, or George Bush years.

 Some jets emit a ball of smoke over 5 degrees in diameter, and the contrail begins. If it were a lens of cold air, it would not be a ball, but fade in or out. Impossible display.

 Some contrails appear to have particulate matter streaming down out of them, much like fireworks displays, leaving trails of smoke as the particles descend. Smoke balls.

 Some contrails converge to a point, often over Mt. Shasta, then re-align, cross, curve, grid format, or radiate (asterisk-like) out from the mountain. Atypical flight variants.

 Two-engine and four-engine jets leaving 3 or 5 line contrails, with nozzles seen in mid-belly or wings. Military jets leave persistent contrails, usually in odd numbers.

 Republican or conservative pro-military congressmen and USFS claim contrails are harmless. Results of certified mail/phone: no answer, ignorance, security reasons.

 Many locals and USFS indicate lightning is more violent after jet spraying, esp. width and number of bolts. The number of thunderstorms is below normal and erratic.

 Heat of condensation in physics indicates micron-sized particles reduce rainfall. California is in a drought since spraying began, as rain transfers to Eastern USA.

 Contrail composition measured in rainfall is the same as indicated in the San Diego conference Feb 20 and in Welsbach geo-engineering patents used by military jets.

 Geo-engineers at the Feb. 20, 2010 meeting in San Diego saw D. Keith admit on camera that spraying may have terrible consequences. They don’t know.

 The military says that “engine erosion” causes metals in contrails, but won’t say more (military secret). Do engines wear out to require an extra 20 million tons Al per year?

 Solar collection panel efficiency remarkably decreases with contrail spraying, robbing investors of their just share of solar electric power up to 50%. Industrial jeopardy.

 At “What in the World Are They Spraying” in Redding, CA 12/10 a full panel of medical, ex-military, solar experts, and scientists affirmed it before over 500 people.

 Weathermen report consistent upper atmosphere conditions, but one day has 50 trails and the next day none, can one believe all jets cancelled? Where is consistency?

 Once a year, we watch two jets fly at a giant thunderhead, melt a 1-mile blue hole in it, fly through it, and the storm falls apart. What a drought-causing weapon!

 Many photos are available of straight lines, X’s, grids, circles, squares combos in high clouds, and in nature this is impossible; a military weather weapon system.

 Only the military industrial complex has funding capability; a black hole budget ($1.3 trillion) and control to be able to do geoengineering at $5 billion per year.

 Mud rain in Chico, CA on 5/14/12 had 58,000 ug/l Al, 480 Sr, and 413 Ba. “Never seen it before. Hard to get off,” the newspaper said, “Dust in rainy weather.” Oh?

 We observed a military jet 1/2 mile away spraying Shasta via nozzles, returning over precisely the same route ½ hour later, not spraying (no time to land), routine pattern.

 Why would all these scientists be making this stuff up about climate and geoengineering effects? A fact is a fact is a fact, not a belief or opinion.

This is revised as new reliable observations and data are available. By Francis Mangels. See for more info. –

Thank you again, Mr. Mangels, for the outstanding scientific work you have shared with the Rebel Siren BLOG, and your bravery in facing the disinformation trolls that targeted and attacked you. We are honoured to publish your report and look forward to more from you in the future.


Serge A. Storms Facebook Page

click screenshots to view


Meet “Serge A. Storms“, the main fictional character in Tim Dorsey’s novels (appearing in all of them to date). His name is a pun on storm surge. The Serge A. Storms referenced in this article is regarding the fake facebook page created on 7/20/14, page id#272182869636249, that to date has barely any “likes”, (not the “official page” clearly owned by the author). It is an obvious phoney page created for the sole purpose of “trolling”. We wonder how author and copyright owner, Tim A. Dorsey, might feel about that, (if he didn’t also create that fake page himself, that is).

Could it be that Tim Dorsey is using his fictional character’s name also as an unofficial fake facebook page to troll geoengineering threads, and is denying his true identity because he doesn’t want the public to know his extracurricular activity consists of selling out humanity by doing his worst to divert attention from credible information in an effort to suppress awareness? This is not an accusation, however, after our experience with physicist and business owner, Neil Pennington a.k.a. “Neil Penn”, nothing surprises us. OR, is it more likely a case of an obsessed cult troll that has stolen Tim Dorsey’s copyrighted character’s identity to use for the purpose of aiding and abetting crimes against humanity? Either way, should the fake be allowed to remain on facebook? Is it fair to the honest people on social media to allow dishonest pages to run amok, targeting and harassing others? Shouldn’t author Tim Dorsey take action to have the fake removed, if it isn’t his page?

Serge A. Storms’ antagonistic denier comments can be found on the following thread, SOCO Magazine’s facebook page, “An Air Of Danger”:

Our researchers confronted the obvious fake, Serge A. Storms, about his true identity after discovering that the email address linked to his website is Tim A. Dorsey’s email address, yet he continues to deny he is Dorsey and “admits” he is merely a “fan” of Dorsey’s copyrighted, fictional character, Serge A. Storms, and has stolen Tim Dorsey’s copyrighted character’s name, using his website as his own, which explains why the real Tim A. Dorsey’s email address is associated with it. Storms even went so far as to make idle threats on behalf of Tim Dorsey (with a wink), leaving us wondering what gives.

However, in order to be fair and give Tim Dorsey, author, the benefit of the doubt, in case fake Serge A. Storms (with 2 likes to date) is some obsessed stalker fan that has stolen Dorsey’s copyrighted character and is illegally using his website on a fake page, separate from the “official Serge A. Storms facebook page” that is ran by the author (with considerably more “likes” than the fake), we won’t make the accusation that Tim Dorsey is using another Serge A. Storms page to troll with, we will simply provide screenshots with a brief description of our findings, then YOU, the readers, can decide. At the very least, an obsessed fan has stolen Dorsey’s copyrighted character to use it for trolling climate engineering awareness threads. Free free to comment with your “opinion”, but please be polite, hostile troll comments will not be approved and may be exploited and published for educational purpose, as our disclaimer clearly states.

Keep in mind that it is typical for the cult trolls to steal others’ identity, and are especially fond of fictional characters in literature and films, as well as fraudulently impersonating others to disparage them; since they lurk in the shadows like rats as we wrote in our piece, Portrait of a Cult, published on

(Click screenshots to make them bigger, then back arrow to return)

Serge A. Storms profile pic with Tim A. Dorsey's name clearly on tab

If you click fake Serge A. Storms’ website (found on his facebook page “about” section), and scroll to the bottom to be able to click email and tell him “what’s on your mind”, Tim A. Dorsey’s email address comes up. The browser tab also says, Tim Dorsey, except it’s the website that fake Serge A. Storms is using as HIS website on the fake page.  This is easily verifiable (the link to Dorsey’s and Storms’ website are at the bottom of the blog). Therefore, stands as evidence that the fake page is using Dorsey’s copyrighted character’s website as his own.

The real question, however, is whether it’s actually Dorsey, or a cult troll that is illegally using Dorsey’s copyrighted character’s website? If it isn’t author Tim Dorsey, he should be pleased to have the extra publicity and website traffic this blog piece might bring. However, if the author has indeed been the victim of a copyrighted identity theft, we encourage him to pursue proper channels to get the fake taken down from facebook and hold the perpetrator liable for damages.

Email link on Serge site leads to Tim Dorsey's email

When we clicked fake Serge A. Storms’ website in his “about” section, then clicked the website email icon, it was indeed Tim A. Dorsey’s email that comes up.  Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself, go to Serge A. Storms website, click his email contact icon (pictured above), then hover over the email and you’ll see Tim A. Dorsey’s name pop up. Why is a fake page using someone else’s website and email address as their own, and getting away with it?

Serge Storm aka Tim Dorsey EMAIL

click screenshot to view

Below is a clear shot of Tim Dorsey’s public facebook page and email that is exactly the same email as above, when clicking on Serge A. Storms email contact link. Serge A. Storms maintains he’s a “fan of the author that stole the character’s identity“, but using the author’s same website as his own is taking it too far considering that the author could end up held liable in the future for the activities of the fake page. In that case, Tim Dorsey might be pretty upset that some crazed fan hijacked his copyrighted character’s identity, along with his website and email address.

Tim A Dorsey aka Serge A Storms

click screenshot to view


Perhaps Tim A. Dorsey ought to file a restraining order against Serge A. Storms, except that according to our experience with Neil Penn (ington), he could actually be filing it on himself.  We’re not judging or accusing, just pointing out what we have found. Either this is a case of an obsessed fan stealing copyrighted property, including the website, to use as his own, or it’s Tim Dorsey. You be the judge.

University of Serge Tim Dorsey

Fake Serge A. Storms shared a link by Tim A. Dorsey. Of course, it doesn’t “prove” anything since the fake may have “liked” Tim Dorsey’s page, but if so, that’s a pretty bold move since it basically announces his brazen copyright infringement to the author, (unless the fake is the author), hm, we wonder?

Serge A. Storms shared Tim A. Dorsey's link meaning Tim A. Dorsey is one of the two likes because it's him.

“University of Serge” is Tim Dorsey’s copyrighted character’s thing, but coincidentally happens to be the fake Serge A. Storms profile picture, further revealing that not only has Serge A. Storms stolen the character’s identity, but is illegally using his images, along with his website (unless of course, it turns out to be the author himself).

Further down on the site clearly TIM DORSEY is featured on Serge's site



Clearly Serge's Store is TIM DORSEY'S

Is this a case of a crazed, lunatic stalker “fan” that has stolen Tim Dorsey’s copyrighted work, or another “Neil Pennington” scenario?

The official Serge A. Storms facebook page has considerably more likes than fake Serge A. Storms, and is clearly ran by Tim Dorsey as is evident when you view the third one down on the screenshot below. If you find it on facebook and click “about”, you’ll see the “official” page for Serge A. Storms, happens to be the same website the fake is using as his own.

If the fake isn’t also the author’s page, isn’t it in copyright violation according to Tim Dorsey’s disclaimer, “Serge A. Storms and Coleman Bunsen are the creative property of Tim Dorsey and William Morrow Publishers”, and subject to being held liable by Tim Dorsey for stealing his copyrighted fictional character’s identity?

Serge A. Storms websites connected to Tim A. Dorsey

Dishonesty and disinformation are running rampant on social media and it’s up to YOU to help put a stop to it. We share this earth and the activities contributing to the destruction of it must be stopped if we are going to be able to salvage what is left of our planet’s resources, and work to create sustainability for all life, rather than depleting resources, polluting our waters, soil, and skies; perpetrated by those that contract public relations companies to recruit FORUM POSTERS to make fake accounts and create debates where none exist to cast doubt to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry, in order for the profiteers of poison to continue controlling the planet and profiting at the expense of our health and atmosphere, obliterating nature and disrespecting ALL LIFE on this planet and the planet itself. 

With this kind of information revealed, excluding the paid shills (cult trolls) how can anyone still deny that weather modification / climate engineering is possible?…

Unethical Experimentation In the US (Wikipedia is not our first choice for information, however, they have compiled a legitimate and verifiable list of unethical human experiments – always do your own research and share information widely):

Lisa Martino-Taylor, PhD, Dissertation Abstract:

Full 838 Page Dissertation (pdf format, slow loading due to the amount of pages):

US Radium clean up is taking decades:

Dynamic Aviation (aerial spraying, one of many aviation companies that perform aerial spraying services and with the following list of customers, it’s unlikely that they spray only pesticide). Its Customers:

Dynamic Aviation Customers (where the above information was obtained, click this link to verify):

Dynamic Aviation AERIAL APPLICATION (Again, Dynamic Aviation is only one of many aerial companies contracted to perform aerial chemical spraying):

NCAR/UCAR EOL “Development, Deployment, Data, Discovery - Research Aviation Facility has been in operation since 1967, serving the NSF geosciences community by providing research platforms and expertise in airborne installations and measurement techniques” 

NCAR/UCAR EOL – PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICEQuote: “Are you thinking about a field study in a remote part of the world that requires international agreements and clearances?  Are you a researcher who has a great scientific idea but little experience in planning and implementing a multi-agency, multi-facility and multi-scientist campaign? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of having to make logistics arrangements for a “measurement super site” in a location where little to no infrastructure exists?“:

Geoengineering Megaprojects are Bad Planetary Management, Feb 2009: (the comments are especially interesting).

Feasibility of Space-Based Monitoring for Governance of Solar Radiation Management, Summer 2011:

Koch Bros (big oil profiteers/climate change deniers) Weather Derivatives 2002:

Geoengineering and the Science Communication: A Cross Cultural Experiment (Yale Law) 2012:

Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars – Science & Technology Innovation Program Nov 2011:

Royal Society of Chemistry – Energy & Environmental Science, March 2011:!divAbstract

History and Problems in Weather Modification Ronald B. Standler Scientific Attorney, 2002:

Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative – Partnership of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Royal Society, and TWAS, the world academy of sciences:

HARVARD – Stratospheric Aerosol Injection for Geoengineering Purposes

We at Rebel Siren know that information should be shared, not hoarded or “sold”, therefore, everything published on Rebel Siren is 100% sharable and accessible to everyone in the world. ~Peace

In our continuing series of articles exposing trolls/shills/cyberbullies, we would like to introduce activist Madison Star Moon’s mini-doc appropriately titled, “Trolls Gone Wild“. Well done, Madison Star Moon!

If WE (all people of the world) care about the future sustainability of this planet and all life on it, then we absolutely MUST wake up to global climate engineering and recognize it as the polluting REALITY that it IS.

There are four honest mentalities regarding geoengineering:

AGAINST (activists who CARE about life-nature-planet-future)

FOR (“debunkers” & the corp/gov/biotech/geoengineering/dirty energy profiteers funding them)

APATHETIC (too self centered to notice or care either way)

STATUS QUO (the masses of groupthink/herd mentality duped by the disinformation campaign remaining in a vehement state of denial unwittingly doing its bidding).

Here is the Council on Foreign Relations Unilateral Planetary Scale Geoengineering 2008 Briefing Notes:

If we question WHY disinformation is so rampant in social media, targeting those increasing awareness attempting to assassinate their character to discredit their efforts, the answer is clear, it’s a strategic attack to purposely suppress awareness and prevent outcry because “an ignorant public is a compliant public”.

Visit our other articles about social media trolls to learn more:

prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, publicity, spin; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

For additional information about professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

Neil Pennington a.k.a. Neil Penn, Scientist, Dirty Energy Purveyor, Facebook Troll
Originally published by Rebel Siren on DD 07-25-2014

Neil Pennington wears many hats, one of which is an active “troll” on facebook by way of a separate account with a shortened version of his name “Neil Penn”. In fact, “Neil Penn” happens to be on a list of known offenders that go around targeting people & awareness groups that he and his denier cult cronies “disagree” with, attempting to bait honest people into a debate to “prove them wrong”, disrespecting others’ right to share information; as well as, slandering leaders in the awareness movement using classic “character assassination” tactics attempting to “discredit” them in order to cast doubt on harmful aerial spraying happening globally. We have to wonder why anyone would waste valuable time harassing people on facebook?

Well, it turns out that Neil Pennington is, in fact, a purveyor of dirty, unsustainable, profit-over-people, industrial activity since he profits from performing acoustic assessments for mining (coal,/gold), fracking, drilling, etc.; given this, it’s no surprise that he is a dirty energy troll/pro-geoengineering advocate, but what IS a surprise, is the amount of time he spends on facebook seeking out and attacking others. Neil, business owner and father of three, where DO you find the time?

Below is a disallowed comment “Neil Penn” made on our article: The Cult – Jim Jones’ disciples had nothing on these guys/ Again, we wonder why a “professional scientist” continues to resort to this level of immaturity, or finds the time? The last line of the comment he wrote below is slightly amusing, yet we find it disturbing that this man has any kind of clout in the world. Judging by his comment, as well as his unrelenting troll attacks on facebook, it appears that Mr. Pennington failed to learn socially acceptable graces during his vast “education”. This makes us wonder if, along with his GPA, his behavior was also a factor in why it took him so long to finally get his BS degree. This man serves as a classic example that education is not the same as intelligence.

While viewing the screenshot below, keep in mind that our “cult” article made absolutely NO reference whatsoever of “the scientific community being a cult”. To clarify, science isn’t the problem, irresponsible pseudo-science that puts profit above sustainability of the planet, is a catastrophic problem on a global scale; yet, the focus of our article is to raise awareness of the strategic troll attacks rampant on social media by the DENIER CULT (trolls/shills/brainwashed-masses) spouting text-speak about “contrail formation” disregarding actual scientific data relating to climate engineering, weather modification, or any other reality based information. Trolls demand “evidence”, then reject it when it’s presented.

Notice how Neil Penn refers to geoengineering as “the chemtrail hoax”, twisting it around in classic troll fashion. The term “shill” and “troll” are interchangeable, especially in his case. It’s too bad that Neil Penn is a willful accomplice to crimes against humanity, other than that, judging by the playful nature of his comment, he seems like a relatively fun guy. Anyone that’s an avid Monty Python fan can’t be all bad… can they? Let’s take a look.


According to his IP location, (a matter of public record), Neil Penn is based near Sydney, Australia, capital of New South Wales, not far from Newcastle, coincidentally, so is Neil Pennington, who often condescendingly boasts about his vast education and being a hot shot business owner. We have to wonder where he finds the time for such rampant troll activity? Most educated people that own businesses are far too busy providing for their families to create fake accounts and go around harassing others on social media. If we examine Neil “Penn” a bit closer, we find that he seems to have nothing but time to devote to harassing others, rather than to his family. He created a (subsequently removed) facebook “fraudster” page that targeted a well known leader in the movement to increase awareness of geoengineering, as well as contributing to several other known fake pages.

Neil Penn is suspected to also be behind the fake page that emerged on facebook immediately following the launch of Disinformation Directory. The fake has a measly amount of likes, as opposed to the real Disinformation Directory facebook page which has 680 and counting. The amount of known trolls that targeted DD’s facebook page is staggering, and Neil Penn was one of the first to appear and get banned.

Why do these “trolls” purposely seek out, target and attack others with whom they disagree? Who in their right minds operates like that? If you thought someone was a “conspiracy nutter” would you waste your valuable time seeking them out to try to prove them wrong or would you ignore them and go on about your business? Neil Penn and his accomplices exhibit blatant discrimination that should not be tolerated in social media forums.

The answer as to WHY becomes clear when we analyse their strategy (political tactics), motivation (purveyors of dirty, unsustainable science/paid forum poster shills/brainwashed deniers), and personality type (narcissistic disorder). AND

Spectrum Acoustics Pty Ltd

Neil Pennington’s public facebook profile below:
(excluding the public profile photo at the time of this publishing of his three beautiful children in the pool).

Neil Pennington Facebook Page

Below is “Neil Penn’s” facebook profile. Nice deep BLUE sky, Neil, photoshop much? Where do skies exist on the globe look like this anymore? Not where any of us live, that’s for sure, even if it starts out blue, within a couple of hours, is COVERED in persisting, spreading, lingering, sprayed HAZE. Could it be that this beautiful photoshopped sky helps prove his far-fetched point that global climate engineering isn’t happening on any level, including experimentation?

According to Neil Penn and the rest of the denier cult “debunkers”, experimentation isn’t possible, has never, nor ever will, happen; despite the fact that experimentation is how science works. Anyone that has ever taken basic science in school, knows that experimentation is the essential element to any scientific project, this includes climate engineering. These trolls constantly speak of “science”, yet provide NONE, with the exception of regurgitating contrail formation text-speak inapplicable to what we observe in our global skies. What do YOUR skies look like in your part of the globe?

Neil Penn Facebook Profile

Neil Penn and pals target anyone and everyone that they believe has any influence increasing awareness. They seek out and strategically attack their intended targets, opting to kick people when they’re down, often resorting to making things up if they can’t find anything else to exploit and pick on. These trolls openly exhibit classic bully mentality with the maturity level of a twelve year old. Neil Penn is known for his insults, name calling, and general low level troll behavior you wouldn’t expect from an “educated business owner”, unless of course, he’s a raging sociopath with too much time on his hands.

A couple of Mr. Pennington’s projects that are of public record. We wonder if Australian environmental groups were too keen on these?

Looks like there have been some serious environmental issues regarding the Dargues project:


Apparently, business is slow for Neil Penn and why he spends so much time internet trolling. We wonder if he realises this is a prosecutable offence?

Lord Neil Pennington

Lord Neil Pennington

Primary definition of the word, “propaganda“:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, publicity, spin; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

Rebel Siren’s articles previously published on DD (Disinformation Directory) are being transferred to its own blog in an effort to keep information sources diverse and accessible to the public; however, for additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

Neil Penn is featured via this article in Disinformation Directory:

Update: Could Neil Penn(ington) also be behind THIS fake page below targeting and attacking Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch?

Doesn't he have anything better to do? Does this sociopath believe his is above the law? Is it Neil Penn?

Do these trolls not have anything better to do? Or is it that they are PAID to do this? Do these sociopaths believe they are above the law? Is Neil Penn also behind this FAKE facebook page just like he was behind the FAKE “Dane Wigington-Fraudster” page that since got taken down? Perhaps this blog will give Russ Tanner’s attorney a starting point and they can collaborate with Dane Wigington and his attorney to file a class action suit against the perpetrators.

From Monty Python Life of Brian.

NP the mud covered prophet

Neil Penn “Mud Covered Prophet” knows a lot about MUD-SLINGING



Hook, Line, & STINKER – Smell The Disinformation Bait
Originally published by Rebel Siren on DD 07-17-2014

Is anyone else suspicious of the viral video, “BUSTED Pilot Forgets To Turn Off Chemtrails While Landing”? Or are we the only ones that smell the disinformation bait? Whether it’s real or not is irrelevant because it clearly has been used as a setup for a “debunking” attack. Considering that the disinformation campaign has successfully turned the word “chemtrails” into a trigger word that conjures up images of Bigfoot, aliens, “moon hoax”, etc., and the “debunkers”, (disinformation shills associated with the two notorious junk sites ran by gaming programmer, Mick West), seemed to have “debunked” the video before it even came out, smells fishy.

It does appear that spray nozzles may be in full operation as the plane descends, (could be chemical spray, jet fuel dump, or a good Photoshop job), either way, the swirly mini-tornadoes that appear is a scientific phenomenon called, “Wake Vortex”. This is the focus of the “debunkers”, of course, and there are countless webpages of disinformation sites “proving” this. Newsflash, “debunkers”, WE KNOW, therefore, nice try but your lame TACTIC failed. It is important to remember how disinformation works, it’s an intentional concoction of truth & lies constructed to manipulate and deceive an honest public, negatively influence opinion, suppress awareness and ultimately prevent outcry, because they know that “an ignorant public is a compliant public“.

This video is sourceless and virtually unverifiable, making it a prime target for a “debunking” ploy. Perhaps it’s real, perhaps it isn’t, the fact is that we’ll never know. It is entirely plausible that the “debunkers” planted it themselves as an attempt to appear credible while making those sharing it look gullible & foolish, with the ultimate goal of discrediting the entire movement; a well known political disinformation tactic. Indisputably, shills get recruited to infiltrate social media for these kinds of purposes: Definition of an internet shill

Climate engineering field experiments are not only possible, but probable, when we dig beyond the mainstream disinformation.


NOVIM Climate Engineering Research “Comtrails” – what a coincidence.

For example, this is the site photo of the scientific research company, Novim, contracted by a team of geoengineers, including Ken Caldeira and David Keith, in 2009 to do a decade long agenda of climate engineering “research” including field experiments: Doesn’t this photo look amazingly like the heavy persistent streaks we often observe in our sky? Novim entitled their photo, “comtrails”, their technical term for chemical-contrails so as not be confused with “chemtrails”, a trigger word used in the mainstream, previously referenced as exotic weapons in Bill HR2977 introduced by Senator Dennis Kucinich, October 2, 2001, (B)-(ii): Bill H.R.2977 HR107th Congress (2001-2002)

Let’s use our critical thinking skills and ask ourselves, since Novim, (along with other research companies), have been researching climate engineering including field experiments for the past five years during their ten year agenda that began in 2009, isn’t it possible that the heavy persistent streaks we often observe in our global skies are indeed the result of climate engineering field experiments, and that “denial” is a tactic used by the “debunkers”, (shills), in the mainstream to convince the public it isn’t happening in order to keep it covert and prevent public outcry?

Because, in all the “debating & denial”, there has been no mention of how science actually works, (other than generic inapplicable text-speak on how water vapor contrails are formed). In science, a hypothesis is formed and experimentation follows. Therefore, it stands to reason that geoengineers wouldn’t submit their ideas for implementation, as they continue to openly do, unless they have first tested them. Watch the clip of Geoengineer David Keith on Colbert Nation where he admits his solution is to dump 20,000 tons of SULPHURIC ACID into the stratosphere: Geoengineer David Keith on Colbert Nation

The disinformation shills’ (“debunkers”) logic is deeply flawed and their outlandish demand for unattainable “proof” is a tactic used to distract and create doubt. Anyone that has taken basic science in school understands that field experiments are an integral part of any scientific endeavor. Scientific Method. Notice in this basic science flowchart that experimentation happens TWICE in order for the conclusion “final statement” to be reached.


However, according to the “chemtrail debunkers“, geoengineers do not follow the basic rules of science and are not now, nor have they ever been, performing any experimentation whatsoever, haha.

Why waste time on the mainstream pseudoscience junk sites ran by a gamer that fancies himself a “debunker”, when we can bypass the mainstream hype and through scholar searches find credible sites such as, “Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals”, and ask ourselves, would they really put this much time and effort into something that hasn’t already been field tested to some degree? Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals Research:

Take time to watch the NASA Von Karman Lecture with Riley Duren, Principal Engineer and Chief Systems Engineer for the Earth Science Directorate at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. entitled, “Geoengineering and Climate Intervention – What We Need To Know“, he explains geoengineering in understandable terms, and at one point, states that anyone can perform field experiments if they have the motivation and the resources. Given this information, it’s entirely possible that global climate engineering experiments have indeed been occurring insidiously, adversely, affecting our health and environment. Denial of the “possibility”, is either the highest form of ignorance, or intentional deceit to dupe an honest public.

Videos such as the ‘pilot/chemtrail’ that suddenly go viral and immediately get “debunked” are often intentionally planted to discredit the awareness movement. To avoid this trap, stick to solid, reputable information such as the links provided in this post.

If you’re going to share links on social media, trust your own videos & photos or ones whose source you can verify. Please be wary of suddenly viral stuff floating around on the internet with no references or traceable location, including memes, photos, and videos. Do not be so quick to share them, because it isn’t helping increase awareness if it ultimately discredits us.

Regardless of whether that video is really of a pilot that “forgot to turn off his chemical spray nozzles”, a normal jet fuel landing dump, or a disinformation plant that’s been Photoshopped, the fact remains climate engineering experiments are happening and plenty of solid information backs it up. It doesn’t take an expert in aviation or atmospheric science to look up and notice the abnormal crisscrossing persistent contrails lingering in the sky, whitening it and blocking the sun.

Believe your own eyes, trust yourself, and refuse to fall for the mainstream peer pressure of the “denier” herd mentality due to the rampant PROPAGANDA that has infiltrated our social media, because that’s what they are counting on.

Learn more about the tactics of rampant disinformation trolls plaguing us online for the sole purpose of spreading propaganda: The Cult- Jim Jones’ Disciples Had Nothing On These Guys


Primary definition of the word, “propaganda“:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, publicity, spin; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

Rebel Siren’s articles previously published on DD (Disinformation Directory) are being transferred to its own blog in an effort to keep information sources diverse and accessible to the public; however, for additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

We have to wonder if the Record Searchlight, along with all the other disinformation media sources, are forgetting that there is a documented video of the entire Shasta County California Board of Supervisors Hearing of July 15, 2014. No matter how hard the media tries to “spin” it, the video above is what REALLY happened. Sure, there are one or two out of the majority speakers that misrepresent the issue, however, the expertise, credibility, qualifications, and solid reputation of the primary speakers, and most of the volunteer speakers, was entirely overlooked. Watch the video, it speaks for itself.

“Record Searchlight” – Shasta County’s Most Disreputable News Source
Originally published by Rebel Siren on DD 07-18-2014

The “Record Searchlight” is not only perpetuating propaganda, but is an accomplice to crimes against humanity by allowing the blatant disinformation editorial below to be published. They have put themselves in a position to be held liable in the future by willfully aiding and abetting this global crime.

After the Record Searchlight’s support of the demeaning response to the moving speeches and compelling testimony given by experts in the fields of science, aviation, medicine, military, agriculture and more, it is clear that they are contributing propagandists, intentionally spreading disinformation.

Hundreds of people in attendance bore witness to three hours of an unprecedented presentation of FACTS, irrefutable data, statistics, laws, and photos, with heartfelt stories by the concerned citizens of Shasta County, CA, many of whom are experts in their respective fields. This included visiting speakers from other regions in the United States, and as far as Spain, to offer support by sharing their experiences with global stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. This is not an issue to be marginalized as the Record Searchlight has chosen to allow.

The “spin” below is the known disinformation tactic of “false association” using the old “conspiracy theory” angle to deflect focus from the truth for the purpose of suppressing awareness to prevent public outry. It’s pure PROPAGANDA. Anyone with the ability for critical thinking can see through this disrespectful, misleading “pseudo-news” editorial, and Record Searchlight’s flagrant disregard for the health and well being of the public, including that of their own readers by supporting the following “editorial”.

Redding's RAG

Click here for the editorial below, published by Redding’s most biased pseudo-news

Editorial: Time wasted on frivolous conspiracies 

6:00 PM, Jul 17, 2014

“Surely you’ve seen those suspicious contrail patterns in the sky, and, by golly, they seem to be increasing and hanging around way too long. Did you know they can cause a variety of ailments from cancer to fibers growing out of your skin to just feeling downright punky? In case you haven’t heard, those contrails – those in the know call them chemtrails – are the result of your government’s attempts to “geoengineer” your environment. So despite the obvious health problems they’re causing for themselves and others, government operatives (we’re not exactly clear on who “they” are) are secretly pumping heavy metals into planes at public airports and military bases and those planes are dispersing the poison into our atmosphere.

And because what goes up must come down, those poisons are dropping back down on all of us, polluting our air and water and causing climate change. Did you know that the drought is a myth? It’s kind of dry this year, but geoengineering is making it seem worse than it is. Gives us a headache just thinking about it.

We suspect some of the Shasta County supervisors are still nursing their own headaches after listening to hours of passionate conspiracy theories at Tuesday’s meeting, which generated what might have been the biggest turnout for a board meeting in recent history. It was bigger, even, than the State of Jefferson presentations earlier this year. People were literally sitting on the floor.

Supervisor Pam Giacomini put the item on the agenda and, as is their collegial custom, the other supervisors went along with it. Giacomini has said her constituents asked to be heard. Chief among them is Dane Wigington of Bella Vista. For years he’s been pushing his theories to anyone who will listen and he runs Wigington orchestrated the lineup of “experts” who spoke to the board Tuesday and guaranteed a big crowd by previewing his presentation at a local tea party meeting Monday night. When it was finally over, Wigington and company were pleased. Elected officials had finally given them a very public platform for their theories. But now they’re spinning the story that the supervisors actually supported them.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The supervisors have absolutely no authority or responsibility to conduct an investigation into chemtrail conspiracies. Not one of them said he or she agreed with the theories. Supervisors did vote on a motion — and the vote was unanimous. They’ll forward the information presented by the crowd to the state and federal environmental protection agencies and will send along videos of the four-hour marathon meeting so state and federal officials can see the emotion-packed presentations with their own eyes. Finally, they asked county Resource Manager Rick Simon to take a look at whether the county can test for heavy metals on a nano-level and how much that might cost.

Basically that puts the issue in the staff’s hands from now on. The supervisors gave folks their say and they’re done with it. We think it was pretty generous of the supervisors to listen to the presentation in the first place. They don’t have jurisdiction. They’re busy people and four hours is an awfully long time to devote to something you can’t do anything about. They don’t automatically owe constituents a platform, especially on a half-baked theory that’s repeatedly been debunked by credible scientists.

Think about it. Seriously. Even if mad government scientists didn’t care whether they were poisoning us, why would they do themselves in at the same time? Seen a lot of scientists walking around in gas masks or chemical suits lately? By the way – contrails, even those that spread out into strange patterns and linger longer, have been around since World War II or earlier. There are lots of old books, newspaper articles and other accounts and plenty of authentic photographs to prove it. Next time something like this comes to their attention, even if lots of people seem to support it, we hope the supervisors graciously decline to play host.

That’s exactly what the Redding City Council did Tuesday night in a consensus reached at Missy McArthur’s suggestion. They let their staff know that they do not want to discuss geoengineering or anything related to it. Good call. Here in the real world, we have actually problems that urgently need our leaders’ attention.” — end.

The people’s response:

“Record Searchlight editorial reflects desperation. Mainstream media’s job is to spin or otherwise hide realities that are not helpful to the “official” narrative of the government and government agencies. Marginalizing the legitimate and verifiable concerns of local citizens when those concerns go against “the grain” is business as usual for media corporations. Isn’t it interesting that the Searchlight’s editorial never even mentioned the primary and indisputable concern brought forth by the citizens in this meeting?

There is a recent and indisputable heavy metal contamination all over the North State (and the world). The Supervisors were presented with 30+ lab tests proving this contamination locally, all testing was done at a state certified lab. There is also the issue of very dangerous UV radiation which is not being reported by agencies. This fact is also indisputable and there is peer reviewed science study to back it up. Again, not a word about this from the Searchlight. And the editorial’s mocking of “experts” as if they were not qualified is patently false.

Did they mention the credentials of those speaking? No. No mention of the USFS biologist, the California Fish and Game biologist, the former defense industry expert, local physicians, former commercial pilots, etc.

The roll of mainstream media today in too many cases is to hide the criminal behavior of the government. “Scripps-Howard” owns the Searchlight, this broadcasting corporation has a history of close cooperation with government agencies, this is well documented for anyone that takes the time to investigate. The Searchlight editorial on the July 15th supervisors meeting wreaks of ideology, spin, and bias, this should be a big red flag to all.” — end

Thank you to each and every concerned citizen that stood brave in the face of adversity to address the Board, you are truly commendable and should serve as a shining example to the rest of the world. Our deepest appreciation for your collective efforts to protect humanity and our planet. ~Rebel Siren


Redding Record Searchlight
1101 Twin View Boulevard Redding, CA 96003
(530) 243-2424

email form: Contact Record Searchlight

facebook: Record Searchlight Fan Page

Contact the Record Searchlight and let them know how YOU feel about their propagandized “spin“. Of course, the disinformation trolls have probably already contacted them to say, “job well done”.

PROPAGANDA formal definition:
prop•a•gan•da, präpəˈgandə/noun
1. derogatory information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view; “he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda”. Synonyms: information, promotion, advertising, spin, publicity; disinformation, counter-information; historical agitprop; informal info, hype, plugging; puff piece; the big lie “the prophetic novel is about a government that controls the masses by spreading propaganda”; the dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy: “the party’s leaders believed that a long period of education and propaganda would be necessary”.

Rebel Siren’s articles previously published on DD (Disinformation Directory) are being transferred to its own blog in an effort to keep information sources diverse and accessible to the public; however, for additional information about other professional disinformants, visit Disinformation Directory:

Gauging the amount of hostile, full page comments we received (and chose not to allow due to our comment policy stated at the end of the article that they obviously failed to comprehend), in response to Dispelling internet disinformation tactics – debunking the debunkers, many facebook user cult members, also known as trolls/shills/deniers/cyberbullies, were upset because they weren’t included in the list of known offenders and did not receive any attention. We decided to do this follow up piece and oblige their request for the spotlight. (Click screenshots to enlarge)

The following list is not exhaustive, it begins with their leader, and may also include other various geoengineering proponents, deniers & their supporters. All are PUBLIC facebook profiles. We will edit this post to include more screenshots of the over 200+ cult member profiles, as time allows.

This should suffice in giving this whiny, self righteous, bullying CULT all the attention they deserve for doing their worst to suppress awareness, including relentlessly attacking the character of anyone that dares to speak up to protect humanity; with their relentless and transparent tactics, displaying their selfish, narcissistic, anti-humanitarian behavior.

This CULT and its geoengineering proponents and/or “denial” supporters whether knowingly or unwittingly, target and publicly harass anyone that they perceive has “beliefs” that differ from their own. That is pure discrimination, yet is rampant on our social media forums, and will continue unless we start speaking out against it. A couple of these profiles may be actual names, but the majority are fakes, take a close look.

This CULT chooses to focus solely on proving others wrong, rather than doing anything constructive to benefit humanity. Their negativity is only overshadowed by their ignorance and/or willful suppression of awareness to aid and abet what is surely going to go down in history as the biggest crime against humanity this world will ever see, and undoubtedly the last because when the climate system collapses, there will be life on this planet no more.

How many of YOU have been targeted and bullied by the following CULT and its members?

9 Troll FB Profiles

ADD Troll FB Profiles

PRIMARY Troll FB Profiles

13 Troll FB Profiles

PRIMARY 4 Troll FB Profiles

Troll Message To Rebel Siren

Facebook Flip Off

Right back atcha


PRIMARY 7 Troll FB Profiles

PRIMARY 8 Troll FB Profiles

Some of these compiled screenshots include a few of their fake public pages designed to make fun of legitimate pages concerned with health and the environment, like Food Babe. All this cult knows how to do is attack, make fun of, and name call, just like bullies on the playground in elementary school.

4 Troll FB Profiles

PRIMARY 5 Troll FB Profiles


Capn Carl Gov Shill

Captain Carl The Chemtrail Pilot GOV SHILL

Rusty TannerFAKE facebook page targeting activist Russ Tanner. Character Assassination is the number one tactic designed to discredit people. Putting others down to make themselves appear “credible”. Report the FAKE PAGE on facebook to help get it promptly removed. It is targeting someone with an illness and illegally using Russ Tanner’s image. Despicable display of shillidiocy running amok.

Below is an example of how they spend their time, attacking whistle-blower Kristen Meghan’s inkwork? This is a perfect example of the cult putting others down to make themselves feel bigger. They pick on anything and everything in an attempt to discredit others. It’s a waste of valuable time and speaks volumes as to the lack of character of these cult disciples. Blank stare, soulless, lost. Sad that they can’t think of anything better to do with their time. Out of all the ills of our society and planet in desperate need of solutions, THIS is what they choose to focus on? Shameful. Such a disgrace to humanity. Incidentally, we love Kristen Meghan’s tatoos and see the trolls for what they are… insecure, ignorant bullies.

Screenshots 4 Troll Attack on Kristen Meghan

Screenshots 5 Troll Attacks on Kristen Meghan

Screenshots 6 Troll Attacks on Kristen Meghan

Getting into a “debate” with a cult member online is reminiscent of a grade school argument with a “copy cat” bully. When we say they should get their head out of the sand, they repeat, “get your head out of the sand”. When we say, wake up, they say, “wake up”, when we say that they are subscribing to pseudoscience, they repeat, “that’s pseudoscience”, except they usually misspell it. We recommend that honest people avoid their fake pages and refuse to get into futile debates with them for the aforementioned reasons. Save yourselves the frustration because the cult trolls are not worth your time.

The cult uses a tactic that likens those that are aware of geoengineering to religious zealots, but it’s in fact, that is precisely what THEY are. It is an incorrect description to say that there is “belief” in geoengineering; there is knowledge that it’s happening with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to our children, their future children, and all life on this planet, to do our best to use appropriate channels to put an end to this dangerous scheme.  For instance, the Shasta County, CA Board of Supervisors set a precedent when they voted unanimously to further investigate geoengineering. Does the cult respect this? Of course not, that would mean they have a sense of humanity, unity, and compassion, which they clearly do not. All they have done is ATTACK ever since the outcome of the meeting was publicized. The attacks in the mainstream stem from their far reaching, insidious cult. This Disinformation Directory article shines light on the disinformation in the mainstream, also bears the video of the entire 3 hour Board meeting. Why listen to the cult when we can see what took place for ourselves?

It’s not like there is a “church of geoengineering” where people worship chem-planes, like the cult apparently does. Did you get a load of “International Chemtrail Association” listed above? Their motto is “darker, safer skies” or some drivel like that designed to ridicule the movement for health and sustainability that is beyond disrespectful to the efforts of all that are working diligently to save this planet and all life on it.  The denier cult is an affront to every living thing and the planet itself.

Makes us wonder if the deniers have ever stopped to consider the magnitude of the ramifications that will surely manifest when they end up wrong? How terribly ignorant and/or devious they’ll end up looking when the truth finally comes out into the open as it slowly and surely is. What are they getting out of such vehement denial without taking into consideration the consequences that their stance may be unfounded, as intelligent people would do? They exhibit the fervor of a CULT. Some of the cult members think it’s funny to be a paid shill and put it on their facebook profiles, others obviously couldn’t care less about future sustainability or life on this planet and that is their motivation, as their behavior clearly dictates.  If they had a shred of humanity, why would they be operating out of such zealot like behavior just to prove they’re in the majority? In true copycat fashion, the cult continues calling us the “status quo” while simultaneously claiming they are in the “majority”, but it cannot be BOTH. It’s either one or the other. Well, cult trolls, which is it? Are we in the “majority” or are you? Make up your minds because the revolving door of lies and betrayal to the human race is dizzying.

Why do the cult trolls waste their time on a bunch of “crazy conspiracy theorists that are not to be taken seriously” anyway?  What’s it to them?

Hmm, let’s think about the true motives behind their actions? Could it be deception and disinformation at work to suppress awareness and prevent public outcry because an ignorant public is a compliant public? BINGO.

Comments by honest people will be accepted. Troll comments will NOT and frankly, we don’t care how much the cult trolls whine about it, we laugh at their pathetic attempts to invade the blog with their rehearsed, memorized, regurgitating baseless spews, whining that they’re being “censored”, as if. There is a difference between censorship and having the right to not be discriminated against and abused. “Baseless” is another word they like mimicking, “you’re baseless“, usually misspelling “you’re”.

Again, since the cult members have the mentality of 12 year old bullies, we’ll spell it out in Pig Latin especially for them, “uckfae ouyae, ultcae”.

“The Cult” part two will be published shortly revealing more offenders to be on the lookout for.

Novim – just science.

Even if geoengineering weren’t happening already despite the overwhelming visible evidence we observe in the sky and conclusive lab results from all over globe, (we all know field experimentation is a crucial aspect of science despite the debunkers claims that no experimentation has been, or ever will, happen), then prospectively, it will only be a matter of time before it is openly implemented. Either way, why such vehement denial in the mainstream and all over social media? What would be in it for the denier cult trolls unless they’re either getting paid to suppress awareness, or have fallen prey to the  tactics used on them?

Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals.

This one left a (disallowed) comment comparing geoengineering awareness to a “cult“, haha! He couldn’t think of anything better than that? This is just another in the growing list of immature, self centered “copy cats” with no concern for humanity or sustainability of this planet, serving as the perfect example of everything this blog outlined above, proving the point. “Supastar DJ Bob” and all the other cult minions only have the capacity for mimicking and insults. Do we seriously want to listen to a word they have to say about science or anything else for that matter? Mick West must be so proud.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid or you'll end up like DJ Supaduh.

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid or you could end up like  “Supastar DJ Bob”




Portrait of a TROLL

“Relentless Australian Trolls”, RATs, can be prosecuted according to Australian law, click photo for more info.

TROLLS are everywhere, even the word “troll” is offensive. They have been systematically infiltrating social media for sinister purposes. Many of them are paid, hired by PR companies to spin an issue, sway public opinion, and cause debate and controversy where none previously existed, nor should. Check online employment venues for “forum poster” jobs. Trolls contribute to the ills of our society and are a virtual plague upon the planet by perpetuating everything that is destructive from promoting GMOs to geoengineering, to marketing, spamming, and selling us stuff we don’t need. This is a portrait of one such troll, an Aussie Rat Troll, quite common Down Under.

This troll (like all the others) claims it’s his “hobby” to bully, harass, ridicule and abuse honest people for the purpose of perpetuating the polluting and desecration of our planet, our health, and all life. He hides behind anonymity, creating several fake accounts all for the purpose of harassing an individual and group of people that he feels have “beliefs” that differ from his own.

The troll (of course) is associated with the metaflunkers (that’s right, meta-FLUNKers), and CONpseudoscience (pseudo-science at its worst), both sites ran by the gaming guru they worship and blindly follow, their lord and master, in a virtual DISINFORMATION CULT. Their “guru” is not an expert, but a mere gaming programmer with no expertise in atmospheric sciences, aviation, or meteorology. This CULT likens the effort to increase awareness about hazardous, risky weather and climate engineering programs, to “religious zealots”, when in reality, that is precisely what they are by blindly following the gamer and his nasty band of internet trolls.

Some trolls get compensated (shillidiocy) while others are mere sheep, brainwashed into blindly following the herd and unwittingly help do the dirty work by spreading around the propaganda (lies/disinformation). It’s like a mass Stockholm Syndrome where these egocentric follower’s limited intellects are held captive by their “god”, engulfed in narcissism, the gaming programmer, because their insecure need to “cling” and “follow” outweighs any sense of humanity that an intelligent independent thinker would have.

Trolls target videos on youtube, and social media including facebook, relentlessly harassing people, posting generic “contrail” formation text-speak, which has nothing to do with the issues being discussed, other than jet fuel pollution contributing to poor air quality. If we take a look at the history of this “debate”, they started out claiming that geoengineering wasn’t possible. However, once they could no longer refute the reality of it, they began claiming it isn’t “being done yet”, that we are “geoengineering the planet already”, that “planes cannot spray chemcials” (despite overwhelming facts that they can and do), and that all of the heavy persistent streaks we observe globally are mere “contrails”.

Ponder what this loathsome lot has to gain by disputing this issue. What is it to them? It’s a disinformation campaign, that’s what.

They work hard to incite violence using old political tactics. A primary tactic is to attack the character of every leader and whistle-blower that dares to speak out. If these are just regular people, why so many fake accounts? Why target only awareness videos on youtube? It’s a format, an obvious strategic attack of DISINFORMATION when you learn their tactics and begin paying closer attention.

Many people in the mainstream fall for these tactics due to cognitive dissonance or sheer brainwashing because they feel accepted into a group. It’s another form of “groupthink” comparable to a “religious cult”. Trolls are themselves the “zealots” and are doing extensive harm to our health and planet.

Truly intelligent people with the ability for critical thinking and that take the time to do research beyond the mainstream hype, never fall for this groupthink mentality, and because of that, are inevitably the ones targeted by these low level trolls.

Even the so called “educated” trolls that managed to pass enough courses for a degree, still lack the intelligence and critical thinking skills to think beyond their indoctrinations or stop to consider humanity rather than their own selfish existence. They merely memorize and regurgitate, nothing more, and can only be described as “educated idiots” since education is not the same thing as intelligence.

Depending on the field and intelligence quotient (or lack thereof), education can serve the purpose of indoctrination to perpetuate the system and suppress critical thinking and awareness, this is especially true in the field of “applied sciences”. Trolls with applied science degrees are the worst regarding arrogance and “god complex”. They’re out to destroy nature, make it better, improve it, completely disrespecting and destroying it in the process. Not all scientists, of course, many are highly intelligent forward thinkers. Please do not misinterpret the point.  Apparently, there is no room for morality, ethics, or basic respect in corporate industry, however. Profit over people, that’s the “bottom line”, isn’t it?

Let’s clarify, this is not an “anti-science” statement, as the trolls would no doubt claim. This is to point out the difference between IRRESPONSIBLE science, versus responsible science that seeks to work with nature, not against it, and advocate for a sustainable, healthy planet for the present, and future, generations.

The “Dr. Evils” of the world mentioned here, practice irresponsible science in their arrogance. They are routinely careless in their actions with no consideration for future consequences. Just look at our planet for the “evidence”. The desecration by the fossil fuel industry (connected to climate engineering despite their public “denial” tactic). Geoengineer David Keith is one example, he stated openly that geoengineering “is like free-riding on our grand-kids”. If you google the name & phrase, the first thing that comes up is metaflunk defending him and his statement.  Unsurprising, considering it’s their JOB and MISSION to deflect focus from these hazardous programs to prevent public outcry, because “an ignorant public is a compliant public” and they will do everything despicable to achieve this goal. It is an organized and strategic disinformation campaign.

For this purpose, trolls routinely create multiple fake facebook (along with other social media) accounts, including one facebook page that targets a well known leader in geoengineering awareness, using his name followed by the word “Fraudster”. Despite numerous reports to facebook and reports for removal of that fake harassing page, facebook turns a blind eye and allows it to remain. That page is an obvious fake and clearly VIOLATES facebook’s own “terms of service”, yet they refuse to take it down. Makes you wonder if there is funding involved. Facebook, care to answer why you’re allowing “the blunder from down under” to disgrace your venue?

If the head perpetrator troll that created a specific fraudster page attempts to feebly claim he is the inspiration for the artist rendering above, he will be admitting to his fake accounts, the harassment, and shillidiocy he spews all over facebook and elsewhere and that will be just cause for the removal of his fraudster page(s) on all of the social media venues he posted his derogatory attacks on. No names have been mentioned here, no photos, no specific information has been given other than pointing out the truth and using an artist’s image to depict it. DISCLAIMER: The above image is merely an abstract to bring attention to the rampant SHILLS a.k.a. “trolls”, infiltrating our online lives whose likeness to any specific troll, is purely coincidental.

Additionally, facebook could be considered an accomplice by contributing to the targeting and harassment of an individual due to differing beliefs, (let’s call it “religion” since that’s what the trolls inevitably liken geoengineering awareness to), hence, as such, should be held responsible for allowing blatant discrimination to run unchecked.

Should we allow TROLLS to run rampant on social media for the sole purpose of attacking, bullying, and harassing people or groups whom “they do not agree with”? If you have a facebook profile or page and are familiar with the “fraudster” page using a well known geoengineering awareness leader’s name, please report it, as well as report all fraudster pages and fake troll profiles that you come across. If we band together and keep reporting these RATS, there is a better chance they will get justly SHUT DOWN. The disrespectful “fraudster” pages are an affront, not only to the reputable leader it is targeting, but to everyone engaging in honest discussions, as well as all of humanity.

To learn more about internet disinformation tactics in order to recognize when you’re dealing with a “troll” versus a real person with a differing “opinion”:


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